MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 7-year-old St. Louis County boy and his father have been found after the two went missing and a crime alert was issued nearly two weeks ago.

Wyatt Nordrum was found in a rural cabin on Lost Lake near Anderson Road in the Stoney Brook area Saturday night. His father, James Leon Nordrum, Jr. is currently being treated at the St. Luke’s Hospital in Duluth, Minn. Officials say he had several self-inflicted injuries to his neck and is in stable condition.

Officials say they don’t know if the injuries are life threatening. Nordrum, Jr. is currently in custody for possible charges of kidnapping and deprivation of parental rights.

Wyatt has been placed under law enforcement protection until he is reunited with his mother.

The pair went missing on March 27 and a crime alert was issued after authorities said Nordrum Jr. had a history of mental illness and had threatened to harm the boy if he were to lose custody.

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  1. SuzyQ says:

    everything isnt as it seems – the statement made that he would hurt the boy is a lie – i know the whole family, including the ‘mother’ and the father would never say that nor ever harm his boy.

    1. Big D says:

      In my opinion, the media adds whatever they can get away with to stir the pot. The black kid that got killed by the Hispanic guy, they used photos of each that would create the most controversy…as if that was needed!

      Then they went on to empathize that the shooter had one white parent, to stir the racial pot even more. That was an obvious attempt at controversy. Once they get everyones undies in a bunch, with steam comming out of their ears, then they move to the next item after they engineer whatever damage they can? Is that news? Is that objective reporting? Thats National Inquirer stuff!

      1. Ghetto colors says:

        no need for the media to spin this one ….. toss some rodent killer in the drip iv and lets move on

  2. See BS says:

    Courtrooms and social workers make more budget money when parents fight. “Taking Sides” is a good way for courtrooms to get parents to fight more.

    And then the kid grows up in a state of confusion for loving both parents.

  3. just saying... says:

    wow. Quite the Christian, aren’t ya?

    1. just saying... says:

      Sorry – the comment to which I replied is now removed. This in no way was meant for SuzyQ

      1. SuzyQ says:

        thanks – that was the comment i was replying to too.. and now its gone. hmmm.. guess they maybe got it now

    2. Oh boy says:

      I am — and you????? lol

  4. Judy says:

    Lets just be happy the boy wasnt harmed and is now close to, if not already, reunited with his Mom.

  5. Trash ... simple as that says:

    I gotta think the top few comments defending this POS who grabs a kid and runs have to be HIS family …. charge him with kidnapping and toss away the key…if he survives. Sounds like a messed up drama queen, kinda like his father is.
    Yeah – I do know

  6. Trash ... simple as that says:

    He’s a POS. His dad’s a pos. The above comments likely from his family and doping friends who also are garbage.
    Grab the kid and run…..fry the SOB.
    I mean fry him in oil …. a slow miserable long tome.
    Yeah-know them all. You don’t, that’s is apparent by comments. Except for the ones by his friends. lol 😉

  7. missy says:

    It’s great that they found the boy alive and in good condition. The mother must be so relieved!

  8. BOB says:

    Hey Honestly. Not one sentance in this story says he is in critical condition. Read the story as it’s writen before you go flapen those lips of yours.

  9. Oh boy says:

    How did they find them? Did the perps father finally give them up?
    Questions and more questions..and as a taxpayer who’s gonna be footing this bastids time in jail I say let him have a scapel right now in the hospital and lock him in the room. No need to enter until the floor is covered in red

  10. SusyQ ^^^ says:

    You all lies and bullchit….still skanking around with Daddy Nordrum? He has tested hiv positive you know….maybe you where it came from now huh?

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