BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (WCCO) — There’s a new restaurant and bar at Mall of America that is chasing the nice right out of Minnesota.

It’s called Dick’s Last Resort — and its made its name by being rude to customers. But it’s not stopping people from coming back for more.

According to Dick’s, they’re all about having a good time.

“It’s having fun with each other and having fun about each other,” said Jerry Grim, general manager. “Sometimes it gets a little personal.”

Call it service, with sarcasm.

“My name is Jen G. I put the F-U in fun and the beauty in beautiful here. But I do have one rule. Don’t ask stupid questions,” said one entertainer.

The bar and restaurant fills the former Planet Hollywood space at Mall of America, which was vacant for 10 years. Until now.

The servers are entertainers, trained to bring the rude.

Plan on bringing your kids? No worries, they scale their sarcasm based on customers’ reactions.

With locations in Boston, Dallas and Las Vegas does a restaurant found on abrassive have a place in Minnesota, the land of nice?

“They’re loving it,” Grim said.

Dick’s Last Resort serves southern comfort fare like ribs, honey glazed chicken and catfish.

They also have a stage where live acts play music Friday and Saturday nights.

For more information, visit their website.

Comments (19)
  1. From Elsewhere says:

    What a stupid concept for stupid people, but typical for what people are used to here in Minnesota, or at least the MetroMess.

    1. DR says:

      This place is full of sarcasm and wit, so stupid people would not catch on. I don’t think this would be a place for you, but if you do decide to go, bring a witty friend for I would hate to see someone like yourself go into a battle of wits unarmed.

  2. MPLSGuy says:

    What a stupid comment to make – this is in no way “typical” of what people want in the Metro. Nobody in Minneapolis cares what new restaurants will be the next big failures at the Mall of America – becasue nobody from Minneapolis goes to that tourist trap hell of a mall. We leave that to all of you out of towners who have big scary misconceptions about what life is actaully like in the city. But I don’t care becasue it keeps the ignorant folks like you out of my beautiful city.

    1. Pumphandle says:

      I spend more time everywhere else in the state than Minneapolis, solely because other than Target Field what am i missing? Oh the Arts lol, who gives a $hit about downtown, why on earth would I want to live there, I like to play ball in my yard or goof around with a bunch of friends who don’t need to look for places to park they can park for free all night in front of my house in the Burbs.

  3. Gordon Ramsey says:

    What does the food taste like?

    Oh yeah, this is Minnesota, it doesn’t matter.

    1. Pumphandle says:

      Het Gordon don’t you have a restaraunt to go close, great show Kitchen Nightmares, only 21% of those rest. have remained open.

  4. Ronnie Reagan says:

    I don’t get it? How is this place any different than any other place??

  5. desert eagle .50 says:

    Who did they use as a consultant for the rude and unspecific?


  6. Richard in Minneapolis says:

    At last, a restaurant for all us Don Rickles fans!

  7. Paul says:

    If I wanted to go to a restaurant where people are paid to be rude to you, I’d just go to Perkins.

  8. Bob Mofffitt says:

    Sounds a bit like the old Stand Up Frank’s bar in North Minneapolis. It’s a Zombie joint now.

  9. its a restaurant people..... says:

    I went to the one in Chicago and it was a blast.. lol

    1. Enjoy says:

      Been there too. One of, check that……”THE” funnest restuarant I’ve ever been to. And a great blues band played that night too.

  10. KS says:

    We went here a few days after they opened. Food was pretty decent and our waiter was great. Bring your sense of humor though and just enjoy it for what it is supposed to be – a fun time out. Joke back with them. My husband actually made the waiter stop and sputter a few times with his comebacks.

  11. fun times says:

    We went to one like this at Disney World. My 12 year old daughter had to go stand in the corner because she put her elbows on the table. She loved it!! So then the waiter kept heaping praise on her younger brother as the “favorite”. It was awesome. If you don’t have a sense of humor though you shouldn’t go.

  12. story of my life says:

    I thought for a brief second it was going to be about my marriage.

  13. JT (owner of Sarcasm 'R' Us) says:

    There is a place VERY similar to this in downtown Chicago called Ed Dbevics with a 50’s diner atmosphere. First time my husband took me there on vacation I was offered a job on the spot.

    We don’t go to the mall often living up north but this one will be worth a trip down soon!

  14. haleysname says:

    Stopped in a few months back ( We’re from Duluth) and it was really fun! Our waitress was fun and I actually really enjoyed the food. It was my husband two friends and myself and it was nice because it’s always the four of us, and there wasn’t a lull in conversation. Lots of things to look at and discuss, as well as trying to read everyone’s paper hats.

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