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Spring Cleaning For Your Body

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — With the weather warming up, it’s time to open the windows and tidy up the house.  Call it spring cleaning.  Right now is also a good time to consider spring cleaning your body.

“A lot of times people gain weight over the winter,” says nutritionist and fitness expert Kimberly Coventry, also known as “Fit Kim.” She shares three ways to refresh your body.

1) Lemon Water

Start every morning with a glass of water that is room temperature.  Squeeze in half an organic lemon.

“I drink this first before anything else,” says Kim. “This cleanses the intestinal track, it’s going to help you digest and eliminate, and it’s going to help curb the appetite.”

2) Get Your Greens

According to Kim, very few people are getting the nine servings per day we need in our diet.

She says, “To lose those pounds, you’ve got to fill up on the greens.”

GenEssential Greens, available at Whole Foods, is a powdered supplement that can be added to a smoothie.

“One scoop with water in a smoothie is equal to three to five servings of green leafy veggies,” says Kim.  “You can throw it in anything you want, drink it with water or your favorite juice.”

3) Eat the Colors of the Rainbow

For lunch, eat a large, colorful salad.

“You want to think, the brighter the better. The brighter is it, the more nutrients,” advises Kim.  “Our bodies are highly acidic.  We live in a toxic environment.  This is going to help bring your body into balance and you’re going to drop pounds like that.”

Kim’s health and fitness blog is available at  There you’ll find her favorite green smoothie recipe.

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