DUNKERTON, Iowa (AP) — The Dunkerton superintendent says the pending resignation of the junior-senior high school principal has nothing to do with a ministry group’s presentation that riled students and their parents.

Superintendent Jim Stanton told the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier that Mike Cooper has been planning his resignation for a long time. He says Cooper “simply wants to be a superintendent.”

Cooper will finish out the school year.

Cooper had recommended the district invite the Junkyard Prophet band. It’s part of an Annandale, Minn., nonprofit group You Can Run But You Cannot Hide, which promotes itself as a Christian ministry.

Discussions after the music performance turned into talks against abortion and homosexuality.

At a board meeting Tuesday night, Stanton read proposed reforms that included parental notification and more extensive review of potential performers.

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Comments (19)
  1. Dale Gribble says:

    If you are a US Marine, why do you stand up for the gay agenda? Obammy forced gays down the USMC’s throat. You sound like a liberal traitor pretending to be a Marine to me.

    1. ICUP says:

      Once the “gay agenda” is finished, you will be the first one sent to the “straight camps” .

    2. Greg Looseanus says:

      I support that agenda.

  2. Marine0311 says:

    Was a marine, and the gay agenda wasn’t the issue. Stuff like terrorism was.

    1. Marine0311 says:

      I served for EVERYONE’S rights , and freedoms to be protected not just the white Christians.

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        Liar. You are no Marine, just another atheist socialist liberal traitor.

        1. Susan says:

          I fell very sorry for you, your hatres is coming through loud and clear. White Christians says it all

  3. Richard Betts says:

    Maybe in Iowa they don’t have access to the Google thing. If they did, it would have too difficult to see what this group was all about.

  4. See BS says:

    Dale Gribble’s 14th Amendment rights have been violated by the parents who object to Deen Bradley.

  5. God says:

    I hate Gale Dribble.

    1. Jeebus says:

      Take it easy dad, he’s just pulling your leg

  6. Tommy Solo says:

    What a pathetic country we have become when you feel you gotta google a group to make sure they aren’t Christians so you don’t accidently invite them to your school but if it’s a sodomite group then you wanna throw down a red carpet and welcome them with open arms. We truely are the new Sodom and Gomorrah. Makes me think we deserved 9/11 and deserve even more. You sons and daughters of satan realize that an ETERNITY of suffering awaits you if you get caught on the wrong side after you die?!! That’s FOREVER folks!!

    1. Josh says:

      You’re an idiot

      1. Tommy Solo says:

        Wow! That comment shows that you are a profoundly deepthinking individual with a lot to offer this debate-not!

      2. Dale Gribble says:

        Typical treasonous liberal response.

    2. Dale Gribble says:

      Finally, the voice of reason!!! Tommy Solo is a great White Christian American. Thank you for standing up for Liberty and Freedom!!!

    3. Tommy Solo says:

      BTW: to any of you God/CHRISTtian haters out there spare me your ignorant, pathetic dribble. I don’t care. Don’t care what you think of me, my comments, my religion or any of my beliefs. Your hater comments don’t do a thing to me except confirm whatI already know .

      1. Dale Gribble says:

        I stand with Tommy Solo. Those who stand against White Christian America are traitors who are doomed to an eternity of torment in the fires of Hell.

    4. Wow says:

      You’re right. The US has become increasingly inhospitable to foreigners, which was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah. Perhaps we need to be more welcoming of the “others.”.

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