MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Talks continue at the city level on a plan to build a new Vikings stadium at the Metrodome site. But no one wants to talk about the talks.

Governor Dayton had a private meeting with Minneapolis council members Sandra Colvin Roy and Kevin Reich, both of whom have reservations about the stadium plan, but they’re not wanting talk about their position, nor is Mayor R.T. Rybak, who’s pushing hard for a majority of yes votes on the council.

“I was in the meeting — and we’re having a lot of conversations with legislators and council members,” said Rybak. “You know, I don’t think I want to get into what everybody says in private meetings.”

State legislators say it’s essential to have the city council on board if there’s any chance of the house and senate approving a stadium bill this session.

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  1. reginald says:

    Why all the “private,” “secret,” and “closed door” meetings about this issue? This has been going on endlessly and is not benefiting the people of Minnesota one bit!

    When is the public going to be able to be a party to this (aside from having to pick up the tab) and be able to voice their reasons for saying “NO!” – especially since the politicians OBVIOUSLY aren’t doing what their constituents want them to do???

    So much for transparency in government.

    The stadium bill is a piece of pure garbage and I, for one, resent all the “big wigs” wasting their time and taxpayers’ money while they play “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” at our expense!!! Apparently buying and selling and trading votes is big business for the politicians in Minnesota.

    There is legitimate “people business” to be conducted instead of wasting time trying to find a way to force the public into making a billionaire even richer.

    This “deal” STINKS and is nothing but a financial boat anchor for the people of Minnesota.

    1. Good Grief says:

      Since you seem to believe YOUR viewpoint is not expressed…. Maybe you should run for a government position. Then all of US can tell you to SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! LOL!!

      1. Refrigerator Larry says:

        Calm down, thirty percenter.

    2. Peace says:

      Well said, I agree 100%.

  2. Ratso Rizzo Gimme Some Soup says:

    Rybak’s legacy will last long beyond his mayoral years…an unfair tax to residents of South Minneapolis.

  3. Good Grief says:

    “And in the News today– There is no new news!” lol.. only in MN!

  4. Allen says:

    RT Rybak’s good buddy John Munger is in the process of destroying Theodore With golf course.

    These guys are greedy idiot pigs and are not to be trusted.

  5. Allen says:

    The people don’t want their money used to finance stadiums.

    If you can’t represent the people, resign.

    The local media will not be able to protect you from the wrath of the voters this time.

  6. Gil says:

    This is one team that Minnesota does not want to see leave. A stadium will get built even if the vikings leave. Best to do it now than later.

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