Man Charged With Squeezing Newborn, Cracking Bones

SANDSTONE, Minn. (WCCO) — A 20-year-old man is accused of squeezing his 7-week-old daughter hard enough to fracture at least 21 bones.

William Robert Olsen, of Sandstone, was arrested charged with four counts of first-degree assault and malicious punishment of a child.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim’s parents brought her into the emergency room on March 22 after they noticed she was not moving her arm and that one of her legs looked larger than the other. She also appeared to be in significant pain.

The girl’s parents denied that she fell.

Doctors noted that she had a number of fractures and transported her to the University of Minnesota Hospital. There, it was determined she had suffered up to 21 fractures with an addition 5 possible fractures in, among other locations, her ribs, left arm, both legs as well as her skull.

The child required emergency surgery and doctors say she may suffer permanent disfigurement due to the extent of her injuries.

Upon questioning by police, Olsen admitted that he had squeezed his daughters arm because she was crying. Police said he began crying and admitted he “just squeezed too much.” He then admitted to police that he had also squeezed or twisted the child’s arms and legs other times.

He claimed he did not know he was doing damage, the complaint says, and he said he was only trying to get his daughter to be quiet so he could sleep.

If convicted, Olsen faces up to 20 years in prison on each assault charge, 10 years for malicious punishment of a child and/or 5 years in prison for the second count of malicious punishment.

  • Craig

    I am speechless…….

    • Couldn't be sadder :-(

      …..agree agree agree.
      Just devastating…..
      Sending prayers.

  • A Minneapolis Resident

    Why would squeezing her make her quiet? I just dont understand the evil in the world…..

    • jackactionhero

      This idiot has an IQ of about 75…

      This guy makes Forrest Gump look like Stephen Hawking.

    • Chelo

      Hello, you used to write great, but the last few posts have been kinda boringc2a1K I miss your super rngtiwis. Past few posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  • 123

    You feel like a big bad man, picking on a defenseless tiny human being? I can bet the mother is no smarter and will stay with him. Take this child away from both of them forever! People make me want to vomit.

    • summergirl

      she is presently trying to sell her belongings to get him out of jail. ridiculous. saying that the news got it all wrong. he should be put away forever. she should never be allowed to be a parent again.

      • jackactionhero

        “she should never be allowed to be a parent again.”

        How do you suggest enforcing this? Not that I disagree or anything. Just curious.

      • Scott

        Yes summergirl! I totally agree!

  • Sheila

    This “man” should be ordered to get a vasectomy and not be allowed around children EVER!!!!!!

    • jackactionhero

      LOL I understand the source of the emotion in your comment, but how do you order someone to get a vasectomy???

      • Real Talk

        Change the laws. Cant courts make certain sex offenders under go a chemical castration?

        Just lower the bar….now along with the worst sex offenders, we include neglectful & abusive parents.

        As a society, we have the ability to set the bar and change laws. We just need to lower our tollerance of this type of crime.

        • jackactionhero

          I couldn’t agree more. Can’t we lower our tolerance all the way to the death penalty? People who hurt children are the lowest of the low, and to treat them as human beings is wrong in my opinion.

  • Dinah

    A life sentence would be more fitting since she may not have one!!

  • old mort

    He’ll do time (lots of it) and the other cons will get revenge for that tiny little girl. So be it!

  • christine

    This story turns my stomach and brings tears to my eyes. I hope when he goes to prison the men there squeeze and twist his arms and legs until they break…you know, so he won’t cry

  • Get er done!

    Now you are talking. Just take him out back, tie him to a tree. Simply disgusting.

    • jackactionhero

      Now THIS is what should really happen. I would suggest doing the tying on as high a branch as possible.

  • Sameoldthing

    “Malicious Punishment”??? Does anyone punish a 7 week year old? This is pure abuse and possibly even attempted murder, not malicous punishment.

  • Gdon221

    That’s what should happen. But some defense lawyer will get a hold of this one and claim he was squeezed as a young child and therefore didn’t know what he was doing . . . and get him off.

    I do hope that what goes around comes around, and he get his.

  • Jennifer

    Absolutely friggen horrible!!!!

  • wend

    He may get away with it, but let him defend himself like he did in front of the Most High Judge! He will get what’s coming to him!

    • jackactionhero

      Actually, if you want to punish someone, you have to do it while they’re alive. No magician in the clouds is going to hurt him after he dies.

      • jonjon

        Um hello there is a person in the clouds called God whose sun is Jesus who died for you so that you and me can go to heaven and he is no magician!!!!!
        also if this guy were to repent and ask God to forgive him and live an honest man for the rest of hid life he would go be in heaven for eternity.

  • sister

    this 7 week old child is my neice. her father in my eyes is a monster. her mother is no better letting it happen. they should both be in prison.

    • thinking of your little neice

      @sister, we hear these stories at least once a week. I agree they should both be in prison.

      • Melysa

        @Sister…I am so sorry for your niece. Who has the child now? Is there anything your family needs? Please email me.

    • Praying for this poor baby

      I am so sorry that your neice had to go through this and has to live with this for the rest of her inocent life I hope that you or a family member that is going to protect her gets her and keeps her from these evil monsters!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with this poor baby girl!!! :(

    • jonjon


    • mn mom

      @ sister. Work with the courts and with the social services to keep this baby AWAY from her parents. The county needs willing and able and capable people to step forward and testify against these sorts of family members. Advocate for this baby- she has no voice!

    • mom of 5

      Yes they both should be there. I know the mom. when a friend called her the mom was going to take him back. It kills me that she is not even thinking about the child.

    • Scott

      Sorry sister…:( I wish i had 5 minutes with the dude! That’s all it would take!

    • perplexed

      your her sister. How many times did you care for or see this baby that you did not notice that there was something wrong? people in glass houses should not throw stones!

  • Jason

    Poor excuse of a father. Jerk, your supposed to protect your children/family.

  • schoolmate

    t went to school with this kid and i didnt think he would turn out this way.

  • angrymom

    and where was the mother when all this was happening? How could she not see that something serious was wrong with her baby? She should be held accountable also. Judges need to hand out sentences that match the crimes…do the same to his limbs and then save the biggest “squeeze” for his testicles so he can never do this to another innocent child!

    • mn mom

      I’m an angry mom too. I agree! We need to voice our anger and let the judges and the prosecuting attorneys know that we won’t stand for children being battered and abused. This baby needs to be permanently removed!

      • jonjon

        i am pretty sure the baby will never ever ever have contact with them again

  • Saddened

    How about teaching our young people how to parent. Teaching them what it is really like to be a parent. Billy IS a nice young man. Frustration and desperation get the best of people. He will have to live with what he has done, that is, to a kids like this, a horrible and life long punishment. It is easy to damn someone to hell when we have never been in their shoes. May he stand in front of self and God and his little girl and pay penance, not here to a bunch of strangers.

    • jackactionhero

      “May he stand in front of self and God and his little girl and pay penance, not here to a bunch of strangers”

      Let him stand in front of a firing squad and pay what he owes.

    • You all are no better

      Amen to that.

    • Niki

      As parents we have all felt frustration and been sleep deprived. Does this mean we should all be excused in hurting or killing our children! Hell no!!!!!!!! If you don’t know how to be a parent, or have no clue that the child will keep you up all hours of the night crying then you have no business being a parent! This baby girl deserves much better then the “family” she was born into. 20 is not that young, not all young people hurt their children. It may have to do with education but I’m guessing it has more to do with immaturity. Any parent has been frustrated and sleep deprived, so we have been in his shoes…and we didn’t hurt our babies!!!!!!!

    • mom

      are you kidding a nice young man doesn’t do something this horrific to any child. No parent knows what they are getting into when they have a child because each child is an individual and reacts differently than another child might. If he wasn’t ready to deal with the crying and not being able to sleep when he wants to he should have thought about that before he decided to have sex and creat a child. As a parent of 5 kids I realize you get frustrated and yes there are times when you feel so exhausted and at your wits end you wonder what you can possibly do to help your child, but never in all my years of parenting have I even thought of harming my child in any way. My husband and I were only in our mid 20s when we had our 1st child and he was an only child and never had been around babies but he was and is the best dad in the world. He didnt need to be “taught” that when our son cried it was because he needed something from him, or that there was something wrong with him, my husband realized that out of common sense. Seriously if this monster thought hurting a child would make the child stop crying because no one told him differently he should be forced into seralization because obviously this person has no common sense

    • PFred

      How can you even consider him a “NICE” young man!??? In what world do nice young men do this to defenseless little babies!? ANYONE, whether they’ve had parental training or not knows that hurting a child is just wrong and inexcusable! Both parents need to be put away, him for being an abusive sicko and her for just being stupid and allowing it to keep happening and then to forgive him and act like nothing even happened. Child Protection needs to take this child away and keep her as far away from them as humanly possible. I pray she grows up in a normal family and that she heals physically and there are no emotional scares that follow her through her lifetime. @sister – if you are as caring as you sound, you will speak in court and try to get them to see your point and that neither one of them is fit to be a parent to her or any other child. Too bad stupidity isn’t a convictable crime!

  • just sayin

    We should squeeze his head till we hear it crack.

  • You all are no better

    Where is the compassion in the world today. I’ve worked with children/adolescents from abusive homes my entire career. This doesn’t happen in a vacuum nor is “pure evil.” Obviously, this is a horrible situation. But, as intelligent and caring humans, can we go beyond condemning this man and collectively trying to prevent this tragedy from occurring again?
    By asking to sentence this man to the same treatment, you are not better than him.

    • mn mom

      No. There is no excuse on earth for what he did.

      WHere was his compassion for his own child?

      • You all are no better

        No, there is no excuse, but there are causes and reasons. No, hie did not display compassion for his defenseless child. But, does that mean we do not show compassion for him? Do you think this man was just fine one day and did this? No. Does it make us any better to wish the same horrible event to him? No. Does he need to be put away or treated so no other harm comes to anyone? Yes. Do we in society need to focus on prevention instead of punishment. Bingo.

        • jackactionhero

          How do you think you can prevent a psycho from hurting his own child, you absolute buffoon???? You are so naive it is absolutely unreal.

        • mn mom

          No he does not deserve compassion. He needs to be punished. This child was brutilized. It was no accident or miscalculations. It was torture.

      • jonjon

        maybe he ain’t go no compassion

    • jackactionhero

      Maybe we should just forgive him and let him go home. After all, this has probably been stressful for him. Right?

      • Ignorance

        no. Of course not and that is not what I am saying. But, is an eye for an eye the way we want to run our society? Is this not how the Taliban and others decide punishment? I am saying why dwell in the revenge and why not focus on prevention and understanding. Compassion does not mean letting go of the consequence, rather letting go of the shame.

        • jackactionhero

          Yes. I would say it absolutely is, when compared to offering him compassion and understanding.

          I am not interested in the Taliban or what they do for punishments. It is not relevant to me in the least.

          I am only wanting to make sure when someone hurts a child, it’s the last harm-causing event of the abuser’s life.

          • You all are no better

            I agree, when someone hurts a child it should be the last time it happens. I am concerned over the comments of revenge of many of the people. Perhaps that is just anger and frustration. I don’t see people caring about prevention, only punishment. I believe as a society we need to work on the cause of abuse, yet everyone seems so interested in hating.

            • jackactionhero

              Prevention seems to be a non-issue for this particular story, wouldn’t you agree? It’s the punishment phase now, and I don’t mind that I feel anger and I don’t mind that I will feel pleasure at reading about what he is sentenced to for punishment.

              I only wish they would drag him out of the court room after the verdict is read and put a round behind his ear and let him lie there for the crows and ‘yotes to do what comes natural.

              Why do you not feel as though he should be punished swiftly and severely?

              • You all are no better

                Regretfully,, for this man, prevention is too late. Not sure about the Mom…not enough information is given to make a reasonable determination.

                I do not take pleasure in punishment but view it as a necessary aftermath. If you read research articles on crime and abuse, punishment is not the best deterrent, yet we remain so focused on it.

                I agree the man needs to be put away and given treatment so he does not hurt other people. Do I want his eyes gouged out and bones crushed and whatever. Nor did the 7 week old baby.

                But think of him in the moment. Was he thinking of the punishment? No. It was impulsive, born from frustrations, ignorance of how to parent or use coping skills, learned from his past abuse (implied statement,) and perhaps he has FASD or other disorders. Not an excuse at all. Not a reason not to put him in prison.

                But, are we as a people any better when we demand an eye for an eye. Can we live with hose rules ourselves?

                I know people need to vent, but lets go beyond that and work for real change.

                • jackactionhero

                  I am not concerned with a deterrent. Sometimes putting a rabid animal down IS the solution.

                  You keep asking these questions about whether we as a society are ok with killing a human for savage crimes. Yes – we are ok with it.

                  I never thought he WAS thinking of the punishment. But he’s damn sure going to think of it now, isn’t he?

                  I do NOT CARE what disorders this creep has. I DON’T CARE!!!! I do not want him receiving any “treatment” like you are blathering naively about. What do you suggest he be treated for?? You want to give him a completion certificate for an Anger Management class and send him out to work in a daycare?

                  Why are you so limp-wristed about punishing those who victimize others?

    • Niki

      I think the compassion goes out the window when an adult hurts a helpless innocent child. There is nothing this child did to deserve the punishment and nothing she could have done to defend herself. Compassion is not something I have for someone that hurts a life they have been intrusted to protect.

      • Ignorance

        I appreciate your comment and I agree that the baby does not deserve what happened. However, I think compassion is just that…compassion for everyone. In my years of work, I do not know of one single case where the abuser has not suffered abuse. That is not an excuse and punnishment/consequeses are deserved. But, we need to start understanding what makes a person abuse and another not abuse.

        • Niki

          I agree. But it seems to be used as more of an excuse than anything. Just because you have been abused does not justify you to then reenact that pain on someone else. And just because someone has been abused does not mean they will also abuse. I am a compassionate and loving person…not ignorant. Being angry with someone who has abused a child does not make me a mean person. In my years of work I have advocated for these young quiet voices of children that often go unheard. The cycle of abuse does not have to be repeated, but help needs to be offered as a preventative manner and not as clean up after the fact.

    • mn mom

      No. There is no excuse on earth for what he did.

  • Bill

    Eye for an Eye sounds good to me! Just might be what this country needs!

    • You all are no better

      Bill, that is your right. But it is not American or Democratic. And I hope you are prepared to live by the rules when they apply to you,.

      • jackactionhero

        “And I hope you are prepared to live by the rules when they apply to you,”

        If I ever become a baby killer, I will expect to be hunted down and killed for my crimes. Again, I don’t see the problem with a harsh and cruel punishment for a crime of this nature.

        • You all are no better

          Because we are civilized. We are put on the same level as this man if we demand what he did do his child. Punishment doesn’t deter crime as effective as other methods.

          Think about living with the rules as an eye for an eye less literal as in baby killer. Not many people do this kind of thing to a baby – Thank God.

          Think – do you want compassion and forgiveness for the things you do wrong or do you want someone to do the same to you. Always? Never? A chance to redeem? Think of other examples, not this way which is so extreme.

          • jackactionhero

            I do not want compassion or forgiveness meted out to this man.

            There IS NO redemption. We all get one pass through this life on this planet, and he ruined someone else’s for no reason. That is why he should be made to forfeit his own journey.

            I am not concerned with deterring people from squeezing a baby to death, because simply put, there is no deterrent. You either have it in you to snuff out the life of a child, or you do not. Which are you?

            • You all are no better

              If all you care about is retribution, that you can not care about the baby or the next baby or the next baby. Until we address deterrents that work, treatment that works , prevention.and compassion as a society, it will continue to happen.

              • jackactionhero

                You need to read this and understand something through your childish naivete:

                There IS NO DETERRENT… When will you get this? There is nothing you could have said to this moron 6 months ago that would have stopped this event. Understand that.

                • jackactionhero

                  “I have seen prevention work with these kids.”

                  There is no plausible way for you to state that until their life is over and can be analyzed.

                  That makes you a liar.

                • You all are no better

                  I am sorry, but I will have to disagree. I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who have spend 15 years working with children/adolescents who have experienced multiple trauma. I have seen prevention work with these kids.

                  Maybe nothing could have been done with this particular case – I have no idea and things do happen. However, treatment does work.

      • jackactionhero

        It absolutely is, and to say it isn’t is ignorant of history. Remember when the British told the American Colonies that they were subject to taxation from the Crown of England, and they sent the British Regulars to enforce it?

        Remember what the Americans did? They killed them. That’s about as American as it gets right there.

        • You all are no better

          America is founded on innocent before guilty. Swift and fair punishment. No where in America do you chop someone’s hand off for stealing. The closes an eye for an eye comes is in capital punishment and that does not deter crime. Nor is is a true eye for an eye.
          Early settlers went to war with England….that is different.

          • jackactionhero

            “The closes an eye for an eye comes is in capital punishment and that does not deter crime.”

            There is no deterrent. You don’t snuff their lives out to stop the next guy. You do it to stop the current guy.

  • Julie

    7 weeks old???!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    That poor poor poor lil babylet… precious kidlet… please heal and be ok.
    (Senseless things like this upset the heck out of me. Babies are soooooo fragile and wonderful… all a baby can do to communicate the pain of hunger or the uncomfortableness of a soiled diaper IS CRY!!!)

    This makes me cry for that poor little baby.

  • Trent

    I would like to get some donations going to help with the care of the child any suggestions feel free to email me thanks and also have a prayer circle going for her and the mother cause they both need it

    • jackactionhero

      Who will be put in charge of monitoring these donations? The mother? She’ll use them to bail out the perpetrator of the crimes.

      Why are you putting the mother in a prayer circle? She’s part of the reason this child was tortured.

      Did you even bother reading the article??

      • Julie

        Don’t villify the mother until you know ALL the details.
        She (and the ape) brought the baby to the ER.
        She (the mother) denied the child fell, and then the ape (I refuse to call him a father) admitted to hurting that poor baby.

        He was alone with the child, trying to sleep.
        Mom was probably working a 2nd or 3rd shift job
        Either way, he was the charged one, the mother has not been charged.

        Don’t villify the mother until all the facts are known.
        If she had no idea because she was working, how could she be held accountable for the ape’s actions?

        • hunnybear18

          If you’re going to look the other way or defend the perpetrator, you might as well take a swing yourself.

          There is not a mother alive who doesn’t know when her child is being hurt. They just differ on what they choose to do about it.

        • jackactionhero

          “Mom was probably working a 2nd or 3rd shift job”

          Probably? How can you say that? Because that’s what you hope?

          The mother is currently selling her possessions to get her love out of jail. Are you ready to villify her yet?

        • Fedup MN Girl

          neither of these low life’s work. SO she wasn’t working any 2nd or 3rd shift. They were probably playing Xbox though… they are on welfare and county assistance, but have money for a 42″ tv & Xbox and games. Please!!! Little baby girl will be much better off away from these two. How could NOBODY have noticed how horribly broken this poor baby was. She’s a super hero in my mind… little fighter!

    • mn mom

      The mother of the baby is more worried about trying to post bail, then how her baby is. Don’t waste your prayers on the “mother”, save them for this baby and that she gets permanently removed from this home- there are many people waiting for adoption-

  • Kim

    “.. trying to get his daughter to be quiet so he could sleep” ???? What?!! Was he home alone with her? This vermin needs to never never never be alone with a child again.

  • desert eagle .50

    Send him to the Supermax prison in CO. 23 hours a day in a cell. No view. Tiny window. We need more prisons like these, instead of gen pop where the inmates run the program, have their own economy, give tattoos, have CD players…..

  • You all are no better

    If all you care about is retribution, that you can not care about the baby or the next baby or the next baby. Until we address deterrents that work, treatment that works prevention.and compassion as a society, it will continue to happen.

    We need to continue to be a civilized society if we want a civilized society.

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