2 Firefighters In Drag Battle Engine Fire At Parade

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Two male firefighters adorned in bright dresses rushed to battle an engine fire Saturday during the Padua Parade in central Minnesota.

John Egan, the Sauk Centre Fire Chief, said the firefighters in drag were members of the Sedan Fire Department. They were participating in the parade when a truck engine caught fire nearby.

Egan said the fire spread to another truck and that the firefighters ran to put it out. Video of the battle shows the men adjusting their dresses as they aim a fire hose.

Off camera, a man can be heard saying, “That’s awesome,” as the action takes place.

Original Video

  • Richard in Minneapolis

    Adds a whole new meaning to the term “Fire Belle!”

    • Pun Fan

      That’s a good one!

  • Darren

    As always, no matter the situation, the volunteer firefighters do an awesome job.

    • IAFF

      F volunteer firefighters, taking good jobs away…

      • Andrew Pollack

        To whoever you are callilng yourself IAFF — Don’t be a MUTT.

        This small town is not going to hire union guys to do this job. They don’t have the budget. We looked at the costs in our town once. They’d be looking at a million in renovations to the space and equipment plus a MINIMUM of 15 guys (3 guys on an engine and 2 on an ambulance, in three shifts) and more likely close to 20. Each of those positions, fully loaded with benefits and insurance, would cost well over 100k/year. That would damn near tap out the town’s budget all by itself.

        • Denise

          Thank you Andrew!! Sedan has less then 40 ppl so 10k is over budget!! If we didnt have our volunteer firefighters, we would have to rely on the closest town which is 8 miles away. Our dept consists of neighbors, friends, family, and who better to trust with your life and livelyhood??

        • sharon

          good response to the jerk that is calling himself IAFF there are a lot of towns that depend on the volunteers to be able to make it through one day and I thank God for them every day. My dad was a volunteer firefighter in Houghton Lake Mi till the day he died of cancer and I am proud of the work he did for his community.

      • Debra

        Andrew and Denise, thank you. I live in a small town and if not for our volunteer firefiighters we would not have any protection at all, they have to go through the same training as any fireman does and they are on call all the time when they are at home, I have called them for medical emergencys and god bless them they came in record time for them having to respond from home and I do know most of the men and women at the fire department and our mayor is one of our paramedics. GOD BLESS THE MEN AND WOMEN WHO VOLUNTEER THEIR TIME TO HELP PEOPLE.

      • Bill

        What do you do on your days off. Take jobs away from brother union people working their jobs

        • sharon

          bill u r sick

        • wg

          Bill – Self centered union members invoking the title “brother” for selfish purposes. Most folks became volunteer fire-fighters because they cared about their community. The job is too important to be so worried about self – maybe take a lesson on caring about your community?

        • Denise

          UNION??? The closest non volunteer fire dept to Sedan is over 25 miles away. I think you got the wrong definition of the word brother also!!! A brother is one that would do anything for the people he loves and cares for not for money or benefits!! I would say that the brothers and sister on the sedan fire dept. deserve the respect that any other heros that put their lives on the line!!!!

      • wg

        IAFF – That comment is the ultimate in self-centeredness. You don’t have a clue about supporting the local community.

  • Kman

    Good Job Guys Bet the Pictures will be around for a Long time lol

  • Ace

    Now I’ve seen everything. I love it

  • Lisa

    Cute and funny!

  • Brett

    Great. Now we have cross-dressing firefighters. What’s the world coming to?

    • Denise

      called raising money for a volunteer fire dept of a town of about 45 ppl!!!!

      • Ryan

        Agreed ;)

      • Jay

        This REALLY cracked me up! Hillariously funny watching them adjust their dresses. I thought I was going to bust a gut.. We have to give the men a lot of credit. IF this incident didnt help bring more contributions in, nothing would.

    • sharon

      what it is coming to is men doing their jobs no matter what and what do u do for a living put people down?????

  • Lia Nistler

    Sedan Days T-Shirt: “We’re Proud to Put Out……..FIRE! What were you thinking?” Way to go Sedan Volunteer Fire Department!
    If you know where Sedan and Padua are, you are definitely from Stearns County!

    • Mel

      Best food and best huntting area around! Great people lives there!! I Just want to stay great job SEDAN Fire Department!!

    • Jeb

      Or Pope County…(Sedan is in Pope County.)

    • Blossom

      I’m not but I DO know where both are! And very very very proud of it.

    • Geri Imdieke

      Yup, count me in.

  • Marine 0311

    These guys are real heroes

  • The Female Firefighter from Sedan

    If you want to know why they were in their attire, come to the Miss Fire Daze pageant on August 17th at 9 pm in Sedan, MN and help us celebrate our 125th anniversary!

    • Michele

      Okay, now you have me intrigued. And happy anniversary!

    • Denise

      the one and only female firefighter from Sedan!!!!! Proud of our heroes!!!!

      • Ryan

        I aint going to lie this has made my day, this is something i will never let them live down, just wish i could of been there.

  • Andrew Pollack

    This is awesome, guys. Great work… and don’t worry a bit about those guys from OSHA dropping by the Chief’s office to ask why you’re not wearing full PPE and breathing a bottle…

  • Tc Kelly

    ROFL! This is great!! I love it! :)

  • thanks for fire fighters

    Calendar, I want a calendar.

  • Central MN Resident

    “Pa-Doo’-Ah”? At least get the name of the town right!

  • Bill Kendall

    The luck of the Irish ! Your truck catches on fire ! The fire truck and its just happens to be two blocks away . And to top it off the fire fighters were all dressed up for the occasion . I had a great time at the parade . The female fire fighter was awesome too .

  • Blossom

    This IS THE BEST 2012 St. Patrick’s Day story!

  • Greg Looseanus

    I would make a great fire fighter

    • Bill Kendall

      Greg , Than go for it ! What a way to give back to your community .

  • Theresa

    Yay Sedan fire department!

    And anyone from the area knows the Padua Pub has the best food for miles!

  • I like big hoses!

    I think I;m in love with the one in the green! She’s …or he’s so dreamy! How about you all dress like that for a firefighter calendar !

  • Barb Quade

    I have been a Beauty Pageant judge for these lovely
    ladies the last two summers, and I must say they are all beautiful! Great job guys (girls). We had a really fun day in Padua Mn.

  • Jay

    Stupid..let alone unsafe

    • Andrew Pollack

      “Firefighting is an inherently dangerous activity and cannot be made safe”

      It says this right on my turnout coat. We try to be as safe as possible at all times, but sometimes we have to take some risks. They were outside, and did the best they could.

      That said, my guys would have had their gear on the engine. :-)

    • Bill Kendall

      Jay , Pray tell , In all your vast wisdom how you may have handled this situation . Can’t wait .

  • T

    Way to go Sedan Vollys…I’m a IAAF firefighter from the west coast. Please accept my donationfor $500.00 towards your department and keeping your town safe.

    • Charlene

      So awesome!!!

    • sharon

      so awesome of you to do this for the town. wish we had more people like you in the world today

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