Woman Arrested For DWI With 2 Unbelted Kids In Car

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. (WCCO) — A Plymouth, Minn. woman was arrested after being caught allegedly driving while intoxicated with two children in the back seat of her vehicle.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Hennepin County, 32-year-old Der Vue Moua was pulled over early Monday morning while driving along Interstate 394 west of Highway 100.

A State Trooper observed Moua driving erratically, dipping back and forth between lanes and eventually driving along the shoulder of the road.

The trooper pulled Moua over and noted the strong smell of alcohol, as well as slurring in her speech.

There were two minors in the back of the vehicle who were neither in car seats nor were they wearing seat belts.

At first, she told the trooper she never drank, but later admitted to having three Corona beers at a birthday party, according to the complaint.

After she allegedly faked a few attempts at the breath test, the trooper got a reading of 0.138 BAC.

She told the trooper she wanted to speak with an attorney, but after being provided with a phone, she made only personal calls, according to the complaint.

Moua has been charged with two counts of third-degree driving while impaired.

  • Kat

    Take the bus if you’re going to drink!

  • Thanks


  • Chuck

    No excuse for driving impaired….none.
    With kids in the car — super none
    I wish this state started mandating 30 days on the first offense if no injuries.
    60 with occupants in car
    Throw away the key of someone dies.

    The second time – 1 year in th epen. Period. Minimum
    If it truly hurts maybe, just maybe things will change

  • Jay

    Exactly what is the sentence for two counts-third degree driving while impaired?? Is it enough to maybe bring this woman to her senses? Its too darn bad MN/WI dont or wont dicuss with other states that have better guidelines and sentencing for DWI ,and DWI with children in the car while drunk. We wouldnt be seeing many repeat offenders. I was told Texas doesnt have many DWI offenses, because their fines and sentences are such people are scared to drive under the influence.

  • willie

    what an mother role example lol. she choose drinking over kids.she will lose the kids in some what ways…

  • yawmsaub

    those might not have been her own kids.

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