ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House plans a final vote Tuesday night on whether to send a voter ID constitutional amendment to the November ballot.

If voters approve the amendment, the measure would require Minnesotans to show a government-issued photo ID at the polls. Absentee voters and those who mail in ballots would also have to prove their identity.

Supporters of the measure say it will build election integrity and modernize an outdated voting system. But opponents argue it will disenfranchise eligible voters without access to a proper photo ID, including students, the elderly, the poor and the disabled.

Lawmakers finalized the bill Monday night after both houses passed different versions of the amendment last month. The Senate is likely to take a vote Wednesday which would ensure its place on the ballot.

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Comments (9)
  1. lawl says:

    Don’t you have to provide ID to pick up food stamps?

  2. Johnny says:

    lawl – no you do not. How are the repubs going to pay for this multimillion dollar law? i dont think I can pay anymore for my property taxes!

  3. Kevin says:

    How many more votes do these morons have to take? Just do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. me says:

    Why even waste time on voter ID. Get on with the show.

  5. Russell says:

    Dont worry, you are going to hear about this for a long time to come before this even gets to the ballot. Can you say lawsuits?

  6. Tom says:

    It will probably cost a lot of money to fix a non-problem.

  7. These eyes says:

    If people have to identify themselves at the voting booth maybe the destroyer of our country will not get re elected.

  8. Curt says:

    This should free up some time for the 60,000 illegals in mn not to mention the felons and mentally ill.

  9. Wake Up says:

    Funny how the dems that post here are suddenly fiscally conservative … hahahaha
    I was wondering though, why is this going to cost money? Maybe someone who has checked with the other states that have this requirement that has been upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court. I wonder what the cost to them was.

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