Fewer Native Minnesotans These Days

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Fewer Minnesotans were actually born in this state compared to 30 years ago.

The U.S. Census shows that about 69 percent of Minnesotans were born here, compared with 75 percent in 1980.

Louisiana has the greatest proportion of native residents at almost 79 percent. Nevada is at 23 percent.

In a couple weeks, the 1940 census will go online for the first time. April 2 is when 72 years of privacy protection end.

Access to the records will be free and open to anyone on the Internet.

  • G Dog

    Dang Iowans moving to greener pastures…….

  • Stip

    We are being overrun by outsiders!!! STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hugh Jass

    Better quality of life for the non productive parasites, you are a moron.

    • Greg Loosanus

      I had a great quality of life…..until i bumped my head.

  • not quite

    Hugh Jass that is true but we quite literally have one of the highest qualities of life anywhere.

    • jackactionhero

      You’re missing the point, because that won’t be the case for long.


    Think how much higer it would be if we matched entitlements to equal Texas or Alabama.

    • christine

      Oh yeah, the great state of Texas where that lady killed herself because she couldn’t get food support! How wonderful a place that must be.

      Quit blaming poor people for the nation’s problems. Look to see how much is spent on general people welfare and how much is given out in corporate welfare. It’s not even close………..

      • Bernie

        OH but natural selection is a beautiful thing and it works for the good of all mankind.

        The useless will not be missed.

      • Oh-Really?

        Well said christine!

  • Grynch

    They come to feed off of our generous public assistance programs created by liberals and the native middle class are the ones that have to pay for it.

  • Spanky

    Mn=welfare magnet

  • Paul

    No by line, you’re an idiot! Obviously someone who can’t tell me who their fifth great grandparents are on their mothers side, for example. I’ve been at genealogy for over 40 years and I can tell you that every ten years for at least the last 30 years a new United States census has been made public. There is usually a lot of excitement and anticipation when a new census is released. With todays generation accustomed to everything personal being displayed on social media; it amazes me that personal information on people that lived over 70 years ago gets you to throw up your arms in shock and claim someones privacy is being violated. Frankly, this story makes me just want to thow-up.

  • Good Name


  • do do

    that’s because after a few years here, ya figure out the weather and bugs are a nightmare…..and ppl move to a better state….

    • Sven

      ….and socialist politicians.

      • Matt

        I rather have a socialist than a heartless politician. We should help those who need help. However that does not mean feed the lazy.

  • The other 99%

    Most Old school residents I knew moved from this state because they were sick of being taxed to death and seeing all of the foreigners move in and take up all the resources. Personally I like living in Nevada because no one is from there and as long as you are not from California everyone is cool with you. Plus no Income Taxes.

    • DougT

      No state income taxes??! I am moving to Nevada!! Sounds like a slice of heaven – compared to here…

      (but then I am not a member of the xenophobic minnesota club and can actually imagine living somewhere else :) )

      • christine

        I also lived in Nevada. Nope, no state taxes. BUT, you get taxed on everything else including clothing; and they have vehicle emissions testing which you have to do every year. No state tax doesn’t mean you don’t pay tax. They just “get you” in more subtle ways….

        Oh yeah, and their job market SUCKS!

        • The other 99%

          They do have Vehicle emissions but if you do not live in Clark or Washoe County then you do not have to do emissions. Also all they do is scan you OBD 2 and if there is no check engine light on you pass. The clothes tax does suck but I will take that any day of the week over personally income tax. You can get a job out there you just have to try a little harder.

  • GH

    Are you Native American? Because if you are not 100% Native American then you are an idiot for posting something so stupid.

    • PoliticiansSUX

      I am Native American, almost as much as is left (25%). it is almost impossible to find any 100% “pure blood” Native Americans anymore anyplace. That being the case, I will speak for most of my brethren and tell all of you to get off of our continent. Be sure to take with you anything and everything you want, just leave, NOW. Especially you GH, take your name calling (idiot) self and leave now).

      • Refrigerator Larry

        America was first discovered by Stone Age hunters from Europe, according to new archaeological evidence.

        Across six locations on the U.S. east coast, several dozen stone tools have been found.

        After close analysis it was discovered that they were between 19,000 and 26,000 years old and were a European-style of tool.
        The discovery suggests that the owners of the tools arrived 10,000 years before the ancestors of the American Indians set foot in the New World, reported The Independent.

      • Wobert

        Too late Pocahontas, were here.

  • Kevin

    But more Hmong…..Mexicans….Somalians……Asians……And every other 3rd world garbage dump…..

    Oh and alot more CRIME…..and more WELFARE…..and more GANGS……
    and more EDUCATIONAL costs….and more HEALTH CARE COSTS…..and more PRISON costs……

    • Kevin

      DUH, do, doit, din tonbg, der

    • Kevin

      secretly…..i …..am a nazi pervert.

  • TaxPayer

    Yeah it seems our new motto is if you don’t feel like supporting yourself come on over to Minnesota Welfare for all. You don’t even have to spend your EBT money in this state if you don’t want to. Thanks Libs!

    • christine

      Food assistance is a FEDERAL program – not state. Thanks Donkey!

      • have another one

        How many kids do we feed christine?

  • Venn Diagram

    Some parts are very will preserved and maintained (the highland area), but there is a trend, and if it continues, the future of St. Paul looks something like the Jerry Springer show. No one will stop it b/c they’ll be too busy blaming things that excuse themselves from doing any real work, from being bothered at home; blaming the lack of economic opportunity, big meanies making people have low self esteem with their big meany words, historical oppression, not enough faces in government, movies, tv that look like you, etc. These rationalizations are easy to make and allow me to get back to my gardening on one of the few streets left that is untouched by the strife. I hate this planet.

  • G Dog

    My comment is awaiting moderation? Really? As an Irish Catholic whose immigrant ancestors were vilified and discriminated against for both of those aspects, surely my perspective holds a greater argument than some of the paranoid scapegoaters on this thread.

  • Dave

    It’s evident that more rubes from the South and Rust Belt are moving here given the fact that Santorum won the MN. caucus. The rubes are like locus. They beat their own states to death or don’t bother fixing them and then move on. They won’t be happy until everyone has devolved to their mouth breathing level apparently.

  • Brett

    Yeah, no kidding, no wonder MN politics is so messed up. I sure miss the 1970’a, was a PARADISE compared to NOW.

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