MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Roughly 75,000 people a year take a behind the scenes tour of Target Field, but even they won’t see the clubhouse.

Wood lockers line the main locker room. Each locker is equipped with electrical receptacles, internet access, a lockbox, and enough space to fit whatever each player would need for the game.

“It’s the players’ office,” says Kevin Smith, the executive director of public affairs.

Not each locker is created equal. Four are bigger, and are placed next to the doors to the room.

“Justin Morneau has one,” says Smith. “Joe Mauer has the other.”

The remaining two prominent lockers are currently vacant, and will be filled by team leaders that have yet to step up. Other lockers are unassigned until the 2012 roster is set.

Manager Ron Gardenhire has a real office.

“This is where he comes in early and strategizes, talks with coaches, and decides who’s in and who’s not,” says Smith.

Gardenhire’s office is filled with hats and helmets, historic team photos, books and memorable lineup cards. One card is from the thrilling victory to clinch the American League Central Division Championship in 2009.

The clubhouse is also made up of a weight room, rehab room, conference room, cafeteria, and aquatic center.

The amenities are nice, but the clubhouse was designed to encourage team unity, from the open shape of the room to a quote on the wall from former Manager Tom Kelly: “We’re all in this boat together. Everybody grab an oar.”

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  1. spanky says:

    The taxpayers certainly provided ultra luxurious amenities for the Twins. I’m sure MN residents who are dealing with the issues of foreclosure on their homes, who are trying to find adequate employment, or who are wondering where their next meal is coming from are happy to know that at least the Twins are being well cared for – at taxpayer expense.

    If Dayton, Mondale, Johnson, Senjem, Rybak, Zygi and the like have their way, the people of Minnesota will be taking even better care of the Vikings.

    By golly Minnesotans are an awfully generous group of people, aren’t they? Ya sure youbetcha.

    1. Ryan says:

      Minnesotans…and every other state that has a major league franchise to support along with other societal issues. They’re also on the publics dime in some way, shape or form….some don’t even live in the state. If there were just a few of them that were legitimately helpless rather than the bazillion that aren’t that we support, maybe they get a locker room too.

      So we should stop living because others supposedly cant?

      Life is survival of the fittest and It also goes on.

  2. Hank says:

    The two biggest lockers for two guys who don’t play or produce.

    A fitting microcosm of what is most wrong with this team.

    1. Lisa says:

      Yes I think they could have used createObject() ienastd. The only issue is when you call methods that (may) return null. Since CF has no null, you have to handle it like so,x = ob.method();if(isDefined( x )) .

  3. Matt says:

    A thank you to the four Hennepin County commissioners who took away our right to vote and then raised our taxes so that billionaire owners could get richer and millionaire players could have all these nice perks.

    You are doing a good job guys. Really noble of you.

  4. Fred says:

    If you can’t handle the fees that could come along with living in a big city, then maybe you should move to International Falls.

    1. Hilda says:

      We aren’t all as fortunate as you are Freddie boy. But thanks for your kind words and thoughtful suggestion.

      1. Fred says:

        what does that even mean? Do you know me? Are you my secret stalker?

  5. Bruce says:

    don’t like your taxes – move to Iowa and you won’t have to complain about all the taxes you pay to support professional sports.

    1. Hilda says:

      How long did it take you to come up with that unique and highly intelligent suggestion? Is it actually yours or did you get it from another person’s post?

      How does that old saying go? If brains were gunpowder he wouldn’t have enough to blow his hat off. Ha, that one’s not mine but I like to use it when it’s appropriate to the dialog.

      1. Mitch says:

        I’m sure Hilda is gung-ho for more bike trails and more beautiful statues and fountains canvassing Minneapolis.

  6. Sam says:

    It is part of life.

  7. natemann133 says:

    What miserable people you all are.

    1. Basavaraj says:

      mdr. Je pense que beaucoup de mefmes lui diraient oui avec plaisir lol. Ils sont graves ^^ Yeah I think a lot of ladies say yes to him. They are crazy ^^

  8. Manny says:

    As a season ticket holder and restaurant owner who has seen my business increase 250% as a direct result of the stadium, go Twins. Now get the Vikes deal done. I pay tens of thousands more in taxes than ever before. the adjacent businesses do as well. there is alot of money being paid to the state by our businesses had the stadium not been built. The state is raking in millions per year.

  9. Milan says:

    Jetayia Laurent was asking the pedcuorr what he should do with the cap in the dance portion of the promo video. You’ll see in the upcoming videos that the twins play around with their caps for the video the pedcuorr wanted them to pretend like they were stealing each other’s caps.

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