ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has passed a bill to tap into state budget reserves in order to start repaying about $2.4 billion owed to Minnesota school districts.

The House passed the GOP-sponsored bill Monday on a 75-56 party-line vote. It would shift $430 million out of state rainy-day funds in order to accelerate repayment of state aid to schools delayed in recent years to help cover state budget deficits.

Republicans say that newly replenished budget reserves allow the state to settle debts. The GOP plan would cut the state’s reserves from $657 million to about $227 million. Democrats, including Gov. Mark Dayton, say budget reserves should be protected and have proposed repaying schools by closing tax loopholes they say unfairly benefit certain corporations.

The bill now goes to the GOP-led Senate.

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Comments (3)
  1. G Dog says:

    Once you steal it, it’s still stolen no matter if you have remorse. GOP throws kids and teachers and families under the school bus as they defend BIG Oil, Wall Street, Banks and religious nutbags.

    1. mis-informed says:

      Oh G Dog when are you going to crawl into your hole. Read the article more closely. Your gov wants to protect the reserves and tax the wealthy to pay back education. Protect the reserves for what. Oh yea that’s right the Dem’s pet projects. Welfare

  2. politicianSUX says:

    those Nasty Mean viscous child hating republicans. How can they use this money to repay schools instead of tax breaks for the rich fat cat business owners. They really do care about all of our children, not just the ones that go to Private schools. Now what can we throw at them to make them look worse than the democrats? Economy, no damnit that is getting better since the republicans took over. Jobs, yeah, oh darn the jobs outlooks keeps getting better and better. Oh I know, one a long time ago in a galaxy far far away had sex, and it was not her husband. Yeah, we the deomcrats the party of no morals and no values will throw that in their face.

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