Grandfather Located, Boy And Father Still Missing

ST. LOUIS COUNTY (WCCO) — Ever since a crime alert was issued for 7-year-old Wyatt Nordrum Tuesday afternoon, police had been looking for the boy, his father and his grandfather.

Now the grandfather has been located but the search continues for young Wyatt and his 41-year-old father, James Nordrum Jr.

The father has a history of mental issues and reportedly has threatened to harm his son if he were to lose custody.

Tuesday’s alert was issued after the father failed to return the boy to St. Louis County Court. The county said there was a hearing scheduled over the custody issue.

Authorities said Nordrum Sr. was not being cooperative with them.

Nordrum Jr. is described as 5-foot-6, 225 pounds with brown hair and eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact law enforcement immediately.

  • Rockford

    The guy has many criminal offenses, brass knuckles, meth, assault…. No wonder he didn’t get custody.

  • Truth is tough

    I “get” the anger over custody, especially when you really get the short stick BUT that never carries over to a child or even the ex-spouse. You play that game you deserve the worst that fate can hand out.
    This dude sounds like a mess – “harm the kid” …. man, get him back where he belongs before someone, rightfully, does you serious harm

  • Special

    Did no one think supervised visits were appropriate?

    • OMG

      May have been the case but we don’t have the facts of it all either.
      I’ve known of a couple of “supervised” visit caases where it never should have been ….. really bs accusations and charges and later proven to be just that.
      This sounds like a threat made — but before or after or factual are unclear. To me at least.
      If the first poster above was right — and he wasn’t working a program, supervised may have been the answer.
      What the role the GF has in this?

  • Me wonders

    whats gramps part in this – covering for kid?

  • Sam I am

    Lock up Grandpa until he talks. Accessory to kidnapping.

    • ChiggerChaser

      They better be ripping this SOB grandpappys nails off by now to get to the truth… f this dirtballs rights when it comes to a kid.

  • Mad dog

    I hope this boy gets home safe.

  • Suzi N.

    What I don’t understand is why he was ever allowed any visitation. “The father has a history of mental issues and reportedly has threatened to harm his son if he were to lose custody.” The original story stated that police believe that the boy was not in immediate danger. What? Really? People who love their children would never harm them – custody issues or not. What this guy has is power issues. If he can’t have his son – no one can. Poor kid.

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