BLOOMINGTON (WCCO) — The Twin Cities set a record high temperature on Wednesday when we hit 73 degrees, and many residents were ready to jump in the yard and get to work. However, lawn care experts say not so fast.

“They are totally ready to go,” said Jon Erickson, who owns Envirolawn lawn care and landscaping in Bloomington.

He cautions that you could do more harm than good, if you start this soon. He wants you to remember four things about lawn care this time of year. First, most importantly, don’t rake.

“Things are tender. Things are moist down there,” he said. “You risk damaging crowns of the plants right now.”

Erickson recommends raking when the soil is dry, in about another two weeks.

Second, he says you shouldn’t fertilize yet. It’s pointless right now.

“Grass isn’t growing. It’s just going to sit there. It might run off,” he said.

There is something you can do, which is the third of Erickson’s points. Trim your trees.

“You could certainly get by trimming the crossing branches, thinning the interior. I certainly wouldn’t touch anything where the flower beds are at all,” he said.

Fourth, feel free to trim perennials and bushes. It’s all about shrub and flower maintenance right now, nothing more.

“Just give it time. It just needs time,” said Erickson.

He added that you shouldn’t use your sprinkler system just yet. You don’t want water to get inside it, and then freeze if the temperature gets below freezing one of these nights.

Comments (11)
  1. Jack Carlson says:

    He should have his own show!

    “I’m definitely pulling the dirt around with my big plastic rake…”

    “… now, I might need to back it down a bit.”

    1. Mark says:

      Thanks a lot Jack. Later today I plan on hooking up the hose and turning on the water if you are low on excitement. I’ll start around 4:00. Mark

  2. Steve Ray V says:

    Nice rake toss! Thats how we do it in the ‘burbs’ , right?. Toss that thang down with authority and even miss the kids! Your the man, rake guy. I can’t wait for the sequel with the shears and with that coyote in the background? Look out folks, the Minnehootans are comin outside!

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks Steve. Tonight after shear juggling, there may well be some light sweeping. Stay tuned…

  4. Huy Pham says:

    Give a man a break. He make trim bush later. Better than burn them

  5. Sven says:

    Love the sinner, hate the sin

    1. Julie says:

      There are support groups for this kind of behavior you know. The 1st step is overcoming denial.

      1. Mark says:

        I want to thanks all who came out last night for the hose unfurling and the light sweeping off the walks. Its was great to see you all. Thanks for your continued support.

  6. Mark says:

    Tonight I think I may get out a ladder and get after those gutters before dinner.

    See you then,


  7. Rog says:

    What ever happened to that guy? When is the sequel/follow-up. Is his yard going to be okay?

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