House Gives Voter ID Amendment Final Approval

ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota House has given its final approval to a constitutional amendment on November’s ballot that will have Minnesotans decide if a government-issued photo ID should be required to vote.

The 72-57 vote came shortly after midnight Wednesday and was on a straight party line, with Republicans in favor and Democrats opposed.

If the Senate gives its final approval, the amendment’s place on the fall ballot is set.

The Senate vote could come as early as Wednesday.

Supporters of the measure say it will add integrity to Minnesota’s election process. But opponents argue it will be difficult and costly to enforce.

Democrats predict that requiring a photo ID to vote will harm Minnesota’s longtime tradition of same-day voter registration, and disenfranchise eligible voters without access to a proper photo ID.

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  • Honestly

    That’s the Republican way. More laws, less freedoms, more government.

    • Truthfully

      Um, there’s already a law. The law says no verification of identity is permitted. This is a change in the law to ensure elections are decided by eligible voters voting one time. Pretty hard to argue with that.

      • A solution looking for a problem

        I believe there are already laws on the books to regulate voting, laws that have until now worked very well, thank you.

        • Truthfully

          @ A Solution Looking for a Problem.

          They said the same thing about Jim Crow laws. You’re obviously a racist.

      • Blog Ref

        What evidence is there that elections thus far HAVE NOT been decided by eligible voters? Pretty sure the last two elections that went before the supreme court were upheld. It’s just good fodder for a right-wing scare campaign…and all of the dim wits have drunk the kool-aid.

    • eddy

      what would you do with a brain if you had one?

    • Punch-e

      I guess it’s now time for the DFL to sponsor a bill making it illegal to not have an ID. That way, everyone gets a state ID courtesy of the taxpayers. Just wait and see….

  • G Dog

    Why not fingerprinting? Why not DNA tests? Anyone can forge a photo ID Stupid waste of time and taxpayer’s money to create a system to address a problem that doesn’t exist.

    • Balanced Beam

      Agreed. It’s also a waste to check IDs for alcohol sales, air travel, purchasing firearms, and so on. We have no evidence of problems in those areas solved by checking IDs.

      • What a thought

        No evidence–you’ve got to be kidding. there is ample evidence in these areas as opposed to voter ID where there is virtually none. As a for instance, how many times are people refused because of underage drinking, many many times every friday nght. This is a repug effort that will fail.

        • Balanced Beam

          Apparently sarcasm is lost on some folks (who likely fancy themselves as smarter than everyone else, no less). The reason they are “refused” and we know of the effort to skirt the law is because we check. Currently, there is no “evidence” of multiple voting and voting without being qualified is because we are prohibited from verifying the validity of a vote. There would be no evidence of underage drinking if we were not permitted to verify identity and age, unless, of course, underage drinkers spontaneously turned themselves in after being served without verification. Likewise, if fraudulent voters are not going to turn themselves in.

        • dbrand11

          What we really need is a sarcasm font so you can tell when somebody’s being sarcastic What a thought.

        • Congress Works For US

          Regardless of any evidence, both are constitutionally protected rights… so why does one require not only an ID but also a background check, whereas the othe requires… nothing.

  • Fred Hayek

    Democrats don’t want this because they will lose votes.

    • truth hurts

      and so will the GOP

      • Live and Let Live

        Then were even!

  • Tom

    @ Fred Hayek

    You are obviously a delusional conservative. The reason why conservatives believe that this law needs to happen because in their little bubble there is wide spread voter fraud going on because their two candidates Coleman and Emmers lost. Even though the State Supreme Court has ruled twice by 7 – 0 that they vote no evidence of wide spread voter fraud. And just like everything else the conservatives have never shown us proof of this problem they are just saying take out word for it.

    • conservative

      Can you use some other phrase than “in their little bubble”? Seeing that every day is really showing the lack of thought on your part and that you are just spewing what the libs want you to say. Also, it isn’t “Emmers”, it is “Emmer” – again, this isn’t showing you to be too well educated on the candidates. “take out word for it” isn’t showing your intelliegence either. There is voter fraud, you are just not wanting to accept it because your lib party benefits from it.

      • Tom

        @ Conservative:

        No because conservatives do live in a bubble! Because only in their little world does this problem exist. And once again both Coleman and EMMER both claimed voter fraud and the State Supreme Court ruled in both cases 7 – 0 that they found no evidence of voter fraud. And there are 3 conservatives on that court are you going to sit there and say that your very own conservative judges got it wrong? It has only been in the last two elections that conservatives have claimed voter fraud. If Coleman and EMMER would have won the conservatives would not make such non-sense claims! And the people that the GOP are targeting do vote more Dems more than they Repubs. What if the Dems decided that the nutty social conservatives should have to take an IQ test before they are allowed to vote to make sure they are just SANE enough to vote? We know not to many social conservatives would pass that test!

        • Live and Let Live

          Two things you “should’ know about that “should” change your mind and cancels out your argument for voter I.D. ACORN ballet stuffing and the New Black Panther voter intimidation case that Erik Holder decided not to pursue because of politics.
          If that alone is not a need for voter I.D. I don’t know what is. Remember Daley’s words “Remember vote now and vote often” especially in the same election.

  • Freedom

    If an individual cannot prove who they are, what right do they have to vote for the future of our country?

    Democrats have lost all touch with reality.

    All they care about is pandering for votes so they can steal your money and give it to someone they deem needier.

  • Kevin

    This is discrimination! How will the illegals vote? Or all of the immigrants who cant spell ID????? Can all of our visitors from Chicago use their EBT as an ID?

  • G Dog

    Will your wristband from the institution allow you to vote, Kev?

    • Kevin

      Nope G Diggity Dog….my real name is Pedro…I am an illegal….I am here in Minnesota to to work hard which takes jobs away from real Americans like you. I guess I also drive down salaries becuase I work so cheap! I send most of the money back home to Mexico to my family, so I dont spend alot here in MN. I use MN Care or free Emergency Room visits for all my free health care. Not just for me, but for my entire family. I guess that drives the costs of health care up, but who cares, your paying, not me! My kids have never had it better! They get free education! I guess it drives the costs of education up, having to work with my spanish speaking kids. But who cares! I am not paying for it, you are! Its so easy here in MN that the Mexican Mafia has taken roots to form a drug pipeline! They are even working with Hmong gangs now! More crime, deaths and drug issues! But hey I dont care your paying for it! Not me! And food? Are you kidding me? I get free food with the EBT system! I guess that makes taxes go up, but I dont care! I dont own a house here! You are paying for it! Oh and when my wife has 6 kids! They are all A M E R I C A N S! Some call them anchor babies! I call them more F R E E ! The Liberals keep us here, thinking they will get the hispanic vote! And the churches love us because we give them money! And we know we are breaking the law, but who cares they are so easy here in MN! We feel we can break any laws we want! So thanks for having me here G Diggity Dog……now get back to work! My kids need new clothes at Macys!!!!

      • conservative

        you nailed that one on the head…

        • liberal

          Yes he did…

      • desert eagle .50

        I’m glad you’re Mexican and working. I’d get ticked if you were a Somaliopian. Send them to Canada, “Somalia, our home and native land…”

      • Gdon221

        You did nail it! God Bless You!

        I would also add in – let the majority decide and put it to a vote. If I was a betting man I’d say this will pass by a minimum 75% for, 25% against.

        Too bad we can’t vote on who they allow into this country nowadays – legally! They’re the first in line at the clinics and any services the government offers, and we the hard earning, tax paying citizens pay for. What a sham!



  • New proposals

    Remember to appy the 180 degree logic shift when you are talking to a nutlican.
    What will happen when Dems get into office, just the opposite thank you.


    There is no longer a DFL party. It is now called “THE NEW SOCIALIST PARTY OF THE FORMER GREAT USA.”

    • conservative

      Instead of being the USA, it is becoming the USSA, United States Socialist America.

  • Tom

    @ conservative

    When you start recieving your medicare and SS you will be a socialist. Many nutty Tea Party are socialists but in their little bubble they dont believe they are!

    • Congress Works For US

      I will take neither. Of course neither will exist by the time I am 65… err, 67 err, 70… 75… 80.

      Next straw man please!

    • Wake Up

      medicare and SS are just govt ponzi scheme and the shtbag Lib Democrates pulled it over on you.

  • Tenbears

    Tenbears wonders why womens are allowed to vote.

    • desert eagle .50

      desert eagle .50 wonders if you are related to Jackactionqu**ro who wonders if Jackactionqu**ro is related to anyone. Maybe you are Jackactionqu**ro’s lost cousin Corporal Colostomy.

      I am being specific.

      • Tenbears

        desert eagle has a very tiny one?

  • desert eagle .50

    The size of the earth relative to the sun is analagous to the relative size of a pinpoint to a basketball. Now you think about that! My specific advice is to get help from JAQ.

  • Tenbears

    eagle droppings like raw fish then?

    • desert eagle .50

      Tenbears pray for Desert Eagle.
      Desert Eagle think for Tenbears.

  • Pumphandle

    Wow if you’re gay and don’t have i.d., you may lose twice in November

  • desert eagle .50

    I heard that the state will supply ID’s free to those who don’t have them. Maybe the ID could indicate if you’re gay, so then you’d win twice.

    • True Dat

      Don’t kid yourself. You know the DFL will sponsor a bill like that to put state IDs in the hands of everyone.

    • Jo

      What sense does that make? If a person had thought twice they wouldn’t be gay.

  • Tenbears

    desert eagle breath has voter ID already then?

  • desert eagle .50

    Desert Eagle havum driver’s license and pistol permit. Whatum Tenbears havum? Tenbears needum more firewater?

    Please be specific.

  • Tenbears

    desert camel hump attempts to out fox the fox then?

  • Tenbears

    desert buzzard thinks a gun permit is a guarantee of safety from evil…then?

  • Tenbears

    Please be specific.

  • Tenbears

    ………………… Tenbears hungers for a real meal instead of such a mere snack.

  • angelcarver

    it will be a good thing for this amendment to pass by a landslide. that way, only normal people get to vote.

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