ROCHESTER (WCCO) — Around 6 a.m. on the morning of March 1, Chika Njemanze awoke to her son Xavier’s cries. But it wasn’t the normal sound of a toddler’s hunger, but rather a shriek of panic and pain. She would find him bleeding profusely after being brutally stabbed by a former boyfriend.

“I guess I still have no words for it,” said Njemanze.

Njemanze says 23-year-old Antonio Roebuck broke into their apartment and stabbed the child in a jealous rage. According to investigators, Roebuck was upset over a recent breakup with Njemanze. He grabbed several steak knives and a bottle of vodka and broke into the family’s apartment.

Njemanze’s boyfriend and a brother were also stabbed during the intrusion, but little Xavier was hurt the worst. Police officers dispatched to the scene described the boy’s intestines protruding from the stab wound to his abdomen.

“He was stabbed five times. Two stab wounds in the chest, two in the back and one where his bowels are, around his belly button area,” said Njemanze.

Her son spent the first two weeks in the intensive care unit of St. Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, where he would mark his second birthday. Weeks later, birthday balloons and get-well banners hang at his bedside.

Chika says it’s been a collection of family, friends and faith that have helped her through this nightmare.

“I feel I’m more blessed than lucky right now,” said the young mother.

After 33 straight days at her son’s bedside, Njemanze can slowly see progress.

“It’s definitely been traumatizing,” Njemanze said.

She tries not to think of the evil would lead a person to inflict such pain on an innocent child. As for answers, she says there are none.

“Because there’s no good enough reason to justify what this man did to my son, my family,” said Njemanze.

It’s a horrible attack she’ll slowly forget with each precious breath of her little boy.

“To hear his voice is so comforting, that he’s going to be OK,” said Njemanze.

The stabbing caused Xavier to lose a large quantity of blood. The lack of blood flow to his brain affected the area that controls motor skills, the use of arms and legs, speech and eyesight. The need for intense physical and occupational therapy will be extensive and mean that Xavier will be in the hospital for weeks to come.

Meantime, Antonio Roebuck is charged with attempted murder and is being held on $1 million bail. His next court appearance is set for April 25 in Olmstead County Court.

To help the family with extensive medical bills and to draw awareness to domestic violence programs, a Njemanze Family Benefit is being held on Sunday, April 15 between 1 p.m. and 7 p.m. at the Wicked Moose Bar and Grill in Rochester. There will be a silent auction, bake sale, raffle, kid’s carnival and live music.

If you are interested in making a monetary donation to the fund you may do so at any Wells Fargo Bank through the Njemanze Family Benefit. For more information, click here.

Comments (22)
  1. Kevin says:

    How about it Minnesota? Are you sick of it yet? Or are you ready for more????

    1. susan says:

      more children being stabbed??? or more uneducated people like you making this moronic statement

      1. pedro says:

        susan, you little pebble brain, i think kevin’s is saying that were all tired of liberal minnesota being soft on crime:)

        1. Michele says:

          Are you people being PAID to keep up the racist rhetoric? Because there sure seems to be an agenda going on here.

          1. Yeah Michele - an agenda against doofs like you says:

            Hey ya’ll – pull your heads out of the sand. You complainers of Kevin are a bunch of low-life’s that make NO DIFFERENCE. You sit around and embrace the BS that should inflame you. Just goes to show that there are more losers in this Nation and World that there are people willing to show indifference and take a stand. I’ll stay firmly with the winners. Hope you losers enjoy your soup, tonight.

    2. JEAN says:

      pmh: don’t waste your time with explaining things to (Kevin) lives’s in a different time zone anger management /racialism are at the top of his issues

      1. Kevin says:

        Your right JEAN…Kevin is in the time zone of reality! Not in your liberal land of oz…….

  2. StanleyPeterson says:

    Just another sign of the last times…….Less Christians, More Crimes!……Ufta

    1. Michele says:

      Because this stuff NEVER happened when Christians ruled the world.

      1. StanleyPeterson says:

        Dear Michelle, It’s not ruling the world? It”s about the Culture! We had it at one at one time in the USA. However, since the Secular Progressives took over, like everything else it has gone South. I guess we will have to wait for the return of Jesus Christ. By the Way that could be sooner that latter! Until then, please wake up? See, the light at the end of the tunnel! God Bless

  3. pe dro says:

    michele michele michele.. please take head out of sand:)

  4. Judy says:

    Personally, I am very happy this little boy is getting better. He didnt deserve this. The b****** that inflicted this on him deserves the same as he brought to this family. Our justice system has become lax, and there is no accounting for the actions they invoke on others when criminals get mere slaps to the wrist, then let back into society as though their crime was minor. Mom, I hope you put your childs needs ahead of yours, and leave men out of the picture until the children turn 18.

    1. Mette says:

      Judy, while I do agree with your first comments, you really have no place to make assumptions or tell a woman to “leave men out of the picture until the child turns 18.” This clearly demonstrates the prejudice and assumptions that are made by people who don’t have all the facts. Are you suggesting this woman should have had any hint that this would happen? Just because the attacker is black, is that why you think she should have known he was capable of such an unspeakable act or that he was no good? God forbid something like this ever happen to your daughter or grandchild! Are you trying to say that if the mother reconciles with her older son’s father, someone who almost gave his life to protect them, there would be something wrong with this since her children are not yet 18? Such ignorance and arrogance! A piece of advice my father once told me as a child, and I think it really applies here: “It is better to be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt” (because you just removed all doubt). Unfortunately there are many callous people like you in this world who blame the victims, but God will surely judge you just as harshly. Get educated about domestic violence and other important social issues before leaving these kinds of uneducated comments. Thank you for your prayers and concern for this little boy and his family!

  5. Spanky says:

    Thank you MN welfare system.

  6. Mette says:

    Why is everyone assuming they are on welfare? Obviously we are raising money towards his medical bills and care, and to help with the fact that his mother has not been able to work because there was no one-on-one care available to watch Xavier every moment in this critical time (yes, she does have a job and will return as soon as she is able to, moron)! Why are you so hateful because someone’s skin is a different color than yours? You speak as if these are not human beings! The whole premise behind the conservative arguments against the welfare system is that COMMUNITIES and BUSINESSES should be socially responsible to stand up and do something rather than relying on or waiting for the government!!! However, the welfare system is not the issue here. You should be ashamed of yourselves–you know exactly who you are!!! The cyber-bullying that has already taken place WILL NOT be tolerated and WILL be investigated! Hatred and negativity have been medically proven to shorten your life, so get a life and GET HAPPY FAST or hurry up and drop dead!!!

    1. get a brain you Mette says:

      @Mette,My, my aren’t you a little hypocrite!!!!!

  7. Kat says:

    My heart is with this mother and I hope her son get’s better soon!

  8. Ashley says:

    This is a horrible tragedy that happened to a beautiful family! A helpless 2 year old baby! And Kevin you are concerned about the color of their skin and whether or not they are on welfare. Get a grip. You should be ashamed of yourself for your raciest/hateful comments. Clearly you aren’t fortunate to be blessed with children of your own Kevin?? My thoughts and prays are with this family. Xavier keep on fighting you beautiful baby! Kevin I’ll pray for you as well.

  9. Mette says:

    Here is the COST of Domestic Violence to Minnesota:

  10. Tara says:

    Mette– Thanks so much for standing up for Chicka and women in Minnesota! It is really too bad that people want to make this about race, income, or political affiliations. The bottom line is that we need to let our communities know that domestic violence is not acceptable, no matter whom it happens too

  11. Daren. says:

    Let’s just pass a law that would give the death penalty to domestic violence perpetrators. Seriously, these men will never change. Never. If anything, they get worse and worse and worse. And they keep ruining the lives of whoever they come across. Let’s the do the “three strikes and your out” deal. If a man (or woman) is convicted of three domestic violence related charges, put him down like the animal that he/she is.

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