Twin Cities Man Sells Skittles, Shirts To Honor Trayvon Martin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Twin Cities business man is using Skittles and T-shirts to honor Trayvon Martin. The Florida teen was shot and killed in late February.

As the owner of a graphic T-shirt company, Rashaun Collins knows the statement clothing can make.

“T-shirts are timeless and it’s the easy way to show your personality,” said Rashaun Collins, owner of Discreetly Greek.

After the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, Rashaun had one message he wanted to share.

“It’s very simple.  It just says this is not a hoodie,” he said.

Emotion blended with business for a meaning that goes much deeper than the five simple words.

“I think it’s sad that people can make a snap shot decision on someone’s life based on an assumption,” Collins said.

What’s spelled out on some shirts is not easily marketed on other items.

“It’s a stark difference,” said Collins.

But Rashaun has found a way to incorporate Trayvon in all orders. He always sends candy to customers but now includes a pack of skittles.  It’s the candy the 17-year-old bought before he was gunned down.

“Something as simple as knowing skittles is representing racial inequality for Trayvon is something I want to point out to customers,” said Collins.

It’s a message that’s not lost on those who buy his shirts.

“They get that connection and I think people are very aware that skittles are connected to him, and his family, and injustice of it,” said Collins.

They are the unexpected symbols of Trayvon’s death, but also represent the change that can come from tragedy.

“If skittles is going to help me remember Trayvon ten years from now, I’ve done my job,” said Collins.

The proceeds from the T-shirts will go to the fund that was set up to help Martin’s family.

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