MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 23-year-old registered sex offender has been charged with criminal sexual conduct after police say he re-offended at a bus stop.

According to police, a woman reported that she was approached by a man around 1:40 a.m., later identified as Anthony Legrette Farrar, who touched her buttocks before walking away while she was waiting for a Metro Transit bus at 4th and Chicago.

The woman said after she boarded the bus, Farrar got on after her. She said he then moved seats while on the bus to sit closer to her.

When she arrived at her stop near the 2400 block of Delaware SE, she said Farrar followed her off the bus, grabbed her, dragged her between two residences and fondled her.

She said during the assault, he climbed on top of her and put his hand over her mouth. She was eventually able to scream for help, which alerted nearby residents. At that point, Farrar fled on foot.

Investigators conducted interviews and obtained video surveillance, which led them to identify Farrar. He was charged with fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office.

Farrar is currently at the Hennepin County Jail.

He was arrested and charged in an alleged similar case last August in Roseville. In that incident, Farrar was accused of following a woman home, approaching her at the front entry of her apartment building and pushing her down on the steps. The woman said he then climbed on top of her and sexually assaulted her, according to a criminal complaint.

A witness in the building saw the assault in progress and confronted Farrar, who fled the scene.

He was later arrested, but claimed the woman seduced him and pulled him on top of her.

Another woman told police Farrar had also approached her that same evening in August and made sexual advances towards her.

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  1. Truth is tough says:

    They say a sex perv, as a group, rarely ever get thir heads straight…it’s becoming apparent they dead on with that.
    Or – is it a matter of we never hear of the success stories as there is no reason to report them?
    Not sure … but this dude seem to be a bad dude. Period

    1. English is tough says:

      You’re point would be valid, except that it’s based in generalities. It’s also very difficult to read.

      1. English must be tough for you says:

        You’re vs. Your… look it up.

  2. Hmmm says:

    Somebody please come on here and tell me how the horrible conditions we asked this man to live under after his release were cruel, unusual and unnecessary. How we were just mean and judgmental for calling him a monster.

    Also how one more circle session of talking about how he didn’t get enough warm fuzzies would stopped him from being a predator. How our super efficient treatment system normally works.

    It’s much easier than admitting that treatment doesn’t work, and that perhaps dangerous predators really do just belong locked up.

    1. Dave says:

      Locked up? I’d rather have my tax dollars spent on their execution.

      1. Big Bear says:

        This will happen only after a military coup when the soldiers are in charge and the lawyers are banned from military tribunals.

  3. hunnybear18 says:

    Doesn’t look like he’s a Level III. Which means he didn’t have a whole lot of conditions. Nice rating system.

    1. Niki says:

      What does a level 3 look like? And even if he was a level three but done with his parole then there are no conditions. While on parole their are conditions or supervised released.

      1. hunnybear18 says:

        Level III’s are monitored more closely and can actually have their monitoring extended beyond prison sentence.

        Also, what I meant by “didn’t look like” was that he was not on Level III website. Obviously he should have been a Level III. He couldn’t be trusted. It also says he is still registered, which is typically part of the sentence.

        1. Niki says:

          Sex offenders generally have to register for 10 years after they are released from prison, and can be required to register for life if the court deems it necessary. Level 2 sex offenders still have to register but their registry isn’t made public. I don’t know about level 1’s. Regardless, this guy shouldn’t have been out on the street with the opprotunity to victimize more women.

          1. hunnybear18 says:

            WI shows them all publically, and amazingly enough the angry mobs haven’t rounded any of them up, which bleeding heart sympathizers would have us believe would happen here.

            Level II’s should be public. Save Level I for the teenage boy who sleeps with his younger girlfriend, the story some folks would have us believe applies for to all sex offenders. I think they make them Level II’s to save themselves hassle sometimes.

          2. the daily funny says:

            Check your facts, Niki – SO registration varies mainly by level but also by other factors. Probation requirements also vary by the nature of the offense. All levels have notification – it’s just to varying degrees. Levels are also assigned by risk to re-offend. However, these offenders are very skilled at manipulation and so discerning fact from fiction is not always easy.

            1. hunnybear18 says:

              Especially when you can walk with the 80 days served before your plea agreement and probation on your first offense like this joker did. No wonder he reoffended.

            2. Niki says:

              I know way more about this subject then I would care to. So yes I’m aware that there are other factors that come into play. I was simply stating that Level three sex offenders are the only one’s whos information is made public when they move due to their registration requirements and limitations. I agree that more than just level 3 SO information should be made public. And it’s amazing how much people are willing to lie and manipulate concerning their life and their past.

  4. OMG says:

    Not all these dudes are forever bad apples, some got a label for pretty limp convictions even. Like sex with an underage who sometimes lived/acted like a 20 year old, etc
    Not all deserve to have the junk sliced and diced.
    That said – there are many who should be handled in a different manner than most.
    Guess one never knows who-what-where sometimes.
    This story reeks is all I know…something broke apart on this one

    1. jackactionhero says:

      Interesting comment… “Not all these dudes are forever bad apples….”

      Is that just an unfortunate choice of wording on your part? Or do you really mean that guys who follow a woman, corner her, throw her down and assault her can be regular guys who just made a mistake?

      1. Dave says:

        I suspect even a small mind like yours jack knows the intent of the statement. I read so many posts by you I cannot ascertain if they are in jest or mailicious often.

        Labels are tossed about in some cases to easy. He/she referenced what can happen – I’ll speak from knowing what can. I work with a young man who had a 1 night relationship with a young women he meet at a suburban bar inside a hotel.. Bad place to meet someone IMO but he did. She had been served all night alcohol at the place. They spent a night together in his hotel room.
        In the morning she was nervous, and left quickly. Turns out she was 15 and with parents there at hotel. He learned that from the detctective who visited him the next day.
        So that that warrant him being labeled as an offender?
        It could – lucky for him it did not and they dropped the charges but only because the bar and numerous bartenders had served her.

        1. Dave's Subconscious says:

          I keep telling you, Dave, that when you include insults in your arguments, you lose credibility. When will you start listening?

        2. jackactionhero says:

          Thank you for your kind words.

          What level of offender would someone have to register as, if in the situation you referenced above?

  5. jackactionhero says:

    Why not remove him from existence? To me, he has forfeited his right to live by committing these offenses. He even has the nerve to lie about it.

    1. player says:

      he can go
      you can go
      pop pop

      life is better already

    2. desert eagle .50 says:

      Fortunately you have no rights at all, except to post your words of wisdom, Captain Coprophagia.

  6. Dave says:

    Don’t worry. Mpls. city council members will stand up for this guy and move more like him in.

    1. Death says:

      BS, they have nothing to do with it.

      1. Dave says:

        Give me a break, they defend them constantly. When was the last time you actually spoke to a Mpls. council memeber concerning this issue? They essentially make you feel like you’re the one in the wrong for being concerned about the heavy L3S0 concentration levels.

  7. S. W. says:

    What a surprise. A sex offender that is offending sexually. Let’s keep letting these guys out. I’m sure that if we let enough of them go free a few might not re-offend. Maybe. Or we could just put them down like the filthy animals that they are and be done with it one time…

  8. Uncle Rico says:

    Yeah, it’s the ladies fault. She “allowed” it to happen. You’re nuts. No one deserves to have their lives or property disrespected just because someone else does not respect theirs. Either study this subject scientifically or exterminate him.

  9. Niki says:

    Yeah, she must have wanted to be sexually assaulted. How stupid of us to assume she was the victim. The stupid things that people say will never cease to amaze me.

    1. Liquid Nails says:

      So you are going to let someone pat your butt at the bus stop, then get on the bus with this guy and do nothing? Then you get off the bus without calling authority or telling the bus driver to get transit police escort?
      Yes, she was stupid.

      1. sillystatement says:

        did you think that maybe she thought he accidently bumped her unless he was touching your butt you have no idea how exactly she was touched, he may have just brushed up against her and she not knowing he was a sex offender gave him the benefit of the doubt. For you to even think for a second that what happened to this woman is her fault is part of the reason sexual assult is so hard to prove sometimes. people like you who blame the victim . what was this woman supposed to do ask the person sitting next to her on the bus to get off the bus with her if she got on by herself she was probably going to get off alone, or do you think she should have just stayed on the bus all day and forget about going to work or school or where ever she was going? your statement is insulting to the victim and you should be ashmed of yourself.

        1. Uncle Rico says:

          Thanks for explaining this to Nails, i’m out of energy for people who can’t seem to think below the surface today.

          1. Liquid Nails says:

            I agree with you fully. According to the article, she was deliberately touched before she got on the bus. That is why I think she is stupid for not protecting herself.
            Of course what happened is 0 % her fault. The guy should be hanged. But when something like this happens, use some common sense to protect yourself.

            1. Uncle Rico says:

              Fair enough. I wasn’t there and sometimes hindsight is a real mother.

              1. JS says:

                sorry not saying this is her fault because it obviously nobody derserves this…but get a clue. If the inappropriate touch was before getting on the bus than you get off by yourself you are a moron. Again she still doesn’t deserve this but seriously get a brain. Tell the bus driver, use a cell phone and don’t get off the bus ALONE till the coast is clear.

              2. JS says:

                ok i obviously need to proofread before typing a comment…

        2. KAT says:

          Who’s to say she is even a victim? Why is it you believe her story, have you even taken the time to hear his??

          Maybe you should be ashamed of yourself as well for judging others by what you hear on the news!

          How would you feel if it was your son being accused of this, bet it would be a whole different view for you then now wouldn’t it…

  10. Kevin says:

    If Obama had a son…..he would look like Anthony……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. DommyChYea says:

    This is unbelievable..

  12. JEFF says:

    They should cut his Pee-Pee off.

  13. KAT says:

    Why is it that almost all of you are judgemental jerks??? Haven’t you ever heard there are always two sides to a story! What if they were messing around and she changed her mind and called it sexual assult,because someone happened to see them huh? Now, I am a woman and I can say this,even though this kind of stuff scares me to, but you people need to open your eyes and STOP BELIEVEING EVERYTHING YOU HEAR ON THE DAMN NEWS!!! One day, you will be judged as well, and when that day comes how do you want people to think of you???

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