MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — This week, a high-risk sex offender is expected to be released to a halfway house in Golden Valley.

Sixty-four-year-old Clarence Opheim committed more than 100 sex acts with kids in the 1970s and 80s.

He’s been civilly committed to the Minnesota Security Hospital in St. Peter, after serving his time.

He’s now ready to be the first in the state to be released from that sex offender program.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

Opheim will wear a GPS ankle bracelet and be subject to random drug and alcohol checks.

The halfway house where he’s staying is near Highway 55 and Zane.

Leo Anderson, a Golden Valley resident, says he’s not too concerned about Opheim.

“All his windows are locked. He can’t even step outside of the house to get a can of soda because he has the ankle bracelet,” Anderson said. “I’m not against the halfway house or the gentleman living there. As long as he stays in his provided area.”

On the other hand, Tareese Murph, a Golden Valley resident and mother of a 2-year-old son, says the situations scares her.

“When I first heard about him getting out…I wasn’t too fond of it, because I have a little boy,” she said.

Comments (12)
  1. Thanks for nothing says:

    Let’s just hope that Clarence got the rehabilitation that we all paid for. Someone needs to check the batteries in that ankle bracelet. What’s with the squirrel finder?

  2. Rube says:

    Really tired of hearing about this tu-rd.
    Something not mentioned here but ahs been elsewhere, he has a 24 hour escort (and I don’t mean the type found on Craigs List”

    1. hunnybear18 says:

      They say that at every Level III notification meeting, and yet they manage to lose track of 6-10 Level III’s in the metro area alone. The function of the meeting has gone from providing useful information to providing a false sense of security.

  3. Don Nots says:

    Just think how much money the liberals have spent to try and integrate him back into society. He is sick in the head and needs to be removed from society.

  4. Kamilla says:

    Obviously he is deemed to be a danger if he has to wear the anklet and have a 24 hour escort – how long does this apply???…..how about we avoid enabling him to prove his sickness to us again at the expense of another innocent child – he needs to be locked up and off the streets for his lifetime, please!

    1. badbaddecision says:

      I totally agree Kamilla. i wish someone like you, with commen sense would of been in charge of this appauling decision to release this sex-creep. These so-called ‘experts’ and professionals haven’t a brain in their head. If this guy needs this much supervision (at a huge cost to us taxpayers) then why in the heck isn’t he kept behind bars locked away for life. Makes no sense, officials in this case have no sense. some poor innocent child will have to pay the price for this stupid decision. appauling!!

  5. Slice n Dice says:

    If he was “fixed” would he still have the same wants? Serious question – does castration end the peverted thoughts?

  6. Sandy says:

    Think about what controls the parts Slice, the mind, that is where the issues lies and he needs to stay in the clinker as far as I am concerned.

  7. John O says:

    What about drug dealers that sell to children / young teens?

    What about pedophile priests?

    What about the bishops and archbiships and cardinals and popes that covered up for them?

    These are all crimes that damage children sexually and in other ways, and yet I don’t hear the same uproar about what halfway house any of these offenders are going to end up at.

  8. John O says:

    By the way, the articles that I’ve read say he will be monitored 24 hours a day (presumably via his GPS bracelet for the most part). And that he “requires an escort to move about the community” according to another article. But I haven’t read anything saying he will have an escort 24 hours a day.

    1st article: Google: House Majority Leader questions pending release of convicted sex offender Clarence Opheim

    2nd article: Google: In Minn., rare release of committed sex offender

  9. elmo says:

    What is the difference between 1 time or 100 times? It’s still wrong, and looks like the Chief of Police did about the same, and has been free for the past 2 years without a bracelet on him. What a waist of money.

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