ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A proposed constitutional amendment to require voters to show photo ID is headed to the floor of the Minnesota House.

The chamber’s rules committee advanced the amendment Monday after debate over wording.

Some Democrats on the committee sought to debate a phrase in the statue that said all voters would have to show “substantially equivalent” verification that they’re eligible to vote. They worried that could mean absentee voters or military personnel might be kept from voting if they can’t somehow show a photo ID.

House Majority Leader Matt Dean restricted debate to whether the language of the amendment was proper. The committee ultimately approved the measure 13-10 on a straight party-line vote, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

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Comments (31)
  1. Fred Hayek says:

    80 percent of Minnesotans support this. Not Democrats.

    1. A Voter says:

      Your math doesn’t add up, and makes no sense at all.
      This amendment is a waste of taxpayers money, just
      the thing that republicans are against.

    2. chester says:

      you must have failed math in school because the state os not all rebublicans because maybe 80% of the rebublicans support it and thats all mostdemocrates DO NOT support this ! besides it’s just a ploy to avoid letting the democrates have a say in the do process of the law

  2. stung4ever says:

    If requiring photo ID to vote potentially disenfranchises people from exercising their voting rights, does requiring photo ID to purchase a firearm potentially disenfranchise people from exercising their second amendment rights?

  3. questioning says:

    Hey, it’s republicans at work. Forget about budget balancing and creating more jobs. They just want to jpass more and more laws and give Americans fewer freedoms.

    1. Liberal says:

      Well we need to make sure gays can get married first before we balance the budget and create jobs. Duh…

    2. PoliticiansSUX says:

      Democrats had 32 years to address all the issues that the republicans are addressing, but the only thing they gave us was a 6 billion dollar deficit. Lets see what the new team can do before we pass judgement. Why did he democrats not create civil unions with their super majority? Why did the democrats not provide better election protections with their super majorities? The reason in both cases is because they were too busy doign other things like takign money from unions and indians and giving teachers one of the highest salaries in the nation. They created more programs in the past 32 years than existed since the inception of this state. It was jsut a democrat that vetoed the right to protect your house and family frmo harm frmo an intruder. Really I have to ask myself who do the democrats represent? Is it the tax payers or is it the special interest of unions and illegal immigrants? I also ask the same question of the republicans related to special interest and the far right religious….

  4. riptin says:

    When the question is asked do you think we need voter ID, 59 % of minnesotans say yes. But, when the questions is asked do you think voter ID disenfrachises a segment of voters, the polls say 78% believe is does. So its all in how the question is asked as to the results of the polls about voter ID.

    1. Statistician says:

      82% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

      1. Statistician the Second says:

        of which, 87.5% are right.. or wrong, depending on other percentages.

  5. rentacop says:

    with having to show photo I.D. for just about everything else, I would think that something as important as voting should also require photo I.D.

  6. Guy says:

    I would think that a military ID SHOULD be “substantially equivalent” (actually a lot BETTER) than a drivers license. The military does a background check on members & VERIFIES that they are who they claim to be.

    1. Michele says:

      It’s my understanding that the voter id would have to have the CURRENT address of residence. The military does NOT list the current residence on an id, and there is a substantial number of veterans who are homeless. This is where things get mixed up.

  7. KEVIN says:

    Let’s make sure that Obama’s aunt doesn’t get an ID to vote. After all she’s in the country illeagally. and a certain someone won’t deport her.

    1. Mike says:

      Let’s make sure the Supreme court isn’t allowed to steer another election away from the intent of the voters………..

  8. Guy says:

    Ohhhhhh. I thought we were going to let Danny Tanner decide. My mistake. “How Rude!”

  9. Enis Anderson says:

    In California, they have NO ID law and millions of illegals vote for the Dems of course. That’s how Mark Dayton got elected

    1. chester says:

      that is a total fabercated lie there is NO PROOF that any fraud was commited. get your facts straight besides the biggest voter fraud was for a rebublican named Jeb Bush in Florida and his big brother georgie

  10. innkeeper says:

    Whenever a republican wins an election, dead people voted. Whenever a democrat wins an election, locked up people or people in hospital beds (without any way of voting) voted.

  11. Enis Anderson says:

    Furthermore, if some other legal minoriities lack proper ID, why don’t they get one? Must have warrants out for their arrest or just too d**n lazy to get one.

  12. Brett says:

    Gitter DONE!!! I want to VOTE ON IT!

  13. Frank Garden says:

    Let’s see mom never got a driver’s license (stay at home mom) in the 50’s 60’s doesn’t fly and has been going to the same rural voting place for many years checking GOP. now, she needs to pay to get birth record and to get state ID what a pain in the a** just to vote this is $ out-of her pocket she doesn’t work in her 70’s to pay for this It’s a GOP fee it’s not coming out of my pocket I will not pay for her birth record just to vote

    this law would make it one less Republican vote What hell are the GOPs thinking

    1. Min Da says:

      sounds like you’re aware of the situation and have known it all your life, what’s taking so long to fix it?
      there just is no viable excuse to not have an I.D.
      I’m from the back country to but have gotten I.D. because one is unable to do anything without it.

      1. Frank Garden says:

        why do you an ID if you don’t drive or fly or buy guns you’re a stay at home mom now elderly woman you vote by signing your name no problem

        1. Min Da says:

          if one doesn’t go about periodically, often enough to see for themselves what is going on in the country or atleast their local community and talk to their representitives or friends at the very least – how on earth can they make an educated decision on who to vote for anyway? just voting with one particular party all the time is what got our great country in the mess that it is in now.
          help her get her i.d. and bring her about once in a while so she knows what is going on.
          people that are blind and driving is a bad idea…

    2. PoliticiansSUX says:

      really, what are you smoking? Ma that lives in Rural Minnesota has been a traditional DEMOCRAT strong hold for years, so MA is not voting republican, but rather democrat. Also, to point out more flaws in your logic, they already accounted for those that can not afford a state ID and it will be paid for by the tax payers with no input from you whatsoever.

      To answer your question of what the GOP is thinking, DUHHHH it is politics. over 300 illegal voter applications were found in one guys car this past election in Minnesota as reported on this web site. While under the guise of adding integrity to the election process, really it will disenfranchise the (LAZY) poor and illegals from voting. If voting is so important to someone, then they can get a free id paid for by your tax dollars, but of course illegals will not be able to vote anymore and dead people will have a much harder time voting too.

      1. Frank Garden says:

        she’s only votes GOP she lives in the 6th district enuff said

        to get a FREE ID you need to go to the court house 14 miles away from her home, she can’t drive so I’m going to need to drive 2 hours take off of work to drive her to the court during the work week or we will need to fine another family member to be so. Gas is not cheap. She needs to go to court to get a birth report in order to apply for the FREE Id. There’s a fee to get this birth record. This is a poll tax same as used against blacks now you’re going after white old woman in rural Minnesota that never got a driver’s license.

        It’s not being lazy when for 55 years she has voted no problem now you want to create one. I’m not happy. Voting is a right guaranteed for all. You seriously have an anger problem against Latinos.

        There’s laws on the books for voting fraud. If there’s wide spread fraud enforce the law. Don’t make it hard for old people to vote because you don’t like the growing number of Latinos entering Minnesota.

        1. cindy says:

          Ever bring Mom to the clinic???? ID is required for my Mom even w/Medicare and Ins. cards (Same clinic for 30 years) Grow up!!

          1. Frank Garden says:

            She practices Religion freedom and the teaching of Armstrong. God will take care of you. No doctors in fact because of this I was able to “get out” any childhood shots in school. Don’t go here it’s a touchy subject…just settle on the fact that getting any ID is a real hassle for her and my family.

      2. chester says:

        Minnesota ID’s are not free they cost 18.00 if your under 65 and 11.00 if your over 65 now because the rebublicans want to cut ss and medicare where the hell will these people get the extra money to buy the ID certainly NOT from the rebublicans

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