LITCHFIELD, Minn. (WCCO) — Litchfield is looking for its fourth state title in 12 years.

The head coach is John Carlson Sr. His son with the same name just signed to play tight end for the Vikings. Alex Carlson is the older brother of new Vikings tight end John Carlson.

On Friday night, he reminisced about Litchfield’s first-ever state basketball title that he won with his younger brother.

“Litchfield, at the time, had not been to the state tournament since 1918,” said Alex, just before Litchfield’s semi-final game against Perham.

When the Dragons returned to state 82 years later in 2000, they won it all thanks in big part to senior Alex and his freshman brother John.

“It was special. Not only as a family, but as a tight-knit team and a lot of friends on the team,” said Alex.

Younger brother John would go on to win two more state titles for the Dragons. But he would make his mark on the football field.

After 4 years in Seattle, he’s coming home to play for the Purple. And of course, he will spend some time cheering on the Dragons.

“We are really excited to spend more time with them, and some down time. We don’t get to see them all that often during the year. I’m excited for John and his wife Danielle and their family,” said Alex.

On Friday night, Litchfield beat Perham in the semifinals and will meet Plainview-Elgin-Millville for the Class 2A state title.

  1. Dkfink says:

    I hope JC Jr. will be able to say that with his new team

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