MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Twelve Occupy Minneapolis protesters were arrested on Nicollet Mall after a night of moving protests, according to police.

Police arrested the protesters near the 9th Street intersection shortly after 11 p.m. Police say they were forced to arrest the protesters because they were walking in the street.

“It was OK that they were out there but they were walking in the street,” said Sgt. Stephen McCarty of the Minneapolis Police. “The 12 people arrested were impeding traffic and public nuisance violations.”

McCarty said the protesters were tying up traffic, including emergency vehicles.

“They were making their way back to Peavey Plaza when an ambulance was trying to get through the streets on an emergency run,” he said. “They were severely hampered by these people in the street, as well as other motorists. That’s when officers made these arrests.”

McCarty said he doesn’t believe it was on purpose but they blocked the ambulance, nonetheless.

“It’s my understanding they were not purposely impeding this ambulance on an emergency run,” he said. “But at some point they did prevent the ambulance from its emergency run.”

Earlier in the night, protesters moved off Peavey Plaza following a short, verbal confrontation with police. Protesters had planned to camp out in the plaza until winter. Officers told protesters they were violating a public nuisance law and couldn’t have their tents in the plaza because they blocked entry to the plaza and the Minnesota Orchestra.

In response, the protesters — walked with their tents in hand — to Loring Park, where another group of Occupy protesters had organized.

After the meeting in park, the protesters walked back to Peavey Plaza, where police told them they still couldn’t put up their tents. The protesters then abandoned the effort to retake the plaza and took to the streets.

The protesters tweeted at Minneapolis police saying: “Gonna give us the plaza, or are we going to march all night?”

At 10:55 p.m., the protesters said they were on the move again. They tweeted: “Crowd drowning out MPD eviction announcement, headed back to the streets….Whose streets? OUR STREETS[.]”

Minutes later, the protesters tweeted about the arrests.

Officers could be seen on Nicollet Mall with protesters’ dissembled tents.

027 12 Occupy Protesters Arrested On Nicollet Mall

(credit: CBS)

Comments (43)
  1. pizzedoff says:

    Thanks MPD.

  2. hoopla says:

    Seriously… who are these losers!!?? Go occupy a job you losers.

  3. Buford says:

    Talk about a directionless, leaderless, mumble jumble of a supposed group. Try to find out wjat they stand for on thier website and they say absolutely nothing but garble.

    I think they need to get a job, grow up, and mature a bit instead of creating a negative envirnment for innocent people.

    1. We Really Try says:

      Plese don’t be so hard on us Republicans.

  4. Bill says:

    What a bunch of hippies. There will always be greed and people richer than you so get over it. Get a job that pays decent and be smart with your money. If you can’t get a job that pays the bills then you are most likely a dirty hippy that needs to stop spending money on weed and music festivals or just a complete fool. Cheers…

    1. Bill says:

      I was warehouser for 5 years. In that time I got my degree and got 75% of my tuition paid for by my GREEDY company. I got promoted to operations manager and then zone operations manager where I sit today. I now make 85K a year and it was worth all the hard work. There is a reason you have been a warehouser for 15 years. It is not anyone’s fault you didn’t pursue an advancement in your career.

      1. Michele says:

        Bill, that’s great for you, but not every company is so mindful of helping their employees.

    2. Exp says:

      Wow.. Such an ignorant and self-righteous comment. Just because you are lucky enough to have a job doesn’t mean that everyone does. I spent tens of thousands for a degree and within 5 years the whole industry disappeared. Now, I have to go back to school and spend another $50,000 to re-educate myself so I can get another job that may not even exist by the time I get out of college. All because a bunch of execs made greedy decisions and sabotaged our country by shipping production to a communist enemy just so they can get their bonuses. Does that make me a long-haired hippie? If you think so, then there is no hope of actually having a rational discussion with the likes of you.

      In short, not everybody in this country can be business execs and business owners. There just isn’t market for it, yet so many like you assume that just because you have a job/business that everyone can. Where should the remainder of Americans work? The crop fields making minimum wage?

      1. not quite says:

        You silly fool, you had a choice as to whatever your major was and you made a poor one. It is you fault and yours alone. I don’t care about your 80k and your 50k more. Nobody is guaranteed anything in life. Jeez enough of the whining already. You deserve what you endure and you deserve your lot until you change it.

  5. Scott says:

    I don’t think most of the people that show up at these protests understand the movement… Just saying

  6. Greg Looseanus says:

    Very accurate. But at the same time, alot of people don’t know what they’re diving into.

  7. Not again says:

    Great. We get to hear about the Occupy protests again. No point in watching the news anymore since they cover the same rotating 3 stories.

  8. Melody says:

    You make no sense at all. If the objective is to some how punish wall street, the Obama Administration bail them out, hired wall street executives, and wall street was Obamas largest money supporter. Why would you want more dems in office?

  9. CF says:

    you’re little children playing in others sandbox. Sad……very sad.

  10. CF says:

    No they’re not…….stand there with your little signs, but do it in a proper manner. Don’t violate the rights of others unless you’re willing to waive yours.

  11. Dave says:

    Wong, they are using it as an excuse to loaf around and be worthless homeless people while sucking up tons of taxpayer dollars from the rest of the U.S. that works. Get a clue.

  12. Dave says:

    Wow, another clueless sheep being spoonfed by CNN day in day out. Let me pick apart your comment.. 1. You see comments because people are SICK or the morons in occupy. 2. The auto industry is in rebound because they are offering less cars and putting out more fuel efficient models – but what does this have to do with Obama or occupy? Nothing. 3. Your last line is classic – as if Obama and his bailouts and and spending $2 trillion in 2 months has nothing to do with the protesters? NONE OF YOUR COMMENT HAD TO DO WITH PROTESTERS!

  13. Happy Easter says:

    Protesting is certainly a right we have. However, breaking the law is not part of that. They allege that they are protesting corporate greed, but if any of them actually have jobs I bet their 401K’s are invested in these same companies. but then again….they probably dont work.

  14. Dave says:

    I wonder when the 99.9999% of the country will form an Occupy Our Streests protest? Make it a violent protest while you’re at it and do the job the police are too afraid to do. Send these losers who cry first ammendment thinking they can squat on public land and be a nuissance to everyone a message. Then put it on the news so people who watch the news daily can rejoice. Maybe the occupy people will stop crying “police state” and just realize everyone hates them.

  15. klooopsky54 says:

    Losing our rights…little by little…chip by chip. Didnt that happen in Germany and Russia awhile ago?

  16. gladys says:

    Idiots! Defiant. Dirty. Useless. Loud. Obnoxious. I hope the city refuses to tolerate their disgusting behavior and convinces them to go away or, fine, let ’em spend the summer in the slammer.

    1. jake says:

      They should run them out of the parks with water cannons. It would be good practice for the fire department.

  17. redneck purist says:

    Great use for our Mpls police. (sarcasm) Like they’re not busy enough fighting the thugs and gangstas on the north side. Add janitor of semi-human debris to their job description. They all deserve raises and hazard pay and free STD vaccinations in case they actually come in contact with the OWS protestors. Personally, I’d use water cannons to avoid contact. I hope the jail is stocked up on delousing powder.

    1. Guy says:

      To get a STD; you have to have s-x with someone. I suspect that the cops have higher standards than to do it with these types

  18. Mr D says:

    I think in honor of the protest I will order another thousand rounds of 556. I know you losers think you are organized. If the day ever comes when you think you can take from the haves what you feel is owed to you, you will be wrong. Dead wrong.

  19. RTR says:

    If the occupy people had any clue what they were protesting I might support them….but they don’t. In addition, how can this be a ‘grass-roots’ protest when they have what is essentially a corporate office (which was supposed to be an evil thing) running the “movement”? I’m definitely for the right of free speech, I’ve been to numerous countries where it doesn’t exist, but with the right comes the implicit responsibility to exercise it legally. If you can’t do that, you go to jail. Now if the media would just stop giving these morons air time, they’d probably go away since at this point, it’s all about the airtime. Just ask them, I have.

  20. Another Mother says:

    Please let them protest. It is so quiet at my house now without my worthless son playing video games and making a mess in the kitchen.

    1. tom says:

      to another mother, change the locks on the door

  21. John says:

    Just because Americans have first Amendment rights, does not mean you can break Federal, State and Local laws (including ordinances for a city park).

  22. jake says:

    If you idiots would not have bought homes you couldn`t afford, you would not have lost them. Just because the banks said,[you dont need any collateral], doesn`t mean it`s a good deal for you. It is the same with credit cards. if you cant afford it, dont charge it.

  23. show what they are says:

    It’s a calculated strategy to stay in the news. They were in danger of being ignored and thus switched to civil disobedience to kick it up a notch. If the media is somewhat compelled to cover this activity, one thing they need to do is accurately report the number of protesters involved.

  24. Kevin says:

    Wow….two days in and mutiple arrests…yup….just like the Tea Party……and guess who gets to pay for all of this??????? Now get back to work……..someone has to pay for this……

  25. Brett says:

    So, the LOSERS are back, eh? How sad. There goes the savings from a mild winter by the city of Mpls, because the cops will have to babysit these slugs.

  26. Brett says:

    This petty rabble must have watched the latest “Wall Street” movie too many times.
    Now they think that they can get their way by putting up a temper tantrum. No, they won’t get their student loans paid off, and they won’t be allowed to squat in homes that they can’t pay for. The big bankers have won. The ONLY was to change it is to break up the big banks, but I don’t think that it will happen. They have too much power and influence to let that happen.

  27. angus says:

    Those with a good job, benefits, not worrying how to pay their bills making the self-righteous comments. Doubt they never had a really tough time or else they have forgotten what it was like. They are also the ones complaining how they can’t pay more taxes; i.e. letter to Mpls paper, “We make $150,000/year and can’t afford to pay more taxes”.

    As usual, you are missing the point. They want jobs, not welfare. However, the rich, which generally means white,people are shipping jobs overseas, their money is in overseas banks; i.e. Etch-a-Sketch Romney, and they are in good shape.

    Also, don’t start the drivel about how hard you worked. The person working 2 part time jobs with no benefits at $8.00 per hour is also working very hard with no good prospects. So, go to church, proclaim yourself a good Christian, and then spew out your ignorant comments on this site.

    1. Brett says:

      @ angus, let me say that those who are involved with this, and identified, will surely have a tough time finding a GOOD job in the foreseeable future. Future employers will look down upon them with scorn and suspicion.

      There are good jobs out there, if you prepared yourself to QUALIFY for them. You might have to move to another state, you might have to work the night shift, you might have to drive a long way to get there and back.

      However, if you earned a “degree” in underwater basketweaving, I’m afraid that you are out of luck.

  28. Lynn says:

    People have the right to protest peacefully and should at least to make a statement. Our government has been hijacked and bought by the corrupt 1%. Our media is owned and controlled by the 1%. Laws are being changed behind the U.S. citizens backs and our freedom is in jepardy: private prisons are increasing and cells need to be filled for profit. Companies are importing workers and some are being enslaved. Our two party system and democracy is now a Platocracy. Do you think they care about you?

  29. Kazperz says:

    now there coming down to were i enjoy my time off and if i got deal with these P.O.S. police brutality is the last thing there gonna have to worry about, so move it on and go somewhere people don’t have to look at your dirty pathetic selfs

  30. LJDZ says:

    This is really disheartening. I am a occupier who works, owns a home, has children, (one I put through college in four years and she works full time), and a savings account. The middle class is in danger and we all need to wake up to what is going on. We were under the impression that we could stay at the plaza and were so excited about having a place to meet, discuss and keep our spirits up to do the work needed to wake up those that think it can’t happen to them.

  31. norml guy says:

    maybe the occupy crowd will be run out by the thugs who are beating the bar patrons.

    id go to west end in st louis park before stepping foot dowtown with all those rule breakers.

  32. Esther says:

    If they spent as much time looking for work and improving themselves to fit the workforce they’d have nothing to complain about.

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