MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 36-year-old man was sentenced to 35 years in prison Tuesday for murdering a woman and trying to conceal her remains.

Anoka County District Court Judge James Cunningham said Mo Savoy Hicks, of New Brighton, acted with “particular cruelty” after he killed Judy Rush, 56, in 2007. Her remains were found four years later in Brookdale Park.

Police reported to Rush’s apartment in Columbia Heights in August of 2007, after relatives reported her missing. Officers found blood on the walls, carpet and mattress in her bedroom and three bloody shoe prints in the hallway. Investigators eventually pinned Hicks to the crime and arrested him for murder.

At trial, Hicks decided to fire his lawyer and represent himself. He waived his right to a jury trial and decided to have a judge hear the case.

A jail inmate testified that Hicks told him he killed Rush with a hammer, wrapped her body in a sheet and carried it out of her apartment in a hockey bag.

The judge found Hicks guilty of second-degree murder.

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  1. Suzi N. says:

    With good behavior, this homicidal maniac is going to be out of prison after serving only 2/3rds of his sentence. 23 years from now he will be 58 years old, only 2 years older than his victim when he so brutally murdered her – free to live his life…and kill again. Why? Why do we keep these people alive, and furthermore, why should they ever be allowed back into society? He’s a psychopath. In cases where there is no doubt – they should be convicted and exterminated promptly. It would eliminate the risk of reoffending, and remove the obligation of taxpayers to finance their imprisonment. As the old saying goes – an eye for an eye (a life for a life).

    1. solarhoilday says:

      Bring back the death penalty!!! But these bleeding heart liberals would disagree

      1. Tom says:

        Do you know how costly it is to execute someone? And no, this
        country is not about to go to some system where people convicted
        of crimes have no right of appeal. I don’t believe that in the modern
        world the death penalty has a place. It sure cannot be shown by
        any analysis to reduce the incidence of murder. Perhaps it may
        make some feel “better” about things, but revenge isn’t supposed
        to be one of the goals of our criminal justice system.

        1. .45 says:

          Lets see a box of .45 ammo 18$ some fire wood, 10$ Lighter fluid 5$, 33$ and i can wipe out 50 of em at a time. sounds like a cheap plan to me rather then feeding and housing him for 35 years.

  2. Kevin says:


  3. multisect says:

    Anyone desiring the pleasure of seeing a murderer executed can move to one of the many US states that allow that. It would be a good idea to be more careful there because US states that have the death penalty have a higher murder rate than states that imprison instead of killing. You can guarantee a killer won’t kill again, though elderly killers are very rare. But if you inspire more killers than you deter then the public loses.

  4. hate the system says:

    You should be sentenced to how much “statistical” life the human you killed has left. Say the average life expectancy in America is 78 years, so if you kill a 10 year old you are automatically sentenced to 68 years in prison. 56 year old would get you 22 years in prison.

    ^^^ I’m only kidding. I’m just stating how stupid their sentencing guidelines are for murderer’s, there should be no rehabilitation, no second chance. period. If you are “proven” in a court of law to have taken someone’s life (on purpose), you should not have a chance to live any more of your own life.

  5. food says:

    So, this guy could get out when his 50s or 60s. I know people that age who are plenty capable of doing damage. Would some smart college educated person care to explain these sentencing guide lines to me? Thanks.

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