DNR Sets New Walleye Regulations For Mille Lacs Lake

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources released new walleye regulations that could have an impact on this year’s fishing season for one of the state’s most popular lakes.

The DNR announced that anglers on Mille Lacs Lake will be allowed to keep walleye that are less than 17 inches long. It’s a slight change from last year’s regulations, when anglers were allowed to keep walleye 18 inches long or less.

Dirk Peterson, the chief of fisheries with the DNR, said the move is similar to regulations for the year at several other Minnesota lakes. The regulations are intended to keep the walleye harvest among licensed anglers in what’s termed a safe harvest.

Anglers are also allowed to keep one walleye that’s 28 inches or longer among their four fish limit. The DNR is managing Mille Lacs Lake this year for a safe walleye harvest of 500,000 pounds. The state allocation is 357,500 pounds.

The walleye fishing season opener is set for Saturday, May 12.

  • billy

    Wow :(

  • Kfed

    It’ll be hard to keep the18 to 28 inchers out of the nets. I’d hate to have to live up to that challenge. Oh yea the netters don’t have to live by the same rules/laws.

  • R U Joking

    Such a waste.. This lake takes a pounding by netters and us law abiding anglers pay for it.. Soon it will be a catch and release only..

  • G Dog

    Learn how to fish. That would be a good start. Walleyes school by year class and an angler who knows what they are doing can target fish.

    Netters get mostly small males. The females have long headed to deeper water to recover from the spawn. Are you that uninformed and unskilled? Get a subscription to a fishing magazine or hire a guide. You might learn something, instead of spewing veiled racism. I have NEVER fished tribal water without having some success, and I’ve been chasing walleyes for 35 years. I guess that it’s easier to blame the tribes than admit that you don’t know what you are doing.

    If you don’t like the rules, fish at Lake Calhoun for potato chip sized sunnies.

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