MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 7-year-old St Louis County boy and his father are still missing one week after authorities issued a crime alert for the two.

Police put out the alert after Wyatt Nordrum’s father, James Jr., did not bring him back to court after a scheduled visit. Authorities said James Nordrum Jr. has a history of mental illness and has threatened to harm the boy if he were to lose custody.

St Louis County deputy Steve Steblay says they have very few leads at this point.

“Unfortunately, we have very little information to go on,” Steblay said. “We really don’t know where the father and his son are.”

James Nordrum Jr. is described as 5-foot, 6-inches tall and weighing about 225 pounds.

Steblay said they are asking family members and friends to see if anyone knows the boy’s whereabouts.

“We don’t have any indication at this point that the boy is in harm’s way,” Steblay said. “However he is away from his family, and they miss him greatly.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact law enforcement.

Comments (2)
  1. Jay says:

    A week has gone by, and law enforcement hasnt thought to check if he possibly had a Debit card or credit cards that have been used??? That might shed some light on the siutation and possibly they can track his whereabouts. Because the Dad has a mental illness , and has made threats against their lives,is more the reason to check everything available and get this boy home safely.

  2. Katie Lincoln says:

    It astounds me that with all the media reports, not one has listed Wyatt’s height and weight.

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