Recall Election Ordered For Wisconsin Gov. Walker

HUDSON, Wis. (WCCO/AP) — First-term Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says he’s looking forward to making his argument on why he should keep his job.

“It gives us a great opportunity to tell our story, to tell that we’re turning things around, how we’re heading in the right direction, how we’re moving Wisconsin forward,” Walker said Friday after a news conference in Milwaukee.

On Friday the Government Accountability Board voted 5-0 to order the recall, a move that has been expected for weeks given the large number of signatures gathered between November and January. It took 540,208 signatures to trigger a recall; more than 900,000 signatures were collected.

“I would love to see Walker and his Lieutenant Governor recalled,” said Mark Tomlinson of Baldwin, Wis.

Walker was targeted for recall after he pushed through a law last year that effectively ended collective bargaining rights for most state workers. It also forced the workers to contribute more to their pension and health care costs, which amounted to a cut in pay.

Walker told reporters he would be willing to mobilize the National Guard in order to address potential repercussions from unions.

“That was an incredibly arrogant statement and an incredibly arrogant attack against the unions,” said Tomlinson.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s Edgar Linares Reports

But not everyone in Wisconsin feels a recall is justified. Rita Johnson of Hudson says this election will be a waste of time and money. She believes in what Walker is doing.

“He’s doing his job,” said Johnson. “With the economy the way it is there’s things that have to be changed and some people don’t like the change, but it’s necessary.”

Walker argued the changes were needed to help balance the state’s budget, while Democrats and other opponents said the true intention was to weaken the power of unions, which have traditionally opposed Republicans.

“I had enough of the guy. He never ran on busting the unions and he ended up busting them,” said Dan, whose wife is a Wisconsin teacher.

The elections board also voted Friday to order a recall against Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefisch, after nearly 809,000 signatures were gathered on recall petitions against her.

The recall elections promise to be bare-knuckle expensive affairs, with millions of dollars coming into Wisconsin from out-of-state special interests. Walker already had raised more than $12 million by mid-January and he has traveled across the country getting checks as large as $250,000 from high-powered conservative backers.

“I don’t think this recall should have ever happened, but now that they have announced it will let’s get it over with,” said Don of Hudson.

Assuming a Democratic primary is necessary, it will be in just 39 days on May 8. The actual recall vote then will be June 5, just 67 days away.

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  • StandbyWalker

    We will stand with you Governor Walker !! You speak for the people and not the unions!

    • No sheep here

      Exactly!!! Unions are a thing of the past for the middle class. Now the unions have all the money and are total bullies. How many of the protesters were paid by George Soros?

    • Janet Ramsoj

      He only speaks for the KOCH BROTHERS AND THE 1%…and we know for sure you are not one of the 1%….SO REAL MINNESOTAN’S WILL BE STANDING WITH THE NEWLY ELECTED GOVENOR….THANK YOU VERY MUCH

      • Forced union member

        Real Minnesotans? So you have to be dem and want the gov in all our business to be a real Minnesotan?

    • Paul

      The unions are the people.

      • Jim

        Corporations are people but unions aren’t? How does that work?

        • Ben There, Done That

          Correction: corporations are assets.

        • Exp

          Do you have a vote in what goes on in a corporation? Unless you are a rich exec or board member, you don’t.

          That’s where corporations and unions differ. Unions are by far more democratic than any corporation could hope to be.

          This is from someone who doesn’t particularly like Unions, but believes in their right to bargain if they choose. Mr Walker would have been far more successful in making a right to choose law in regards to belonging to unions. But no, he had to be all dictatorial and invasive, just like his party claims to not be.

          • Forced union member

            Funny…democratic unions. In addition you are forced to be a member.

    • Taxpayer waste again

      Agreed, and maybe they will run for Illinois again if they don’t like the results.

  • MamaMJ

    Yes – Recall Walker!!!!!! Walker speaks for his cronnies and the wealthy; not the people.

    • Elwood

      I agree. Recall Walker. His anti-union stance is dangerous for all workers.

      • Duanes

        Have you ever really checked into to who is running your unions? If, we did what they have done and incited we would be in prison. I want to vote by myself not some union thug using my money to buy votes. it’s time to end the violence and corruption in this country by the left.

        • Cheese Head

          I totally agree with ending the violence, No Guns No Problem.

        • Jane Swisshelm

          Can you give some real examples?

        • Sean Kelly

          You are right… we need to make more room for the violence and corruption by the right….

        • Death

          LMAO! UR very funny!

    • dan

      When you dont know the alternative how can you state you want to recall Walker? So if a Socialist convicted Felon runs for office against Walker you would vote for them?

      • Old Nurse

        @ dan From the article
        Assuming a Democratic primary is necessary, it will be in just 39 days on May 8. The actual recall vote then will be June 5, just 67 days away.
        Primary=choice for alternative. Is it hard for you to read?

      • Sean Kelly

        Uh Dan… convicted felons… irrespective of their economic theory cannot vote or run for public office.

        • dan

          Brilliant Sean, you missed the point just like most Liberals. You are in favor of recalling a public servant but have no idea what the alternative will be. Anyone who is in favor of a recall without knowing who the opponent is simply a fool.

          • Jane Swisshelm

            Walker is so bad anyone would be better.

          • Paul

            Here’s the bottom line, Dan. You don’t need to know any alternative to know that Walker’s a poor excuse for Governor and doesn’t belong in that position. We’ll take a look at the alternatives as they’re introduced, but I have absolute faith that each and every one of them would do a better job.

            • dan

              But yet you dont know who they are. You Liberals are just too much!

              • Old Nurse

                Why should it matter today who the alternatives are that you are that bent out of shape over? There is a filing deadline that has not happened yet. The people of Minnesota elected a fine governor on only two weeks of campaigning when the elected Arne Carlson. Before you blow more negative smoke about Carlson remember he won selection with 63% of the vote.
                Do you think any of the parties will come to there senses and find a moderate?

              • Exp

                You sir have a case of Stockholm Syndrome. Anyone that feels that they would choose to continue to be abused by their party rather than change, just because the change _might_ be worse, seriously needs to consider the need for help. I implore you to stop blaming everyone else for your problems, since doing so is anti-republican, and seek some treatment.

              • Matt

                so you rather life with a bad governor than risk the unknown?

          • Matt

            He may not know, but you don’t as well. You seem to fail to realize that Walker could still win the recall. So before you go out and insult people, stop and think.

  • dan

    So do we have a Democratic front runner? Nope. Why? Because any intelligent politician wannabe knows that Walker has had huge success on all fronts in Wisconsin. Good luck trying to debate Gov Walker

    • Sean Kelly

      Uh Dan… what are you smoking? His success has been with the Koch Brothers ONLY. In the run-up to the recall, his phone call with the Koch’s will be broadcast again and again. The people of Wisconsin are not as stupid as you apparently think that they are.

      • dan

        Please look at the facts Sean. When you try to debate Unemployment, job growth and balancing the budget, Walker looks just fine. Unlike Democrats like Obama who have been in office over 3 years and yet to have a budget passed is just a small sign of their inability to run anything.

        • Jim

          So dan, you give Walker credit for the recovering economy, but not Obama? That makes a lot of sense if you don’t think about it. Partisan hackery at its finest.

          • dan

            No Jim, I am specifically talking about the programs put in place by Walker and the direct results in Wisconsin. Obama has enough issues to deal with. Not sure what numbers you are looking at Nationally that indicate economic recovery?

            • sw

              Um, Walker has the worst job numbers in the country right now. The facts don’t support what you’re trying to say.

              • No sheep here

                No I think Hussein has the worst jobs numbers? And the worst record of a POTUS ever!!! So elect someone just like him? sw, where did you escape from?

  • What a waste of more taxpayer dollars

    Scot you will prevail. The bs stops now. Bring it on! I wish you the best in this political circus, perhaps they will all run for Illinois again if they don’t like the results? Good! Bye!

    • Sean Kelly

      Over a half million VOTERS have already spoken…. sorry but he is toast.

  • pat

    Over 3 million registered voters.

    Final tally 2.1 million for Walker
    0.9 million against.

    Sorry, you lose again.

    Oh wait, does Wisconsin require an ID to vote? If the unions can bus in 1.21 million people, they may have a chance.

    • No sheep here

      How right you are Pat!!! The dems are bad with numbers so we have to cut them a little slack?

    • Paul

      Love your analogy Pat. Since only .9 million out of three million signed the petition, then obviously the other 2 million are going to show up in droves to vote for Walker.

      I can’t believe you actually put any thought into your post.

    • Jason

      @ pat, please dont give them any ideas.

    • Sean Kelly

      Gee Pat, apparently you are a soothsayer… why didn’t you say so. Please tell us what the Governor will be doing AFTER THE RECALL.

  • Openwater

    This is such a crock! I’m sorry, but the other candidate lost. So whenever someone’s unhappy about their choice, they can just band together to get a re-vote. Democracy is not supposed to work that way. If you didn’t vote the first time, then too bad. I don’t like every person that gets into office, but that happens. Not everyone is going to be happy, so having a re-election each time is silly.

    • Sean Kelly

      Openwater… it is the right of every American to petition the government for redress….

      • J

        Unless you petition the left – then you’re called a racist.

    • Jim

      I think you are missing the point. He is being recalled for malfesance.

      • Jason

        No, some malcontents are TRYING to recall him because he took away their pork.

        • Sean Kelly

          Jason…No, gross malfeasance… AND it is the right of every American to petition the government for redress…. apparently you are one of those conservatives who constantly claim everything is unconstitutional but really don’t know the most basic rights spelled out in the Constitution.

          • Shelly

            Unfortunately, Sean – it is true. Walker is being targeted because he took on the liberal based unions and they’re infuriated by Walker for doing it. It needed to be done, unions have way too much power but you’ve become so brainwashed that you can’t see the truth. Unions have, in the past, done many good things but now they are becoming corrupt, it’s unfortunate but true

  • Kevin

    I will honk Scott Wanker’s horn.

  • Shelly

    I am in a nurses union and know now that all unions are interested in is their political agenda – gay marriage, walking with the questionable deviants with Occupy Wallstreet movement, etc. If you’re liberal, I guess it’s great. But if you are conservative, it goes against the grain of morality and how we as a nation should be. The unions can do wonderful things for their members but mostly they have become more about the money and political agenda rather than wanting to help their employees earnestly.

  • GrandmaJ

    The power of the people’s vote is available to all. No one in an elected seat should assume they can’t be removed.
    This governor knew his actions HE CHOSE could have gotten him removed. The people of the state are in sense, FIRING HIM. Rotten fish stink and so do polluted pools of government leaders. There are plenty of people out there who work for the good of the people, it is those who choose to work for the benefit of themselves that has to make change happen.

    • Matt H

      exactly. Recall oBama……

  • sam

    Let’s recall Obama, what a bunch of $%@&. Good luck Scott Walker!!! Wish we had you here in Minnesota. What will they do when you win again?

  • Fred Hayek

    Taxpayer vs. public sector unions… and fiscal insanity. See Greece.

  • Rocketman

    My wish list. Trade Minnesota governor Mark Dayton for Wisconsin governor Scott Walker. Then you can have your union crony and everbody’s happy.

  • pete the meet

    So you run on a platform to trim government spending and enact legislation that does just that but the lefties and unions don’t like it we have a recall? What a bunch of bulls**t. The lefties lost the election so shut up and suck it up. He will win the recall! So nice waste of government money and time.

  • Jeff

    WCCO, why do you allow people to comment? Is this the only way you can get people to watch or listen to your station? Please stop. These people are all lunatics.They are far from having the intelligence to offer any reasonable form debate.!

    • Michelle

      Jeff just doesn’t like an opposing viewpoint. That’s usually how the liberals respond, by calling names rather than stepping back and looking at the situation reasonably. Jeff probably is a representative of the union and looking out for his own job, keep the money rolling in from it’s union members while the members unwittingly support the liberal agenda with their money.

    • Jimmy Hoffa

      Libbers hate freedom of speech, when it conflicts with their own opinions.

  • JoseCuervo

    He will win, the liberals will cry in thier cheerios, then cash thier welfare checks and head down to the local occupy movement to cry with thier gay friends.

  • Loved Tafoya

    Can we recall OBAMA ? Democrats can recall Walker, can walk out of sessions like little babies who don’t get thier way…..hey if this is all it takes let’s start the petition right now !! RECALL OBAMA !!!

    • sam

      where do I sign?

    • larry

      Great idea, sign me up!!!!

  • RecallOBAMA

    So if this is all it takes to get your way….let’s recall Obama for shoving the stubid health care down our throats !! RECALL OBAMA !!!! Next time the Rebuplicans don’t get their way I hopt they run away and hide in another state and pout and cry ……..

    • Jason

      I agree, recall b.o. Please Putin play nice until after my election..

  • angus

    How come every photo of Walker has the “Deer in the Headlight” look? His handlers need to talk to him about it.

    We have advised his office, the state tourist bureau, and three local tourist bureaus we will not be spending our 2 weeks vacation in the state. Since money is the only thing the republicans understand everyone should do that and maybe get their attention.

    • Carla

      Oh Angus,

      You have all of WI shaking in its boots. The possibility that you wont spend 2 weeks in our glorious State just goes beyond words! Please stay home!

      • Whatever....

        @Carla. Glorious state? Is that why so many Wisconsin people drive into the Twin Cities Metro area to find jobs? As well as other border towns….

    • digger of the Truth

      GOOD Stay OUT , YOU don’t have to pay the TAXES in this state, we don’t want your few dollars . that do nothing for me

  • Jimmy John Hoffa

    Union members plan to vote Chicago-style: early and often.

  • politicianSUX

    why was my earlier post removed? If you lose again, will you quit wasting tax payer dollars and accept the will of the people?

  • Jeff

    We support you Governor Walker. You will win this.

  • Ken

    Just like the Propsition 8 vote in CA. some people aren’t happy with the way the vote turned out so now this group wants a new election. Like someone else mentioned, to anyone that actually watches the news..Greece is deep in debt, why because of the unions and their pensions bankrupting the country,, along with the many entitlements. IMy cousin lives in Wisconsin and said his property taxes have gone down, and feels Walker is doing a great job. He also was in a union for many years. I hope Walker had election watchers because the unions have ways of getting votes from dead people.

  • sw

    Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Hey, Hey, Hey, Goodbye! I live in Wisconsin and my property taxes went down by a whopping $4.00 this year! And under Walker, WI has lost more jobs than any other state in the US. Walker has been an epic fail, and I can’t wait to get rid of him.

  • sw

    Here are the facts:
    Total Jobs. In Gov. Walker’s first 13 months (using December 2010 as the baseline), the state lost 8,500 non-farm jobs. That was worst among the 50 states.

    * Government jobs. Wisconsin shed 14,500 public-sector jobs during Walker’s first thirteen months. That was the fifth-biggest decrease among 50 states in terms of total jobs lost, and the second biggest decrease in percentage terms (3.5%) after Texas.

    * Private-sector jobs. In Walker’s first year in office (ending last December), Wisconsin had the 49th worst record for private-sector job growth, losing 9,700 jobs. But preliminary January numbers released last week were the best of any month so far of the Walker tenure: private-sector jobs rose by 15,700. That now puts the state in the positive column for net private job growth during the governor’s first 13 months, with 6,000 jobs added.

    Still, it’s a long way from the governor’s campaign promise of 250,000 new private-sector jobs during his first term. It also places the state 36th among the 50 states in private-sector job growth since Walker took office (using December 2010 as the baseline), well below Wisconsin’s closest midwestern neighbors.

  • Best3800

    If the locals new the facts that s w just posted,he will be Toast! Most Cons. listen to fox so they will never see the real facts.Thanks S W for that.

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