SD Life Expectancy Grows Past Age 80

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — South Dakotans are living longer, and officials credit better medical care and better living habits.

The Sioux Falls Argus Leader reports that South Dakota’s average lifespan moved from 78 in 1997 to 80 in 2007, the most recent year in the analysis.

State demographer Mike McCurry, an assistant professor at South Dakota State University, says South Dakotans are an amazingly health people. He says better health care is probably the main reason for the increase in life expectancy.

The average South Dakota woman has a lifespan of 82.6 years, slightly higher than the national average of 81.

The average South Dakota man has a lifespan of 77.2 years, compared to 75.9 nationally.

McCurry says the biggest improvement is among American Indians.

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  • angelcarver

    “SD Life Expectancy Grows Past Age 80”

    that is because they don’t have to pay state taxes and stuff.

  • Brett

    It’s also because they don’t bring in refugees, domestic or international, by the BOATLOADS, They also don’t tolerate DOPE like we do, or pretend to try to save the world all by themselves, unlike our dopey politicians.

  • Brett

    Gee, how did they pull this off, when they don’t have places like the Mayo(naise) Clinic or the U of M hospitals??

  • Poor Taste? So Was the Verdict!

    Of course people are living longer in South Dakota. Bill Janklow isn’t running over them.

  • ck

    no professional sports outside their state legislature? They actually get more fed money than they pay out. maybe that’s the secret?

    • Brett

      WELL THEN, start calling/emailing amy and al, and demand that the feds end this practice. I have no problem with that. The only thing is, it won’t help THSI state one bit, not with amy, al, and marky dayton still running the show here.

  • Tenbears

    Tenbears thinks it is because the SD peoples rarely brush their teeth.

  • Susan

    The conlcusion is obvious.

    Liberal policies leads to early deaths.

  • Wow


    I think you forgot to check Minnesota’s life expectancy before you got all lathered up.

    We rank #2, behind Hawaii.

    Must be the liberals.

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