Minn. Senate Passes Bills To Ease Shutdown Pain

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Senate has passed bills that would keep state parks open and the State Lottery operating in future state government shutdowns.

The bills passed Thursday on largely party-line votes with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed. Republican Sen. Al DeKruif sponsored the bills in response to last year’s three-week state shutdown that closed parks and shuttered the lottery among other disruptions.

Republicans say Minnesotans who enjoy those services should not suffer. Democrats say that exempting noticeable state operations from the consequences of a shutdown would drain the incentive of future lawmakers and governors to compromise on a state budget.

The House versions of DeKruif’s bill have not moved past committee hearings. Gov. Mark Dayton’s budget chief says the governor prefers a more comprehensive approach to avoiding future shutdowns.

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  • Matt

    so in other words making it easier on the GOP to shutdown the state.

    • Big Dog

      so in other words making it easier on Dayton to shutdown the state again

      • Tom

        @ Big Dog

        Just as easy as it was for the GOP to make it easy on themselves to sign the Grover Nordquist pledge!

  • missingrevenue

    Close down the Departments nobody needs to pay for, But keep the Departments open which everybody is required to pay. THERE, DONE!!!!!!!

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