MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — We’re getting a better understanding of how the jury came to a not guilty verdict in Minnesota Viking Chris Cook’s domestic assault trial.

Some of the evidence was released Tuesday.

Both sides relied heavily on pictures of Cook’s girlfriend’s neck.

The prosecution argued the red marks were from Cook’s fingers, the defense argued they were scrapes from an earring.

The girlfriend’s statements to police also played a big role in the jury’s verdict.

Chantal Baker statement to police 10/22/11: “He came back and choked me at that point I couldn’t breathe”

Baker statement to police 11/10/11: “I had actually lied about the whole choking incident and just wanted to let you know that didn’t happen that didn’t occur.”

The prosecution did point out that domestic assault victims do change their stories from time to time. The problem is, however, it can create doubt in the jurors’ minds.

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  1. dontwory22 says:

    somebody made a lot of money

    1. steve says:


  2. Tracy M says:

    Lets keep “worshiping” those good old sport stars.

    (its how we want our kids to grow up like….right.

  3. Jo Jo says:

    Dem beeches be crazy!

  4. steve says:


  5. Allen says:

    “The prosecution did point out that domestic assault victims do change their stories from time to time.”

    They knew they couldn’t win. They decided to punish him by dragging him into court and putting him through this ordeal.

    Prosecutor misconduct and abuse.

  6. See BS says:

    Seems like WCCO is teaching people how to lie about Domestic abuse and make it stick better.

    Someone has a bruised ego because he’s not guilty.

  7. S.STANLEY says:

    maybe the next”may

  8. S.STANLEY says:

    maybe the next “girlfriend” won’t be so lucky. his true self will show up again i’m sure.

  9. Perry Mason says:

    “The prosecution did point out that domestic assault victims do change their stories from time to time. ”

    Are you kidding me? They said their witness may or may not be lying? How can you convict anyone of anything knowing that?

  10. See BS says:

    14th Amendment requires the State of Minnesota to charge the victim with domestic abuse.

    They have photos of a lamp smashed against the wall, and the police have locks of hair pulled from his head.

    So the victim engaged in domestic abuse, but the State is not charging her with a crime.

  11. hoopla says:

    What is the point of this stupid article. Female victims recant… This guy is a f’ing psycho.

  12. just thinking says:

    The story would be fine if you did to all Domestic cases. He is found not guilty end of story. Also missing are the remarks from the ME about the marks left on victim how come didn’t fit the story?

  13. Bwaaaaaa Haaaaaaaa! says:

    Look at that scrotum head!!!

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