MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — According to the Minnesota Vikings, this week is do or die as far as a new Vikings stadium is concerned.

The session is scheduled to end a week from Monday, and the Vikings have said they must get a stadium deal done this session.

While the Vikings say they are not threatening anyone, it certainly sounds threatening when the NFL commissioner comes to town with a warning that the team could leave. So what are the odds of a deal?

Three key players – Gov. Mark Dayton, House Speaker Kurt Zellers, and Vikings executive Lester Bagley — appeared on WCCO Sunday Morning.

Dayton put the odds of a stadium bill passing at 50-50.

“It’s there for the Legislature to decide — all 200 of them,” he said. “If we get it to the House and Senate floors…that will be the decision. It’s do or die.”

Zellers said the bill has a better chance now than it ever has. However, it still faces considerable opposition.

“I can tell you right now we don’t have enough Republicans…to pass the Vikings stadium bill,” Zellers said. “There are people on both sides of this issue who say no matter what you do I’m not voting for it.”

He said lawmakers for the stadium have to focus on winning over some 68 lawmakers who are on the fence.

The Vikings want the bill to go to the Legislature before the session ends. Bagley said the Vikings need their fans to weigh in.

It’s now or never, he said, addressing fans. “Let our leaders know and our legislators know this has to get done. And we think it will”

Zellers said he expects the bill will be voted on this week, but before any vote, it must still pass some key committees.

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