MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Eden Prairie police are reminding residents to keep their garage doors closed, their entrances secure and to report suspicious activity after three daytime burglaries in late March.

The burglaries, which police say are connected, happened between March 21 and March 28 near the intersection of Eden Prairie Road and Valley View Road.

In each case, the burglars entered homes through unlocked doors or entrances without a locked deadbolt, police said. In two of the three incidents, neighborhood residents saw suspicious activity, but failed to report it immediately.

Police recommend that the residents: (1) secure all entrances with a 1-inch thick deadbolt lock, (2) close garage doors and services door during the day, and (3) report suspicious activity by calling 911.

Comments (9)
  1. Southsider says:

    sniff sniff hmmmmmm Kevin

  2. DD Chirp says:

    Have your Glock handy!

  3. Jeff says:

    Who in the heck needs to be told to keep their doors locked?

  4. Marine 0311 says:

    Keep your door wide open and your weapon close. When they come in to rob you, do the world a favor and dispatch their criminal a$$.

    1. Elmer says:

      There should be a law that it’s legal to hunt in your own home.
      Leave the door wide open with a big TV in view, then sit back and thin the herd.

  5. I'm a News Writer under the Age of 20 says:

    The correct word is Burglary not Robbery.

  6. jake koepp says:

    Wait folks, because of the drunk as our gov, we cant shoot them, we must hide and hope they don’t hurt us. Yea right, they can choose either the AR-15 or .357!!!!, Either way, they may come in, but they aren’t leaving alive.

  7. Think about it says:

    Apparently we live in a world like a RPG where special clothes(hoodies) give you magical powers where if you’re attacked you can claim that the offending party is racist. Hoodies are weak against black people and will give you 0 defense.

  8. Robert Waddell says:

    nk that one should have a weapon closed to inorder to fight back instead of locking the doors. This may help you from being burgled.

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