St. Paul Man To Receive Medal Of Honor

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — A St. Paul man will receive a national honor at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia on Friday.

Last summer, 35 year-old Montel Mixon showed just how brave he is by rescuing a woman from a burning home.

Mixon is one of three people who will receive the Citizen Service Before Self honor, chosen by recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor.

The award is for the courage, sacrifice and selfless actions Mixon took to save the life of Ebony Jones last summer.

Jones’ boyfriend had locked her inside the bathroom, intentionally set the apartment on fire and tried to set her on fire.

Her 10-year-old son ran to Mixon for help.

Mixon ran into the burning four-plex, briefly tussled with the boyfriend, kicked down two doors, and rescued Jones from the bathroom.

Earlier this year, Mixon and Jones’ son were honored by St. Paul Police for their bravery.

Mixon will receive a medal and a certificate during a celebration near the Tomb of the Unknowns at Arlington National Cemetery Friday afternoon.

This honor coincides with National Medal of Honor Day, which is Sunday, March 25.

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  • Eathelbard

    A mensch.

    • missy

      I had to look up what “mensch” meant. Happy to see it is a great compliment.

  • mikeypk

    Your headline is very misleading…he did not receive The Medal of Honor…please change it.

    • Miss Liberty

      really? this is you response to such an awesome story………………..

  • missy

    I thought it was military too til I read the article! Anyway, this man is a hero. My eyes welled up with tears when I read the article. He can go to sleep each night and know that he bravely saved a life, putting himself at great risk in the process. Also, the son will remember this day for the rest of his life, and know that real men protect, sacrifice and serve.

  • red

    what wonderful story-

  • Semper Fi

    A real hero for once. Good job!

  • Jess

    Great story, very heart warming.

  • do do

    Mixson should be very proud of himself……finally a real man steps forward….

    • Kevin

      “Finally a real man steps forward”? Really? What does that mean?

      • red

        it certainly isn’t you with all your constant dumb comments

        • Miss Liberty

          right on Red!

      • Miss Liberty

        what words dont you understand? Real Man? or Step forward? or maybe the word “Finally”?

  • Miss Liberty

    Big shout out to Ms Jone’s 10 year old son for being “strong” enough to act on this horrible situation…….his act made it so his mother was not another statistic.
    Mr. Mixon………great job! You deserve the recognition your are receiving!

  • angus

    Two items:
    1. It is not the Medal of Honor

    2. It is not the Congressional Medal of Honor. Correctly it is the Medal of Honor.
    Congressional is not part of the name.

    About standard for being accurate at WCCO these days

  • you deserve a medal

    You are a hero Montel!!!

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