MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Brooklyn Park after school program for teens — recently honored by the White House for its good work — is now fighting for survival.

The A-List opened last year and it offers north metro teens help with homework and arts programming. The teens also run the snack bar and a screen printing business.

Last month, the White House recognized the A-List as a top youth-led organization. But now, the board says key funding fell through and it needs to raise $100,000 by June to keep the A-List’s doors open.

Jeanne McMahon, the A-List’s manager, said the program offers services to a high school community that has none.

“Brooklyn Park doesn’t have any homeless shelters for teens,” she said.

She said that Brooklyn Park has the highest pregnancy rate in the nation along with the highest STD rate.

“We are a facility that reaches out to our teens,” she said.

You can help the A-List by attending a benefit concert Thursday night at 7 p.m. at Anwatin Middle School. The concert will feature singer Allison Scott, the hip-hop group Zulu Nation and A-List teens will perform their own music.

Comments (21)
  1. Face says:

    “Brooklyn Park has the highest pregnancy rate in the nation along with the highest STD rate.”

    Looks like all those programs are really working.

    1. MAJ says:

      Not something to be real proud of. What is Arts Programming? Does it lead to a job?

    2. Shameeka Jones says:

      They teach hair braiding,blunt rolling,turf protection,baby making & abandonment,EBT spending & how to properly assault total strangers on Nicollet Mall..

  2. g8bbgg says:

    Obama recognized them, why doesn’t he stick a crowbar in his top 1% wallet and give them the money.

  3. Darren says:

    How about a car wash by the teens, or graffiti removal, or lawn mowing and cleaning of yards for seniors, handicapped persons or families who have loved ones in the service and are gone I am sure they could use some help.

    Why do we always have to donate donate donate but get nothing back in return?

    And how many after school programs are already out there. Why can’t they all get together and just be one program and save alot of money on overhead, administration, etc.

    1. g8bbgg says:

      did you forget that WORK is a four letter word. OOOPs me bad, you get paid by the State for having a baby, even more for the second one…..I guess that is work……….

  4. T-REX says:

    I need $1200.00 to pay my taxes in 10 days. Can someone help me?

  5. joe says:

    Really??? 100,000 dollars to keep a little place open?? I get trying to help kids and all but to ask for that amount of money from people? There is a reason why that grant fell through. I’ll find a better place to donate my money to. A place where money is needed to keep people alive and healthy!!!

  6. redneck purist says:

    Wow, our very own Solyndra. Every time Obama praises something publicly, it goes down in flames. If I were seeking support for my program or project, I’d decline any offers for his “help”. I think you’ve done enough Mr. President.

  7. Leroy Jenkems says:

    Just more gibmedat. Let it die

  8. DeShawn Phipps says:

    The last time I drove by there,a bunch of Thugs in Saggy Pants & sideways Baseball caps were hanging out front smoking & blocking the entryway…They have had dozens of 911 calls this year already.

    1. Really Guys?? says:

      This comment is not accurate at all. In fact, The A-list partners with Brooklyn Park P.D. Brooklyn Park P.D. willingly attends A-list events as a guest and the number of criminal incidents has dropped since The A-list opened. The A-list has never had 911 called.

      1. jackactionhero says:

        Quit defending this colosal waste of money you Whiny,Liberal,Diversity loving Hippie! They had 33 911 calls in 7 months!

  9. Mr.Pibb says:

    “Arts Programming” = Fatherless Thugs writing hateful Rap lyrics & being praised for their “talent” by liberal,white-guilt ridden 20-something “teachers”.

  10. Really Guys?? says:

    The A-list serves a critical segment of society: the teens who have nothing to do but go out and create mischief. It gives them a safe and loving environment to learn about entrepreneurship (how to grow a business), continuing education, and the creative arts. Many of the teens use the creative arts to build their self-esteem and grow as individuals, find personal success, and realize that they are can contribute worth to society. The program, along with other youth programs in Brooklyn Park, have reduced the youth crime rate to the lowest it’s been since 1992. It’s a great model worth your support.

    1. Face says:

      The state can’t replace an absent father. Throw all the money and programs at the problem you want. It doesn’t do a bit of difference.

      We’ve been hearing about how important these programs are since the 80s yet the same issues somehow remain. The pregnancy and STD rates will attest to that.

      Your little arts program can’t reverse decades of abuse and abandonment. That’s up to the people themselves.

      1. Really Guys?? says:

        Why are you assuming these youth do not have fathers? Or mothers for that matter? That is a large assumption to make. I think you should come for a tour and get some more information about what you are speaking. We would love to have you.

        1. Face says:

          You’re right. All these pregnant and at-risk teens with record-high venereal disease have a strong, loving male presence in the home. How foolish of me.

        2. Sgt.Pierson says:

          I tried to tour the place but Saggy pants Thugs blocked the entryway & axxed me for money.

  11. Kevin says:

    Hey if it keeps them from killing each other….keep it open….

    1. AP says:

      Sounds good. Send a check.

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