Police: Undiagnosed Fainting Condition May Have Caused Fatal Crash

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A fainting condition may be to blame for causing an 18-year-old driver to fall asleep at the wheel, possibly exceed speeds of 100 mph and smash head-on into another car, killing both the unconscious teen and the other driver, Eagan authorities said.

After reviewing the March 17 crash, which happened on the crest of a hill on Diffley Road, police said mechanical failures do not appear to be the cause. Autopsies on both drivers also showed that neither was under the influence of drugs or alcohol. And witnesses said the 18-year-old driver appeared to be asleep moments before the crash.

According to police, the crash happened as 18-year-old Ahsim Ahmed, of Eagan, was driving westbound on Diffley Road. He had just ended a cellphone call when witnesses observed him driving erratically around 100 mph. It should be noted the speed limit on Diffley Road is 45 mph.

Ahmed crossed the median at the crest of a hill and slammed into 42-year-old Kelly Kristiansen, also of Eagan. When police arrived, both drivers were pronounced dead at the scene, and Ahmed’s car was engulfed in flames.

Police said Ahmed first appeared to be driving erratically a quarter mile before crashing into Kristiansen. Moments before the crash, another driver avoided colliding with Ahmed.

Ahmed’s medical history shows he had seen a doctor for a fainting condition, police said. However, Ahmed was never diagnosed.

  • smith, martha

    Why is someone with a fainting condition have driver’s license?

    • Obadiah

      What part of the word ‘undiagnosed’ did you not understand? If one does not know they have the condition, what would prevent them from getting one?

      • smith, martha

        I understand undiagnosed very well, thank you. Ok maybe one should refrain from driving with an undiagnosed “fainting condition”

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