MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — One of the hottest elections this November will be in the 6th Congressional District.

This weekend, businessman Jim Graves won the DFL nomination to run against incumbent Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. Graves is the founder of Graves Hospitality Corporation, which owns and runs hotels, including the Graves 601 Hotel in downtown Minneapolis.

Graves plans to use Bachmann’s bid for higher office against her. He said Bachmann was an absentee Member of Congress who spent most of last year in Iowa. Appearing on the WCCO-TV Sunday Morning show, Bachmann responded.

“I also kept my eye on the big issues that impact the 6th district, one of those was building the St. Croix River Bridge that is the longest unfinished bridge project. I brought together Democrats and Republicans and we got something done that no one else was able to do so we are actually going to get the bridge built. I did that while I was on the Presidential trail,” Bachmann said.

Neither Bachmann nor Graves actually live in the Sixth District. Bachmann’s home was carved out of the district two months ago during redistricting. She has not said whether she will move into the district. Graves grew up in St. Cloud and now lives in Minneapolis, but he said will be moving back soon.

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DFLers Endorse Jim Graves In Sixth District


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