Esme’s Blog: Obama, Romney And The Economy

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Now that Mitt Romney has seized a decisive and what appears to be an insurmountable lead in the race to win the  Republican nomination, new unemployment numbers are casting doubt as to the strength of the recovery.

New numbers show that the nation’s unemployment rate is 8.2 percent, a gain of one-tenth of a percent from the previous month, but not as strong a gain as in previous months. “It’s the economy stupid,” was the mantra of Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992 as he ran to oust President G.W. Bush. We all know who won that election.

As President Obama gears up for his reelection bid, he will have to deal with the question that unseated another incumbent President. Ronald Reagan asked Americans in 1980 if they were better off than they were four years earlier. Jimmy Carter lost that election because most Americans answered that question with a resounding “no.”

It’s the question that could bring an end to the Obama Presidency. The winner of this election will be the candidate who can convince voters they have the key to an economic turnaround. And there the edge goes to the Republicans, quite simply because President Obama has already had four years to try.

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  • stubby

    Esma, how dare you print a negative article about Obama. How in the world did WCCO let this one slip through? If you keep printing the truth about Obama, he will never get re-elected. You could of added, “Obama NEVER held a job in the private sector, the only job he ever had was as a community orginizer”

    • No sheep here

      The only opinions that matter to Esme will be Ellison and Franken, 2 of the most useless tools in the drawer. Funny how Hussein won on hate and he made EVERYTHING worse!! Imagine that? The numbers don’t lie!!! Gas was 1.86 a gallon when he took office. He has the power to get it down but he can’t keep his hands out of the environmentalists pockets!!

    • Mayhem

      seriously doubt Obama has anything to worry ’bout.

      economy is on the upswing
      jobs are being had
      1 bush war down, 1 bush war to go
      What bush couldnt do in 8 yrs, Obama did in less than 3 – kill bin laden
      etc etc etc

      I dont know why the ‘flubicans are wasting their time and money – better served donating to charity and hoping for better luck in 2017.

      • Arnold


        I will bet you any amount of money you wish to wager that Obama will not be re-elected.

        Now I’m going to help you out with some facts you may not realize: Just wanting something to be true, doesn’t make it true. Posting a lie doesn’t make it come true. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it come true.

        • Mayhem

          Really, Really

          Ya, lets bet over a faceless and anonymous forum….good idea….

          Stay on the republican side…your vote MAY make the election as close to a respectable race as it will get for them.

          De-Nile isnt just a river in Egypt.

  • CONservative Lemming

    I am sick and tired of the conservative media ALWAYS supporting regressive republican policies. Where’s the balance!!!!

  • Tom

    How can the actions of one person, even a president magically fix a broken
    economy? I think if there was a “magic wand” it would have been waved by

    • Automaton

      Mitch McConnel is sitting on the only thing close to a magic wand… the couple of jobs bills that have been put forth by Democrats. Remember that when this president took over we were hemorrhaging jobs over 700k per month. Now we gain an average between 100 and 200k per month. I’d say that’s solid progress despite the best efforts of congress and 26 misguided republican governors.

      As someone way smarter and funnier than me said, “It takes more than 4 years to clean up 8 years worth of elephant ****”

    • EsmeSux

      Considering the unemployment rate is less than when he came into office, and the stock market has doubled since he came in, I think he’s doing pretty good DESPITE the attempts of the right to further destroy the country for their own political reasons. Of course, we would need a real reporter to bother reporting that.

      • Tom

        @ Esme Sux

        Well conservatives seem to forget that it was conservatives policies that got us into this deep hole before Obama took office. They dont like that fact thrown in their face, but the truth hurts. They only have two ideas in the brains to fix a problem tax cuts and less regulations, but neither one creates demand. Bush did not put either one of his wars on the budget as he knew that would the debt and you didnt hear the conservatives complain about that. Obama added the wars to the budget and the debt went up and the conservatoves were furious and they blamed Obama for that.

        Considering what Obama was handed in 2008 he has done a very good job. Conservatives have always told us that they are better than the Dems at managing the country , well we found out that what they ment was almost managing the country over the cliff!

        And yes they love to quote Reaganomics, but they only mention the part that will get them applause which are the tax cuts, they leave out the several tax increases that Reagan did, not because he wanted to, but because he knew he had to.

        • No sheep here

          So Obamy starts a war with Libya and possibly Pakistan!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!

          • Mayhem

            Eh, what war in Libya (that was a NATO issue to get rid of a psycho – we just gave ’em a nudge) and Pakistan???

            Youre reaching extremely far into the bottom of the barrel.

            Easy to do when you got nothing I suppose.

            • No sheep here

              Right! You’ll believe anything the annointed one tells you!!! Sheeple! Useless tools who can’t think for themselves!!!!

              • Mayhem

                um, yeah…right no sheep…

                night, night now………….

                • No sheep here

                  Notice how you’re all alone in your opinion? Get used to it!! Nov. can’t come quick enough!!!! BYE BYE BAMY!!!

  • angus

    Good wor, Esme! You are on the CBS and WCCO political bandwagon for the Republicans. If there is good news for the Democrats, downplay it. Always find the negatives. Keep Bachmann on the website.

    Ever notice how CCO and CBS generally refer to President as Mr. Obamma? It was normally President Bush. Is it because President Obamma is a liberal, a Democrat, or because he is black?

    I suspect this will get censored

    • No sheep here

      It’s the economy STUPID!!!

    • stubby

      Take the “g” out of your name and you hit the nail on the head.

  • Renea

    The best 6 words in Esme’s blog: ‘the end of Pres Obama’s presidency’ which can’t come soon enough for me!! thankyou Esme for blogging away from your usual liberal-left -demo views and being balanced here on the conservative side. Obama is a one-term pres. thank goodness!!

    • Mayhem

      ACME Comedy store called…they’re looking for your act….

      hahhahahahahaha….you have almost 5 yrs left of President Obama, what are you smokin’

      You are blind, deaf and dumb if you think mittens has any shot at unseating the current President.

      hahahahahahahhahhhahaha…youre tooooo funny!

  • Joe from mn

    If Obama had done nothing, the economy would probably be better than it is now. Take a look at all the goverment offices he put in place. Is there any goverment run business that is not in the red. If you want the economy to pick up put the goverment run progams into the private sector.

    • no brainer

      First thing he should have done was let them big banks and AIG fail!Then rounded up the money conspirators and tossed ’em in prison.What does he do instead?Lets ’em slide and even puts former Fed Reserve stooge Gietner as head of the treasury so their huge money swindling in countries can continue.

  • Paul or bust

    doesn’t matter…Obama…Romney…same differance establishment POS…you blind sheeple are gonna find out how this right/left paradigm in politics is a facade,another way to divide and conquer the wealth and liberties of this once great country,as a new world order swoops in….unemployment is more like 20% and my papers are still loaded with foreclosures. Gas prices keep going up as is commodities as the dollar plunges even more in value thanks to the private central bank failure called FED Reserve…Only one true conservative is ignored,unmentioned,slandered,mis-quoted,but has the answers to the problems,and has been warning for decades,but noone wants to vote for him.

    • Mayhem

      youre probably right….but God isnt interested in the Presidency of the U.S., he has bigger and better things to do.

      OBAMA in ‘013!!!!

      • desert eagle .50

        The election is in 2012, genius. Is that you Jackactionqu**ro?

        Please be specific.

        • Mayhem

          Typo, punkin’ head…..

          Thats all ya got, huh?

  • EsmeSux

    your censoring everything now right? disgusting pig

  • Frank Lee

    Agree there!Too late!They never woke up look at the GOP votes!The mega banks continue their frauds,the economic bubbles are getting bigger,the money is getting de-valued and soon won’t be the world reserve currency.Yes,this country has sealed it’s fate,but ,oh,american idol is on the tube!

    • Frank Lee

      Comment for “Paul or bust”

  • brucewilliamsz

    When it comes to unemployment it’s been a tale of two recessions, with level of education playing an unprecedented role in whether you’ve been pink slipped or not. Getting a degree from High Speed Universities is the only solution

  • Jim


    I offer credit where credit is due.

    Finally a fair, sensible and balanced article about facts.

    Congratulations for finally seeing through the rhetoric and blue smoke thrown up by the annointed one.

    I’ll be the first to admit that George W. Bush was not a good President and not the smartest President we have ever had, but if Jimmy Carter was the worst President we ever had, he can now relax because he has been surpassed by leaps and bounds by Barack Obama.

    • Mayhem

      THE most brain cell deficient president in Bush ever elected and you dont consider him to be the worst, eh?

      Ya, stay on the republican side, mittens is going to need your vote anyways.

      Barack will definitely be just fine.

  • OSD

    Let’s occupy people

  • Ordinary Guy

    I think she meant G.H.W. Bush, not his son. But even though the guy looks great and presidential in a suit, unless he takes a hard look at where the money is going in and from this country, he’ll do as much for the U.S. as the Romneys did for the Rambler. That is, funky and obsolete.

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