Iowa 3rd-Graders Shown Racy Video

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The West Des Moines school district says it won’t rehire a substitute teacher who showed third-graders a personal video that included brief scenes of nude adults.

The incident occurred Tuesday at Crossroads Elementary School, and a district spokeswoman says the teacher was immediately removed from the classroom.

The video included a scene about alcohol and one showing the backsides of nude adults playing with flying discs.

Spokeswoman Elaine Watkins-Miller says parents were immediately notified, guidance counselors were made available and state authorities were notified.

District officials won’t name the teacher because it’s a personnel matter.

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  • Reality

    Sad. Oh it’s a butt of some hippies throwing some disc.

    • Craig

      Better run for your life…its the devil!

  • Cheers to judge

    Guess I see no reason to show something like this to 3rd graders ___ but don’t kid yourselves. They see this every day on the tube unless you don’t have one.

  • Craig

    Wow…Romeo and Julliet showed breasts when I went to school and we didnt have anyone over reacting because of that. The system seems to be getting overly rightous these days, any negative thing is pounced upon like it will cause certain death. Common sense is showing reasonableness and I think it is safe to say common sense is a thing of the past. And good point “cheers to judge” Im sure most of those kids already see stuff like that at home. ….Oh but not my family we are perfect and we do nothing wrong at all…..(sic)

  • Lee

    “guidance counselors were made available and state authorities were notified.”

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