Stolen: $5,600 In Concert Tickets From Brainerd Liquor Store

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Police say two men allegedly stole $5,600 in “Hairball” concert tickets from a safe at Cash Wise Liquor in Brainerd, Minn.

Police say the theft occurred on March 27. A crime alert was issued Monday.

According to police, two men in their 50s entered the store. While one distracted an employee, the other stole an envelope from the safe that contained the tickets.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) said in an incident report that the men were probably trying to steal money and didn’t know they had taken tickets.

The same men are believed to be suspects in a theft from Grand Rapids and other areas of the state. Police say one of the men was wearing a Minnesota Twins baseball hat.

If you have information on the suspects, contact police.

  • j speedbag64

    ”hairball” tickets….they’ll be lucky if they get 2 dollars for them…

  • sdsfsf

    Uggh hairball is so terrible

  • christine

    Stole an envelope from a safe? LMAO….I’ll bet they thought it was cash!!

  • SusyQ ^^^

    the twinkie hat…he’s playing 1st base today. Needs a raise

  • Cedric Adams

    $5,600 in Hairball tickets??!?? Did they take all of them?

  • Ethel

    Probably a pubicity stunt ….if hairball is really that bad

  • Lucy Lui

    Hairball is not bad at all. They pack whatever arena they play in and travel all over the place. They are not just a MN cover group! Their shows that I have been to are always sold out and include people from young children to people in their 60’s some even older!

  • Jerry

    Hairball rocks!! They’re awesome in concert. Obviously the people that leave the negative comments have never seen them in concert.

  • Greg Looseanus

    I listen to them before competitions.

  • Liquid Nails

    They can come over and view our Hairballs for free.
    Then we can catch them!

  • Chico1

    Is it policy at this store to leave a safe standing wide open? And what were customers doing near it? Sounds like an inside job to me. Too bad they werent GOOD concert tickets.

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