Lawmakers Debate Ticket Scalping Bill At Capitol

ST. PAUL (WCCO) — The Minnesota legislature is wading into a national debate that many concert goers are already having: Should you be allowed to sell your Bruce Springsteen tickets for a profit?

The fight really boils down to that one thing — money.

Some local venues and promoters want to set aside tickets that are safe from scalpers and cannot easily be re-sold. That violates a Minnesota’s scalping laws, however.

Within seconds after Springsteen tickets go on sale, computer bot programs buy them up. Minutes later, they’re on eBay for thousands of dollars.

From Springsteen, Miley Cyrus and even the World Series, it’s getting harder and harder for real people to get tickets for big events.

Minnesota lawmakers say that’s the free market. That’s why the House passed a measure protecting ticket buyers who might give away or re-sell their tickets without restrictions.

“Where else can you go out and buy a product and have somebody else, have the seller dictate to you the terms of that product? The seller is going to have authority over what you do with the product that you have rightfully purchased or rented,” said Rep. Pat Garofalo (R-Farmington).

However, with ticket prices for Miley Cyrus a couple of years ago selling on eBay for north of $3,000, a lot of lawmakers are worried.

Local promoters, from the Minnesota Twins to the concert venue Xcel Energy Center, say Minnesota consumers are getting frozen out.

This bill won’t change that.

“I want you to ask yourself: Is this bill gonna make it easier for a consumer to get a ticket at face value? And I think you’ll find the answer to that question is no,” said Rep. Kurt Daudt (R-Crown).

Many concert and sports venues are requiring ticket buyers to show IDs with their tickets to prove they bought them. But that makes it difficult for parents who bought Justin Bieber tickets for their kids.

This bill also requires venues to offer transferrable tickets, but it does not substantially change the way we buy tickets right now.

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  • Rasputin

    “The fight really boils down to that one thing — money.”

    Well duh.

    Everything from gay marriage to the stadium to the right to work law is about money.

    • food guru

      I like scalloped taters.

    • stop the madness

      No, I apologize but being gay and wanting to finally be equal is not about money, not the way you put it. Nice try for a slam.

      Equality is about living the Constitution as we are made, with inalienable rights as endowed by our Creator.

      “…with liberty and justice for ALL.” Really, my relationship is about love and being able to have the American dream, maybe a family too. Adoption is a wonderful thing and those children should not be made second class.

      Now, back to the conversation at hand…

      • morgan

        I respectfully disagree that gay marriage isn’t for money. They want the benefits that are afforded to married people and 95% of them are monetary.

        Sure other things come with it like being able to say pull the plug on your spouse.

  • Steve

    We should just blow up the Nation and start over…the Founder’s were either fool’s or have been misinterpreted….either way…we are no longer the UNITED States…we are racist…ignorant…me…me…me…people..and should be ashamed of ourselves for letting this happen…!

  • Randall

    what an idiot!
    “Where else can you go out and buy a product and have somebody else, have the seller dictate to you the terms of that product? The seller is going to have authority over what you do with the product that you have rightfully purchased or rented?”
    umm try any retail store where you buy books, dvds, cd’s and pc software. they restrict your purchase rights to the 9’s. he’s either misinformed or a hypocrite.

    • Uncle Rico

      My thought to that quote was “um, everywhere!” Brilliant remark.

  • stop the madness

    I will go out of my way, to be at the venue to buy my tickets as I continue year after year to protest against scalping those practices.

    As long as people buy at inflated prices, capitalism wins out. So I wil do without if ncessesary. If nobody was willing to pay, it would end today.

    Really, you should be investing in your future rather than giving your money away.

  • HWG

    The allowance of ticket scalping is one of the worst decisions the state has ever made. I use to enjoy going to an occasional concert but now you cannot get a ticket except on the sides or behind the stage. If you look on line they are 3 to 4 times the face value and I will not pay that. who are the people empowering these scalpers and paying these prices. If you stop they would loose their investment and the problem would be solved.

    • Huh

      Ticket resale is fine. you bought it, you should be able to do with it what you please. However the issue is really a level playing field with the initial purchase of tickets. Your average consumer doesn’t stand a chance against ticket brokers and robo-purchasing. In truth the most equitable system is the old one – buying tickets in person from a ticket outlet.

      • Kevin

        Yeah .. back in the good old days, the scalpers used to have to hire gangs of people to stand in the front of the line to buy up everything and you REALLY didn’t have a chance. Now at least you can get some of the good ones slipped through via online sales.

        You should be able to sell personally purchased tickets, but they have to eliminate the brokers. It doesn’t sound like what they proposed will do that.

    • Randall

      people are too weak. they can’t do without anything they want to take a stand.

  • hunnybear18

    But the way the laws are written it also affects things like the guy who finds out he can’t go and decides to dump his tickets on Ebay instead of wasting them.

  • t

    Robo ticket buying should be banned. As long as a consumer can get a ticket on par with a scalper I have no issues with scalping.

  • angelcarver

    they should not be making a profit on selling already bought tickets and all that.

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