ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — A proposed constitutional amendment requiring Minnesota voters to present photo identification at polling places is on the cusp of reaching November’s ballot.

A House-Senate conference committee signed off Monday night on an agreement putting the question before voters. It heads back to the two chambers where passage is virtually certain.

Gov. Mark Dayton has no authority to block the measure from appearing on the ballot.

If voters adopt the amendment, the new photo ID requirement would be effective for elections in fall of 2013 onward.

Photo ID requirements in other states are subject to court challenges, and some in Minnesota are threatening to sue if it is implemented here.

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Comments (50)
  1. Lisa says:

    Is the bill guaranteeing that every resident in the state of Minnesota will be given a free photo ID? If not, the state would be effectively charging its residents for the right to vote. That is unacceptable. If it isn’t illegal, it should be.

    Voting is a right, not a commodity to be purchased.

    1. Matt says:

      bring your birth certificate

    2. pat says:

      Who does not have a photo ID? Seriously.

      Illegals, that’s who.

  2. Brett says:

    No, it is not, to ALL of your points. A driver’s license is NOT free, but it is an acceptable form of VALID ID. If you can PROVE that you can’t afford to pay for an ID (I don’t understand why you WOULDN’T have one in the first place) you can get a FREE ID.

    Voting IS a right, but most are tired of voter manipulation, fraud, and people who can’t even understand the importance of election integrity.

    A fraudulent election serves no one well.

    1. Sean Kelly says:

      Nah… isn’t it really about Republicans attempting to reduce the power of the poor who tend to vote Democratic. Voter ID measures and the destruction of collective bargaining is a political attempt by the Republicans to reduce the power of the Democratic party. This represents an attack on the opposition. Republicans know that they cannot win on the merits of their positions so the focus is on diluting the Democratic electorate. . .

      1. Matt says:

        its like $4/yr give me a break. I’m not a republican but I agree we need an voter id law

      2. politicianSUX says:

        Sean, you mean as opposed to the votes bought by the democratic party by giving away hard working Minnesotans money to those that do not want to work? As opposed to the democratic party buying union votes with blocking this from being a right to work state and paying back unions and minorities with special government contract clauses at inflated wages? You mean as oppsed to the democratic party that takes millions in Indian money to block all other attempts at expanding gambling in this state, the state that has more direct flights to Las Vegas than any other state in the nation? Is that what your points are? Funny how negative it all sounds towards the democratic party when their faults are brought ot light.

    2. Citizen says:

      Brett, you are very misinformed. I wish you would quit posting disinformation. A voter ID in order to vote MUST BE free or under the U.S. Constitution it becomes a means test and a poll tax. Both illegal. This law will generate lawsuits, and $20 to $30 million in expenses to include scanning equipment, election judge training, clerk training, updates to election equipment and testing, etc. There is no voter manipulation right now. However, under this law, if you have multiple ID’s (such as driver’s licenses) you will be able to vote multiple times. The ID’s will have to be accepted by election judges. Right now, a lot of paperwork is filled out to vouch for someone, or to challenge a voter, and it all goes to the state. You obviously have no idea how the election process works which is why I respectfully request that you quit trolling on this site.

      1. dan says:

        “there is no voter manipulation right now”? What are you talking about. I guess you just skimmed over the news this morning that 4 Democrats in Indiana were convicted for voter fraud and will forever be convicted felons.

        1. Citizen says:

          Indiana, dan, if true. NOT Minnesota. As far as I can read, it’s Minnesota law we’re talking about and the State of Minnesota.

      2. politicianSUX says:

        of course you fail to mention the guy in Duluth that was arrested wtih 350 illegal voter registratin cards in his truck, yeah right here in Minnesota. What do you have against adding more integrity to the system? It only takes a little fore thought to make sure you have an id when you go to vote. College kids can already absentee vote in their home state, so we do not want to tempt them to vote both at home and here, so who really is blocking of this bill for? Are democrats really that easily disenfranchised or is there unproven illegal voting going on that this will stop?

    3. Tom says:

      @ Brett

      Voter fraud only exists in the conservative bubble! Conservaatives have only been complaining since Coleman and Emmers lost and lost in court. Now if Coleman and Emmers would have won conservatives would not be claiming voter fraud.

  3. Nice try says:

    And yet they can’t show this massive fraud this is supposed to solve.

    They also can’t show how this would help prevent ILLEGAL RESIDENTS from voting – isn’t that what we REALLY want to solve?

  4. chuck says:

    Its really more about keeping college students from voting, as their ID;s are for their home address, but they usually vote where they are going to school. By the way, I bet that the school id is not an approved state ID. Just a way to stop what the conservatives think is a group of liberal voters.

    1. Rube says:

      They’ll have to use the fake ID they use to buy booze or they can vote by absentee ballot using their real ID they use to buy smokes with.

    2. pat says:

      Actually, any public organizations issues ID will be accepted.

      This is about making sure my and your votes are not cancelled out by people who should not vote. Plain and simple.

  5. More Stupidity From The GOP says:

    A classic example of the GOPee waisting our tax dollars.

    1. Tom says:

      @ More Stupidity From The GOP

      This is not the first time. They wasted on the Meese Commission during Reagans term. Wasted money on investigating Clinton, etc.

  6. BS says:

    The sad part about it is the we will vote it in but our liberal court system will step in and call it un-constitutional even though the general public wants this. We the People are nobody.

    1. Tom says:

      @ BS

      Both Coleman and Emmers claimed voter fraud in front of the State Supreme Court and the court ruled 7 – 0 that they found no evidence of it. And that is not a liberal court. And not everybody in the general public believes this is a problem. If Coleman and Emmers would have won you would not be claiming voter fraud.

  7. Kay-M says:

    I agree that we should have a photo ID in order to vote, but unless there is a fool-proof way to instantly determine if the ID is real or not, it will be useless. Speaking as a former HR person, there are all sorts of illegals (and underage teens for that matter) running around now with fake IDs!

  8. KEVIN says:

    Paying for a voter id is illeagal, I agree with that. I also will say that giving out welfare payments in this state is the one biggest illeagal payment made to buy votes. It is one of the biggest reason this states budget is always in the red. THIS STATE NEEDS TO REVIEW THE WAY IT GIVES OUT ENTITLEMENTS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. AND DON’T GIVE ME THE STANDARD BALONEY THAT THERE IS LITTLE WELFARE FRAUD.

    1. Citizen says:

      Right, Kevin. Everyone wants to commit fraud in order to get those $400 a month payments for food.

  9. Wake Up says:

    Gee … What are all the Dems worried about? If there is no fraud why be concerned. The comments about GOP wasting money is a joke comming from a lib … hahaha
    This will be a deterrant to the voter fraud that keeps the dems getting elected.

    1. Citizen says:

      Supreme Court of Minnesota has stated in cases before them that there is no voter fraud. Guess Wake Up and the rest of the posters adamant that there is fraud know more than the justice system. Hmmmm, which do I believe? Guess that would be the justices, not Kevin and Wake Up.

      1. Wake Up says:

        So if there isn’t any voter fraud, whats the concern about having to show your ID to vote? You know, the one you use to buy cigarettes, at the liquor store and at the casino?
        Before you come up with the “Voting is a right”, try purchasing a firearm without an ID….

        1. Tom says:

          @ Wake Up

          The only ones who are complaining about this non-sense are the conservatives in this state. You are the ones who are demanding this non-sense because conservatives believe there is a problem and this problem only exists in their little bubble.

          1. Wake Up says:

            O.K. if the problem only exists in the little bubble, what’s the big deal with requiring a little proof to vote?

            1. Citizen says:

              So, Wake Up, you want to spend $20 to $30 million of the state’s money EVERY year first to implement this ridiculous law and then to reissue all those free voter IDs every year because, hey, people do move a lot. And the lawsuits that will result will also cost the taxpayers plenty of dough. Plus, if you read my earlier post you will (maybe) understand that having multiple driver’s licenses and IDs will now enable you to vote multiple times because an election judge will be accepting that ID. This law will ENABLE fraud, not stop it. Voting is a right and it has no condition in the U.S. Constitution except age and citizenship. Remember a state driver’s license (the primary ID) is just a snapshot and does not state that you are a U.S. citizen. Only a federal State Department passport guarantees that you are a citizen of the U.S. A Minnesota driver’s license does not do that.

  10. KEVIN says:

    Citizen, $400 a month are you kidding me. You have the welfare payment, WIC, Medicaid,school meal vouchers. The list goes on. And the more kids they have the bigger the check. Have to many kids and grandma will take them and the state gives her a check for being a foster care giver. It’s costing the state millions and no political will from the politicians to stop it on either side because it will make them look bad no matter what.
    I will not be politicailly correct. This nation is to full of these people that are ruining our country. As long as we do nothing with our entitlement system it will be a path to buying votes and everyone looking the other way.

    1. More Stupidity From The GOP says:

      Help us out here Kevin, adopt one, or two of these families.

    2. Citizen says:

      How do you know so much about the system, Kevin. Could it just possibly be that you use WIC, Medicaid, meal vouchers? You are part of it?

  11. Fred Hayek says:

    They wouldn’t let me have a fishing license without my photo ID.

    1. jackactionhero says:

      I got one just 4 days ago and never touched my DL or had to show it. I handed him last year’s fishing license, and he handed me this year’s back. I signed it, paid for it, and was on my way to the lake.

      1. Trevor says:

        You had to show one the first time you bought a license. The reason you didn’t have to show one again is that it is already in the system. Same day voter registration without need of Photo I.D. is just asking for fraud to occur.

  12. Kevin says:

    I am extremely stupid.

  13. KEVIN says:

    Citizen, I ADOPTED A child out of our state welfare system. The child was also a special needs child for whom there was little chance for the child to be adopted. You seem to sit in your smug little world and tell people how smart you are and how dumb everyone else is. Maybe be you need to get off that wide beam a$$ of yours and do something positive with your useless life.

  14. Eddie Munster says:

    Just like driving, voting is NOT a right. It is a Privilege which can be taken away from a person whom commits a felony. How ANY adult can survive in this country without one is a real puzzler. How do you cash a paycheck?
    Being incarcerated is the only place you can have a “Job” and get “Paid” and “fed” and Not have to possess a Minn state issued ID.
    They have “special” Id’s when your in prison.

  15. KEVIN says:

    Citizen, here’s another entitlement for you. You have a person that has contributed zero to society and they end up being a criminal ending up in prison. Guess who gets the best medical care money can provide. This also needs to stop and anyone in prison gets only coverage equal to medicaid benifits.We who have worked all our lives and watch this BS. go on it’s no wonder people are tired of our taxes going to waste.

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