Where Is The Terrorist?

  • Swamp Rat

    What do expect from the TSA rent-a-fuzzes!??? If little kids get this type of scrutiny then what about the older folks in wheel chairs or walkers that get padded down without their attendants present? Or the fellow with ICD/Pacemakers and heart implants that produces his medical info to the TSA not to be wanded or X-Ray’d who still gets wanded then has a heart arrhythmia episode caused by the wand etcetera?

    The TSA could do a much better and efficient security check job if they take lessons from the Israeli’s when is the last time EL Al, the Israeli airline, had an inflight terrorist incident? At least t Israel doesn’t hassle the elderly or the little kids and/or have slow inefficient security check lines. They don’t charge extra for moving you quickly through the lines. Again, the TSA should take note that they are dealing with the taxpayers or ticket-holders who pay their salaries.

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