Wis. Man Arrested For 8th DWI

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. (WCCO) — A 60-year-old man was arrested Tuesday night for operating a vehicle under the influence — his eighth offense.

The Wisconsin State Patrol said Gary A. Artac, of Fairchild, Wis., was stopped by a trooper around 6 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 10 at Elevator Street in Trempealeau County, for failure to wear his safety belt.

An investigation resulted in Artac being arrested for OWI. Artac was also cited for an open intoxicant in a motor vehicle and a safety belt violation.

He was transported to Trempealeau County Jail.

  • wis_rules

    one more for the good guys…

  • qryptik1

    Sounds like he has a healthy respect for all the rules of the road.

  • G Dog

    Wisconsin. ‘Nuff said.

    • Chuck

      Yeah – they may again be at the head of todays class but I still think that dude out of Faribuilt area with 14 holds the title. (?) Maybe by now he’s been beat out….man, these pups are tragic souls.
      Still say mandated jail on #1 and #2 on = prison. I don’t care what it does to their “long term” prospects and that bullchit – I drive 50K a year or more and want to live

  • excuse me?

    lock this joker up and throw away the key. You put the lives of thousands of others at risk every time you drive drunk. 8 Times??? Why did he have a licence? If you get more than one DWI, you shouldn’t be allowed to drive. Its a privilege, not a right.

    • anti bachmann

      ever hear of driving without a license

  • Jay

    WI only recently began to count ALL DWI’s over a persons driving career. Some WI courts are more strict about sentences, other very lenient. HOPE this one sees prison! Also, I recently read an article where lawmakers are proceeding with new laws to address the complaints citizens have in regard to fines and punishment harsher. God knows, for all the innocent victims we need someone to knock some sense into these idiots!!

  • ChiggerChaser

    well, if they ever figure it out over there make sure they send copies of the blueprints to MN.
    Heck-we get locked up in the morning, out by 2 and busted again the same night and out again. We love our drunks and killers here even more than you do.
    Makes one proud doesn’t it. ;(

  • Gary Johnson

    Isn’t that about the average for a Cheesehead?

  • Dale

    In Wisconsin isn’t he considered a professional now?

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