MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Starting Tuesday, bike rental kiosks are going up for the third straight season in and around downtown Minneapolis.

When Minneapolis started the “Nice Rides” rental program two years ago, it was the first in the nation. There were critics who wondered aloud how the system would pay for itself, and how the organization would keep the bikes from getting stolen.

Today it begins its third season. It’s not just popular in the Twin Cities, it’s now sparking copy-cat programs all across the nation. not only popular, but according to Bill Dossett, executive director of “Nice Rides,”  the program has sparked copy-cats nationwide.

“There were lots of concerns over safety, or whether the bikes would be stolen or vandalized.  We’ve demonstrated that this works and today as a result cities across the country including New York City, San Francisco and Chicago are all launching systems and following our lead,” said Bill Dossett, the executive director for “Nice Ride.”

Mayor R.T. Rybak joined Dossett in taking one of the first rides of the season, and announcing that some 1,000 light lime green bikes will be for rental this season. They were also happy to announce the Minneapolis Bike Walk Ambassador program, which will host more than 40 rides, walks and classes this spring and summer.

The sessions are aimed at getting city dwellers back on their backs on the city’s numerous trails.

Comments (14)
  1. Death says:

    Excellent program!

  2. Ugh says:

    Seriously? Please pay a copy editor – this is attrocious for a professional publication.

    1. Death says:

      Don’t read it then lol

  3. Esther says:

    No information on how they combat theft? Or how it will pay for itself?
    We’re just supposed to believe it because you said so?
    And I agree with “Ugh”, who is editing these articles?

    1. Richard in Minneapolis says:

      Thieves only steal what they can resell. The frame shape and color of these bikes are so unique that they are instantly recognized. For this reason their theft value is practically zero.

  4. Nota Red says:

    So did the city of Minneapolis (taxpayers)make back the $100,000 plus they have pumped into this?

    1. 1200onthemall says:

      $100,000 was an excellent investment…..

      1. Nota Red says:

        No, it’s just theft of taxpayers hard earned money.

  5. Spanky says:

    Why are thay all girls bikes? Anyone….

    1. freakofcars says:

      If you look at the frame it probably allows the rider to adjust the seat to fit any sized person or for an old person to get their leg over the bar. I’m going to go with it has something to do with the one size fits all thing.

  6. Spanky says:

    Why are thay all girls bikes?

    1. Death says:

      I did not know bicycles had a gender lol!

  7. Spanky says:

    They are the step through style, that’s a girls bike. Everone knows that.

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