MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Vikings have announced its preseason schedule for 2012.

The preseason games are listed below:

Preseason Week 1: at San Francisco
Preseason Week 2: vs. Buffalo
Preseason Week 3: vs. San Diego
Preseason Week 4: at Houston

Dates and times will be announced at a later date.

The Vikings will open the preseason schedule on the road to San Francisco and end with a trip to Houston (where they will visit twice this year).

Comments (17)
  1. Oh-Really? says:

    Guess they are sticking around…..hmmmmmm

    1. Fred says:

      damn right they are. and they’ll get a nice new luxurious stadium too! Rock on!!

  2. fred's a farkle says:

    Oh, and will the taxpayers be collecting any rent from them for a change?

    Oh, wait, silly me. I forgot, this is a “all profits to Zygi, all expenses to Minnesota” deal, isn’t it?

  3. Hoss JR says:

    94% of those who oppose the new Viking stadium pay no income tax. They are the leaches and entitlment crowd. See them post here. Us fat cats that pay taxes want a big new place for us to have fun so you little people should just shut up.

    1. Bob says:

      A little early to be drinking isn’t it?

  4. Fran says:

    The Vikings Preseason Schedule:

    -Whine about not having a ‘good enough’ stadium.
    -Pout and say the University stadium isn’t good enough.
    -Bribe corrupt politicians
    -Strong arm weak politicians.
    -Trick stupid politicians.
    -Make up phony poll showing public support.
    -Lie some more.
    -Keep on lying.
    -Repeat ad nauseam.

    1. Jeremy says:

      Seriously if you don’t like it here then move. South Dakota, Iowa, North Dakota and Montana have no major professional sports. I happen to have lived here, born here and love the Vikings.

      1. Fran says:

        Why don’t you move dummy?

      2. I Miss The Met says:

        Q. Do you know why North Dakota doesn’t have a pro football team?

        A. Because then Minnesota would want one too.

    2. You Forgot says:

      – Finish the season at 0 – 16.

    3. 4funds says:

      Whatever it takes to get it done. You appear to NOT want the Viks to stay in Minnesota. Go leave a comment on a Greenbay Post. How do you think these large projects get done?

  5. SoDak says:

    Its all so simple. Just raise the sales tax, income tax and property tax. That would bring the money in quite fast. It is a no brainer for the state. The repayment will be 200 fold and the Vikings will need a building just to hold all the superbowl trophies. Just build it and stop being so cheap. Why worry about such a small amount of money?

  6. Vikes=Steaming Turd says:

    Hoss Jr. is a fata$$! I know…he has a little pickle too…

  7. seals1 says:

    Fran- I feels sorry for you outlook in life. Nothing even tastes good does it?

  8. Ratso Rizzo says:

    Qh yeah, the newsworthy preseason…

  9. Ratso Rizzo says:

    Back in the late 80’s I delivered liquor in the downtown area and twice received, as a tip, Vikings preseason tickets. What kind of a tip was that?
    People, please don’t tip your servers with something that you don’t even want for yourself, its worse than re-gifting.

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