BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. (WCCO) – Getting shot at in Nigeria wasn’t the type of story a Brooklyn Park couple thought they’d tell after returning from a church mission trip.

Dan and Tina Gibbs returned Friday from a two-week trip to Nigeria, where they visited a HIV and AIDS advocacy center. They were on the way to the airport when a gunman opened fire on their van.

“I remember someone saying ‘Duck,’ so that’s when I kind of launched sideways,” Tina Gibbs said.

What they initially thought was a military check-point was actually a group of bandits firing an AK-47.

“The missionary, said, ‘Has anyone been hit?’ and that’s when I kind of assessed and thought, ‘Oh, the burning on my leg…I could have been hit,'” Tina Gibbs said.

One of at least four bullets fired went through the side of Tina Gibbs’ leg.

Locals assisted the couple before they could reach a nearby hospital. And while Tina Gibbs did suffer a hit, the wound is not enough to stop the couple from returning.

The Gibbs were back at Edinbrook Church Sunday morning. During the service, the pastor used their experience to teach a lesson: We will not fear.

The Gibbs say despite this incident, they plan to go back to Nigeria.

“We just met a lot of very nice people, and one of ‘em that wasn’t so nice,” Dan Gibbs said.

Tina Gibbs said the experience confirmed to her that God was calling the Gibbs to Nigeria.

The couple said they believe the shooting was an isolated incident. They say they hope their experience doesn’t deter others from traveling on mission trips.

Comments (7)
  1. Sue says:

    @ little bango Hows that anger class working out for you?

  2. Marcus Bachmann ' says:

    I can heal ya man …. why be so surly and nasty?
    I mean .. ya’ll like to just kill for the sake of killing? that your brand of religion?the states had them white hooded freaks called the triple K’s…you got your rag headed freaks. maybe meet on some island and dance together -that work?

  3. details says:

    What are they doing meddling over there anyhow, couldn’t find anyone over here to help? People like that are just out looking for a cheap adventure vacation on the church dime.

  4. just sayin says:

    God was calling them to Nigeria?
    Are you frikkin kidding me?

    People and their delusional minds…………. I can see her future with dementia.

  5. message to Bango says:

    I agree how is that anger class doing Bango? It actually takes more faith for you to believe that life just happens and we come from nothing than it does to take the bible at it’s word and believe that salvation came out of a Virgin birth. This couple is serving in Nigeria because of their personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You might want to investigate the claims of Christ by reading the bible before you make a naive decision. Wouldn’t wnat you to wake up on the other side of life with the reality that you made a horrible decision that has eternal consequences.

  6. Kevin says:

    I find this story hard to believe! I know many Nigerians and they are all the sweetest…..kindest…..loving people I know…..not a criminal soul among them…..not an ounce of violence to be found…..this story is just bs….

  7. Lee says:

    These shoes are These shoes are different. The kind you inmteoned got away from me. I should view this vid again. it’s 4:22 pm Thursday July 10, 2008, and your e-mail just came (I’ll check it later). See you on the CBS Evening News. -Bill

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