MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — If you thought this weekend was nice, hold onto yourselves. The Twin Cities could see record-breaking high temperatures for the next few days.

With another week before we even reach the spring solstice, Minneapolis-St. Paul can expect high temperatures in the 70s starting Wednesday.

We haven’t had warmth like this in the state since early October.

“Every high temperature record is in peril the next week,” said WCCO meteorologist Mike Augustyniak.

The records may start to fall as soon as today. Augustyniak predicts a high temperature of 66 degrees, which would tie the standing record from 2007.

However, Wednesday should have no problem making its mark in the record books. The record high for March 14 is 62 degrees, which happened in 1990. Augustyniak said temperatures could reach 75 degrees in the Twin Cities, even possibly approaching 80 degrees in some parts of the state.

Also, average temperatures call for one solitary day at or above 70 degrees throughout the entire month of March. The most there have been in the past was back in 1910, when there were five days.

Right now, Augustyniak says high temperatures could reach 70 degrees from Wednesday all the way through Monday.

Tuesday should feel like a transitional day, though. High temperatures should still reach the mid-60s, which will probably feel nice to everyone but ski and snowmobile enthusiasts.

Such is the forecast that Augustyniak felt compelled to call a predicted high temperature of 70 degrees this Thursday “a little bit of a cooling period.”

  1. Glenvis says:

    Spring solstice? Do we mean vernal equinox?
    Jeez, this is a weather article. Is anyone proofreading.

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