3 Months Later, Police No Closer to Finding 3-Year-Old’s Killer

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Monday marked the three-month anniversary of the shooting that killed a 3-year-old boy in north Minneapolis, but police say they are no closer to finding the person who fired the fatal shot.

Terrell Mayes Jr. suffered a gunshot wound in the head as he was going up the stairs inside his home the day after Christmas. Investigators say they believe the bullet came from a nearby alley. The bullet penetrated the wall of the home before striking Terrell. He died the next day.

Minneapolis Police Sgt. Stephen McCarty says they are still counting on someone coming forward with the information they need.

“We sure hope and pray that they’ll call and give us whatever information they have so we can try and solve this horrific crime,” McCarty said.

A $10,000 reward is offered in the case.

“Beyond the monetary rewards that are being offered, I would like to think that somebody’s conscience would get to them and they would feel compelled to help us.” McCarty said.

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  • Jim

    find the gun that was used and you will find the killer

  • Kevin

    If Obama had a son…he would look like Terell……..

  • Sketchr

    So, why hasn’t Obama weighed in on this little boys death?

    • NoTaxPayerFunding

      Because not enough of those sucking on the teet of welfare, who also hold a votering card, cared. Simple as that. The taxpayers can be stuck with building a purple palace, but can’t seem to find the killer of a sweet little boy.

  • solarhoilday

    It’s sad that these people have no way to regulate themselves and take care of their own community, and when we are forced to intervene in their community, we’re called racist.

  • Kevin

    Will there be a protest at the U of M for this child? I guess black on black crime is ok. But hspanic on black crime will not be tolerated!!!!!

  • Kevin


    The babys mommy should trademark his name too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jackactionhero

    Id snitch in a minute..about anything..or anybody..i tattle on guys at work about all kinds of petty stuff..it’s what i do!

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