MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — In the aftermath of a U.S. Army Sergeant’s alleged killing of 16 Afghan villagers, many are speculating about the events that led up to the massacre.

Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales is being held in Fort Leavenworth, but no charges have yet been filed against him.

Dr. Harry Kroft is a former Army doctor who has evaluated more than 7,000 Veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. He is the medical director at the San Antonio Psychiatric Research Hospital.

Kroft said his concern in this situation is that those who hear this will think that anyone who has gone served in the military will likely go out and do the same.

“This is a very, very rare phenomenon,” Kroft said.

He said PTSD has three symptoms.  The first is called re-experiencing, “things like unwanted thoughts, nightmares, or flashbacks.”

The second is called avoidance — avoiding talking about it, avoiding associating with people, places and things that remind you of trauma.

The third symptom is called arousal, or “being easily startled, being suspicious and, yes, being angry,” Kroft said.

He said nowhere in those symptoms of PTSD will you find acts of violence.

Comments (5)
  1. Sad says:

    “He said nowhere in those symptoms of PTSD will you find acts of violence.” Really? So we send these soldiers out time after time to kill people and watch their buddies get blown up and we expect them to come back normal?

    I don’t know what the answer is but I sure do pray for all those military families, God bless them for doing what they do.

  2. bad investingating WCCO says:

    I am sorry but the headline says Dr weighs in on how PTSD affects people…there was very poor investigation done in this article…it is like you picked up the phone called a dr and got just 3 symptoms of PTSD…i would love to see someone who ACTUALLY investigates how PTSD is determined and controlled…I suffer from PTSD from an abusive relationship…for years all the DR’s sd i was bipolar i didn’t believe that…finally found a dr that actually specialized in PTSD and that is when my misdiagnosis was fixed…but through that time one med for bipolar almost killed me caused my kidneys to shut down…These soldiers need our help…then need us to understand what they are going through…stop being so judgemental and be there to help…until you go through something very dramatic you will never understand

  3. Puppies for all says:

    It’s called STRESS, call it what you want now but it’s been around forever but now give it a fancy name and it’s an excuse.

    1. the old nurse says:

      You are one happy person as ignorance is bliss.Work in the world where you see sick people. Continued good luck in your avoidance of misfortune.

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