Deer With CWD Found In NW Wis.

SHELL LAKE, Wis. (WCCO) — Officials have found a case of chronic wasting disease in a doe in Shell Lake in northwestern Wisconsin.

Because of this, the Department of Natural Resources will ban baiting and feeding within a 10-mile radius of that area for a focused disease surveillance effort.

“No changes are anticipated this fall in the broad framework of the hunting seasons,” said DNR secretary Cathy Stepp.

The DNR will also take other precautions, like collecting road kill deer for additional samples.

The ban on baiting and feeding is not in effect yet and likely won’t happen until later this fall, according to the Wisconsin DNR.

The first case of chronic wasting disease turned up in Minnesota early last year, in the Pine Island area.

There’s no scientific evidence that chronic wasting disease can be transmitted to humans.

  • Wake Up

    Why ban hunting in the area? I didn’t think there was an deer hunting season this time of year. I would think they should have a special season to eradicate the deer in the area to eliminate the disease before it spread.

  • dan

    Go figure, when you allow feeding of deer year round and hunting over corn piles you get what you deserve, a diseased deer herd.
    MN needs to ban all feeding not just during the hunting season

    • jackactionhero

      This story is about Wisconsin, where it is legal to bait deer. Hunting over corn piles, as you state it, does not give deer diseases either.
      Basically, your comment didn’t make any sense and contained no valid points whatsoever. So why did you bother?

    • C'Mon Man

      think then they should ban all artificial baits and worms for catching fish as well. What is the difference? You are still using something to attract it. You should have to catch them with your bare hands then. If you eat meat of any kind they lure the animal in some way. MMM good ole venison steak.

    • with Dan

      Then those on their atv’s wouldn’t know how to hunt. umm,, maybe that’s a good thing.

  • joe

    Have the HUGO police dept. start killing ALL the deer. They do SUCH a good JOB

  • bill j

    I think the problem is that it changes the natural movement of deer, both feeding and bait piles. Too many deer in too small area, The other problem is that some private landowners have a large number of deer and dont allow hunting or very few.

    We caused this by greed. I’m 52 years old and hunted in this area since I was 16 so I’m not just blowing smoke. It always seems when we mess around with nature we end up with problems.

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