ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCCO) – A statewide poll released Friday at the State Capitol shows that nearly two-thirds of Minnesotans are in favor of a Vikings stadium that would be funded in part by gambling revenues and built on the current Metrodome site.

In the poll, 1,000 residents from across the state were asked if they would support a new Vikings stadium financed by state gambling and other revenues along with a significant contribution from the team. About 71 percent of voters either are in favor or are somewhat in favor of a stadium.

About 61 percent of voters favor a stadium under four conditions. Those are that the Vikings would fund more than 50 percent of the stadium construction and operating costs over the life of their lease, that a majority of the public contribution would come from gambling money with no new tax increases or use of general revenue funds, that the city of Minneapolis would use existing hospitality taxes and not raise any new taxes and that the public could use the facility for at least 300 days per year.

About 71 percent of those polled also said it’s either very important or somewhat important for the Vikings franchise to stay in Minnesota. A stadium bill was introduced last week, but discussions over the financing package were tabled after lawmakers couldn’t come to an agreement over several issues.

State lawmakers have until the end of the legislative session to pass a bill to get the stadium built. A special session could be called if even developments transpire to get the team and lawmakers closer to an approved deal.

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  1. john says:

    Misleading teaser, I did not see anywhere in the article that people were asked about a statium “at the exisitning” site

    1. Veteran says:

      It’s not the site location, it’s the srealing of taxpayer money to fund rich able-bodied men when we have a whole lot of poor women and children who need help.
      Let the rich fund their own lavish lifestyles

      1. Mayhem says:

        “…we have a whole lot of poor women and children who need help…”

        and they’re collecting welfare every month….thanks to hard working peeps such as ourselves. The rest is up to them.

        SKOL VIKES!!!!

    2. P terry says:

      Has anyone actually seen the poll questions and the response data?
      I have been combing the internet for it.

  2. STFU Stadium Haters says:

    This is probably the nail in the coffin for this effort.

    Politicians never do what the majority of people want, they are too busy pandering to the whinning minority.

    Build it already.

    1. Guy says:

      Just as soon as Ziggy’s check (for the WHOLE THING) clears …

      1. jackactionhero says:

        So you still aren’t for a stadium being built with the following conditions?

        “About 61 percent of voters favor a stadium under four conditions. Those are that the Vikings would fund more than 50 percent of the stadium construction and operating costs over the life of their lease, that a majority of the public contribution would come from gambling money with no new tax increases or use of general revenue funds, that the city of Minneapolis would use existing hospitality taxes and not raise any new taxes and that the public could use the facility for at least 300 days per year.”

        Why? You don’t stand to lose anything here. What’s the problem?

        1. the old nurse says:

          @ Jimmy. When you call names perhaps you ought to know of what you speak. The existing tax is the hotel, bar sales tax put in place to pay for the original metronome. and convention center. An existing tax.

          1. RU Kidding says:

            @the old nurse.

            That’s exactly right and to replace the money collected from the existing tax, there will have to be new taxes.

            This is obvious.

            1. Orrest says:

              The existing tax went to replace the convention center, not the general fund. What about that is hard for you to understand RU? They have the permission to tax for those purposes only.

              1. I. M. Lieing says:

                I remember when the raised the taxes to help build the convention center, it was all over the news, we were told the taxes would be raised (city) and when it was paid or in 5 years (something like that) they would lower the taxes again. The taxes never went down, we were lied to then and we’re being lied to now. To be rhetorical, look up the word LIAR in the dictionary, you’ll see POLITICIAN there. You are nothing but worker ants and they must lie to keep you pacified, it’s that simple.

        2. Barb Altman Cline says:

          Do you also object to the money the Vikings bring into the state, or city?

          1. RU Kidding says:

            Publicly financed stadiums are a net economic loss.

            We’ve already been through this.

            Google Publicly financed stadiums

            1. Mayhem says:

              Yes we have already been through this…and the statement is NOT entirely true…so WHY did you bring it up…again???

              1. John says:

                Yes the statement IS true. I continue to bring it up because you continue to lie. Here are some links or fee free to google: Publicly funded stadiums.


                Saying you are right isn’t good enough. Prove your statements or everyone will know you to be a liar.

                1. Mayhem says:

                  @ John

                  saying Im right IS good enough for me…but I can appease….

                  randomly selecting one of your websites, I chose

                  Johnny…I highly suggest you re-read and then comprehend its content and remove that website from your “list” as it does more for my argument than yours.

                  In a nutshell, all it basically says is that publicly financed stadiums are unnecessary in that, owners can build it themselves and in few years to a few more, the stadium will in effect pay for itself. SO there is a benefit in the big picture and when all is said and done…it is an investment that is eventually rewarded

                  No where does it state that there is NO ECONOMIC BENEFIT, if fact it says quite the opposite. So keep poppin’ in those websites and prove my statements all day long.

            2. Mayhem says:

              Yes we have already been through this…and the statement is NOT entirely true…so WHY did you bring it up…again???

              1. Curious Mind says:

                Exactly what part of “There are no economic benefits to publicly funded stadiums” are you struggling with?

        3. Makeshift says:

          None of the 4 conditions above are in play. So how can this be taken seriously.

      2. Mayhem says:

        @ Guy

        keep holding youre breath there, Guy

    2. Tom says:

      @ STFU

      I would venture to guess that some of those who hated Target Field being built have to few games just like they would do the samething about the Vikings Stadium. Some people just love to complain about everything.

      1. The Editor says:

        Do you mean people complaining about each person in Hennepin County being forced to hand over $900 to the Pohlad family after four Hennepin County Commissioners took away their right to vote?

        That IS a valid complaint.

  3. Rocks in her head says:

    Stop making sense, the anti groups don’t want to hear any of it.

  4. Guy says:

    “And in a survey of 1000 VIKING SEASON TICKET HOLDERS across the state” …

    “Figures can lie and liars can figure”

    “There are lies; damn lies and statistics”

    1. dan says:

      Go figure, its always the minority that screams the loudest. It will be built no matter what your opinion is Guy!

      1. Paul Bunyan says:

        You’re right Dan,everyone I know, friends,family,co-workers support it.So let’s get this thing built!! SKOL VIKES!!!!!

      2. Guy says:

        So put it to a statewide referendum. THAT is the only “poll” that COUNTS.

        1. Jill says:

          Excellent point.

          If the poll is valid, they should be pushing for a referendum.

          Are they pushing for a referendum?

        2. Mayhem says:

          Lets put welfare to a referendum too.

          Not gonna happen.

          1. Smarty Pants says:

            Let’s put your face to a referendum.

            We’ll see how that goes.

            1. Mayhem says:

              Ya, thats a mature retort.

              Did I touch a nerve?

              Someone apparently isnt getting enough free money……

    2. Mayhem says:

      As opposed to the 806 or so across the state the “Strib” polled a couple of months ago in which approximately 74% non-season ticket holders were against it, eh?

      Look it up.

      Polls are worthless unless you get a significant amount of peeps to take it…5 million + peeps in MN or so? Get millions to take a poll regarding this matter and I’ll take it seriously.

      Polls like this one is just news filler and amusment only. Doesnt mean a damn thing.

  5. Refrigerator Larry says:

    “Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, Kent. 14% of people know that.”
    Homer J Simpson

    1. Ines Beag says:

      Thousand of polls to pick from. Your fools don’t think which is going to get used. Same for the 2012 campaign, let idiots pick the polls since their electing is going to elect the fools. The rest of you shut the fu.

  6. not quite says:

    No not in favor. If we institute gambling revenues, why should it go to pay for a stadium? Why not something else? Let’s come up with some other, more broad uses other than a stadium where very select few can actually practiically go. Further why should the government have a monopoly on gambling? That just opens another can of worms. What happens when the revenue isn’t enough? Will Wilf pony up the money or will we be taxed again as we were for the BS target stadium. I can’t stand the thought of the stadium and I am a season ticket holder for years now. I love football but come on it’s a game.

    1. Peter says:

      A monopoly on gambling? Really? Pretty sure that the Indians have that monopoly at the present time. The thing is, if not for the Vikings stadium, the gambling doesn’t happen. If not for the gambling, the stadium likely doesn’t happen. So arguing that gambling revenues should go for something else is likely a moot point because it won’t go towards anything else, it just won’t happen. I am getting tired of the minority opinion thinking their opinion is the only one that should matter. It’s the minority opinion for a reason!!!

      1. not quite says:

        The indians are a sovereign nation they aren’t part of the discussion except to obviously lobby against it. It is the government that doesn’t allow gambling and if they do it is to fund a stadium? The fact that only indians offer gambling is a byproduct of our government over reach. You are making my point for me. Look, I love the vikings and football and can go to any home game I want to but I’m just fine attending those games at the dome. If a stadium is requested then the owner can privately finance it as other teams in other markets have done. You see you subscribe to the notion that the government should control gambling in the first place with your statements. You aren’t seeing the bigger picture which is a shame.

        1. really? says:

          it is not just the indians that have gambling, what about all the bingo halls, pull tabs and the lottery, what the heck is that if it isn’t gambling. Not sure how you can say the government doesn’t allow gambling.

      2. JIM says:

        Maybe the majority of the minority hasn’t yet commented! And when they do, will they still be the minority or do they become the majority? And when they do, will that be the reason? And if the stadium doesn’t happen, do the Indians forever keep the monopoly? Sounds like the Indians should buy the team and everyone would be happy. If Ziggi was just born an Indian life would be so much easier! Good old Ole’ & Sven logic at work here.

    2. dan says:

      If you want to choose where your money goes I suggest writing a check out to the charity of your choice.

  7. mordacai says:

    Tell ya what, smart guy. Yeah, that’d be you JAH, the fella with the huge mouth … if this “poll” is worth the power to lift it off your head, put the issue to a statewide referendum. Even I, the CHIEF NAYSAYER, will happily agree to accept the results. Will you?

  8. shelby says:

    The picture with this article – OMG. Those three exactly represent the image I get when I think of the people who will blindly and foolishly hand their money over to the snake oil salesman.

    They are also most likely to be representative of those polled. By the way, was the poll taken during a tailgate party?


    1. Real Talk says:

      Shelby…give me the keys to your house. I GUARENTEE i could find stuff in your life you would be embarassed about and others would laugh at you for.

      The point is…you dont want a stadium…and thats your opinion. But evidently many other people do want one. So instead of respect them and your differences of opinion… call names and label them foolish.

      In my experience….they are far from it. They just happen to value experiences in life differently than yourself.

      Send me your check register and allow me to scrutize your purchases…..we will see who is really walking the walk and who talks a big game.

  9. Julie says:

    Where is this Poll? I want to vote no on it.

    1. ChiggerChaser says:

      With ya Julie – it’s a poll of BS but they don’t want a soul to realize that. See my other comment.

      1. MadJack says:

        BS is an online poll, Then again why should the two of you be any different than the rest of the anti stadium people on this board and have a clue as to what you are writing about.

    2. the old nurse says:

      Do you have a clue what a poll is? A random representative sample of the population. An internet poll would not be a random representation.

  10. ChiggerChaser says:

    They just don’t have the nards to put something on a bona-fide ballot now, do they.
    Bet if they ran the same people in the a poll asking do you want higher taxes to keep them here they’d say 80% — F’ing no
    Funny how a poll never is what it is ….. 😉

    1. Peter says:

      Did you read the article at all? Seriously! It states right in there that one of the conditions people agreed upon was NO NEW TAXES ON THE PUBLIC!!! Would you like to me to quote it for you? No? I will anyways… “a majority of the public contribution would come from gambling money with NO NEW TAX INCREASES”… I added the caps for dramatic effect. You are just like the rest of the uninformed public, just wanting to cry and moan about it without even reading a thing about it or knowing the facts behind anything. Seriously, if you don’t know what you are talking about, shut your pie hole!

      1. Jimmy John says:

        Aaaah – thanks Peter. No new…NEW taxes. That means those set to expire or that should be used , if they continue , would pay for actually necessary and needed things.
        Dude – you busted your own silly bubble
        cya….and take them with ya

      2. The Truth says:

        There WILL be new taxes.

        If half a billion dollars of public money is redirected to the billionaire Wilf, that money has to be made up from somewhere.

        Guess where it will come from? YOUR POCKET you silly obtuse dolt.

    2. Fred says:

      No one is asking you to payer higher taxes. And while we are at putting stuff on a ballot, let’s put Obamacare on there, welfare, and all the other wasteful handouts the government gives out. Let’s see how resounding those items fail.

      1. Jimmy John says:

        I got this right – we put essential services for those in need up against a team that is worth better than a Biliion dollars and privately owned ?? You serious ???

        Okay – I bite. Let’s also put up Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, property tax aid to homeowners and businesses, road repair, and tax breaks to businesses in general.
        Prioritize – vote them with a number.
        Think you be getting that SS check you anticipate soon Fred? Hope you have a new hybrid insurance that’ll cover the gaps that Medicare misses…oh wait, it’s gone.
        Bring it on Fred, bring it on. But don’t go crying when services get cut off and you crying about having your car in a 5′ rut where a road was.
        Cya Fred,,,,we’ll be seeing ya. 😉

      2. Saint Joe says:

        Fred – you seem to be blind to the fact that all this does is divert EXISTING money and then for every damn thing new they then will raise taxes for that vs using what could be a RESERVE. Where oh where are your people’s head stuck up anyway? Can’t see the sun from there can ya!

        Oh I know your belief(s) – $500-$600-$900 MILLION will come floating down from the Heavens and there will be no taxes ever incresed because of this. Kinda like Michele Bachmann’s $1.50 gas or the Tooth Fairy that my son thinks shows up unannounced and magically leaves that cash
        Yessireeeeeeeeee – Minnesota’s Ship of Viking Fools. 10 games a year for the purple and the rest of the users getfeed to death….used to cost us $2500 for 6 hours at the Dome for little kids football on a round robin…heck uf a deal…notWe already paid for it – pay it again Sam
        God — save the idiots from themselves___ please

  11. Zippy W. says:

    Thank you, good citizens, for encouraging me, and allowing me to extort and swindle nearly a billion dollars from you. 🙂

  12. shelby says:

    It looks to me like RT is the same persona as JAH. Same language, same attitude, same flawed logic, same criticisms, same everything.

    But, RT, I thank you for your crusade to provide on site counseling to everyone you disagree with – yeah, and that’s a lot of people obviously. Ha, ha, ha ………. ha!

    Oh, and about those keys RT – are you nuts? You aren’t man enough to be in my company, much less my house. Why don’t you paint your face purple and go have a beer with your buddies. Oh I must ask, which one are you in the picture above? (You see why you aren’t allowed in my house now, right?)

  13. Howard Gottlieb says:

    It would be interesting to poll people form other cities like Arlington Texas to see what they feel like after spending money on a new stadium. It seems like the taypayers raise the money and the owner benefits the most.

    Howard Gottlieb

  14. desert eagle .50 says:

    JAH, The Moron of MN.

    Truer and more specific words were never spoken.

  15. kaiwh says:

    Very interesting. Regardless of whether I’m pro or con, I wasn’t polled. Before I’m willing to even consider data as reported to be minutely valid, I’d like to know how MANY people were polled. Was there a statistically significant number of people polled in each district of the state, and I’d like to see whether or not the questions asked were not biased in any one direction. THEN and only then should such results be published or considered valid. I hope our politicians are wiser than to simply accept these kinds of polling results and assume thy truly represent all of the people of Minnesota.

    1. Guy says:

      Even better – put it to the “poll” that actually MATTERS – put it to a VOTE

  16. Cliff says:

    Who did they poll ? season ticket holders ???????????

  17. droop says:

    Then why all the fuss over a referendum?

    1. Ace says:

      You got that right! Why are they afraid to let the people vote on it if they’re so sure that the people want it?

      1. Ryan says:

        I didnt want the road in front of your house or the freeway you drive to work on….but I paid for it anyways. I dont remember getting to vote on that.

        1. ulip says:

          You are comparing a football stadium to a road or highway. Think a little.

          1. Ryan says:

            yes I am…and you missed the point. Comprehend a little.

  18. Al says:

    Reality Check people, not meant to use a Pat Kessler comment. But the bottom line is, If the Vikes don’t get a new stadium and Zigy decides to move the team, The only way we would ever get an NFL team to come back here is, a new stadium would have to be built anyway. Think about it, remember the history. NBA, new arena needed, Met & Civic Center weren’t good enough. North Stars move, Norm didn’t get a new arena. Met then was blown up. NHL, Civic Center not good enough, rip it down, build Xcel Center, Wild born. Might as well build it. Let the ripping on me begin.

    1. 100% of all Minnesotans says:

      Hope they leave.

  19. DougT says:

    Why would the state of minnesota want to own this building?

    Solution (if we must…) We give them a loan for a portion of the cost and they pay us back from the revenue they raise. After 5 years when the building “sucks” again they can decide what they want to do with their plant and equipment

    Lord this is so stupid. I presume that all other business in minnesota will now be able to line up so we can make nice buildings for them too…..


    1. Julie says:

      Your idea makes too much sense.
      They wouldn’t know how to make this much sense actually work…

  20. Jessie Sanchez says:

    Let me tell ya about that poll, it was suppose to be impartial, that’s what the pollers were led to believe anyways. The people and places (where people were) were primarily ones that are sports fans or Vikings fans. Last week a real poll was made and the majority of those polled said NO, so the had to fix that so it looked like the majority wanted to pay for it. Remember a few months ago, we kept getting told the State was broke, millions in the red, no money for paper clips even, then overnight, after a meeting with Ziggy, the State was in the black, by a lot, you figure it out, your being played better then the Vikings ever will! The answer is simple, tell the Vikings to leave, kick their losing butts out….then get a winning team here and build a stadium for them, WE DON’T SUPPORT LOSERS!!! at least I don’t !

  21. 1200 on the Mall says:

    The fact is this thing can not be built without the City of Mpls and/or Hennipin County paying for it in some manner and this “deal” sucks as far as they are concerned, remember where you cash cow is located State of MN, it sure isn’t Mower County or any other county in the state. Make a deal the City can embrace and you will have a deal, until them forget it.

  22. Regina K says:

    Lawyers love the money they make from the Vikings players for defending them for the crimes they (and their wives) commit, let them stay, You pay for the prosecutors and stadium, we get paid millions for defending them. This is the order of things, the rich get richer and the little people foot the bill, shut up and build the stadium, I have another court case to plan.

  23. Jason says:

    Maybe cco put up a pole right here on the stadium and see where the cards fall.

  24. The Editor says:

    I’m ashamed to be part of this news organization.

    Who conducted the poll?
    What were the question?
    Where is a link to the raw data?

    This organization is a shill for Zygi. Shame on us all.

  25. Sanity says:

    When scam artists are trying to rip you off, often they lie.

    That is what the poll is: A big fat stinking lie.

  26. John says:

    Thank You! The people have spoken. Lets now get this done. All the opponents of this have said let the people decide. Well they have. You can know leave this page and fight for the gay marriage bill or global warming. THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN. THIS IS GOING TO GET DONE. SORRY BUT IT IS REALITY. DID YOU REALLY THINK THE VIKINGS WERE NOT GOING TO GET A STADIUM. HAAAAAAAAA!

  27. frankie says:

    Not that I am pro stadium but the anti stadium people are showing about a 4 year old’s intellectual level on their comments

  28. frankie says:

    The anti stadium people really need to brush up on how to make a coherent case for there cause. Facts would be a good thing. As well as knowledge.

    1. weswon says:

      I don’t think the majpority of the Minnesota population is against a new Vikings Stadium. I think the mojority of the Minnesota population is actually in favor of a new Vikings Stadium.



      Now Vikings build it and these stupit posts will cease and I can go out and do something positive instead of reading and responding to this garbage.

  29. Harris Poll says:

    I just took a poll.

    100 percent of people named Zygi Wilf are lying sacks of dog effluence.

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